Drabble Diet ( 100 Word Frenzy ) – #1

Inaugural Week: (Probably, the reason for a long post. Please be patient and read. 🙂 )

I found the idea of #FlashFiction very very interesting and challenging. Having stumbled upon this form of writing a few weeks ago, I tried rummaging through the web for more contests and writer pools like Tuesday tales, which was where I wrote my first Flash Fiction piece.  And I did find a few, which i would list out in the next week’s post as i have to organize their urls, the hosts’/hostesses’ twitter handles. The thing is, there is no accepted word limit as to what qualifies to be a flash fiction. Flash Fiction is a very brief form of writing something, a story, a muse or a poem ( not that you do’t know, for new comers! ). But mostly, anything under 500 words might be readable, keeping in mind that people really come looking for ‘flash’ stuff. So, less than 500 is short enough. And usually, there is a prompt given out to the writers, so that their minds can solely concentrate on the skill of writing short, rather than having to deal with “what theme to choose” too. The prompt might be a single word, multiple words, phrases, metaphorical ideas, photographs, so on and so forth.

Drabble is a perfectly defined derivative of flash fiction. A Drabble is a very short piece of fiction, of exactly 100 words, not counting the ones in the title. I learnt this word only a few hours ago (from the time of publishing this post), on Pattinase’s Blog.

So here we are, at Drabble Diet.  I would give you a picture prompt and leave the rest to you. Let your marvelous worlds of imagination paint their existence in 100 words, portraying their ability to survive and thrive even at tricky times. 

You can post your entries in the comments section or alternatively post them on your blog/website and submit it to the InLinkz Tool below (Click the icon) ( Sorry, WordPress.com doesn’t allow javascript). You can find other entries too by clicking the InLinkz icon.

So, summing up the Rules :

1. The entry should be exactly 100 words, excluding the title.
2. Genre restriction : Anything allowed except Adult. Mild gore is acceptable. Poetry is very much WELCOME!
3. Entries can either be submitted to InLinkz (i.e. written on your blog/website) or can be posted in the comments section. Feel Free!
4. Add the picture prompt to the post, if you are writing the Drabble on your blog/website.
5. 3 entries is the limit for a single writer.
6. At the end of your entry, add your twitter username, mine is @sankarajayanth, so that we writers can interact with each other.
7. The contest runs for 1 week. Closes Exactly at 20:30 GMT on  11-6-2012.

Note : I would not pick any winners, I would urge you to read as many Drabbles by our fellow writers as possible and also try to comment on their work. It is every aspiring writer’s dream to be criticized. For criticism is in itself a form of praise. And more over, interacting with fellow writers motivates and urges us to up our efforts more in becoming a better writer.

Note : I am hosting something like this for the first time. So excuse me for any inconveniences you face. I would be very glad to get suggestions and help hosting this contest successfully.

This weeks picture prompt :

Cheers!! And Ahhoyy!!



And for who ever want to post the InLinkz entry collection on their blog/website so that there is more exposure to their and their fellow writers’ works, here is the HTML code you want to add:

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<!– end InLinkz script –>


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