Lab Rats And Other Stupidities That Humans Are Obsessed With

You don’t need to fight over me;

Bound and blind, I belong to you all nevertheless.

None claimed me to be theirs;

Until you had blood of brothers to spill and rivals to fight against.

You wielded shrill, ill-speaking swords;

Cunning shields next, to shamelessly defend the sins of your swords and minds.

Kingship meant a blessing, to look after a nation and her subjects, with love;

Before the meaning was changed to betrayal in royal standards, as love turned into lust.

Kingdoms rose and fell;

And you never learned through time,

From those billions of chests that were wounded beyond repair in warfare.

While other beings flourished, ‘harmony’ strongly set as their evolution bond;

You brought doom upon yourself;

No, Upon me!

Swords gave way to ammo;

So did simple cruel kings to massive dictators;

But then, none saw what was to happen to you and to me.

Evil Leaders rose, colourful flags rose;

Shaking hands in the fore, crossing fingers in the back;

I endured all without speaking a word.

And when things seemed to be unacceptably beyond the limits;

I gave you warning;

I had to, even if they were harsh, but you never learned.

The sands of time is not all about the bad you;

Yes, there were good men and women who spoke from heart my concerns;

But failed to stand the might of the evil people and the fools that they made out of people.

Science and Technology, you said;

Injecting fluids, which mercilessly murdered trillions of lab rats;

Advancement of medical science, you said. Traitors!

None spoke of love for me;

All you wanted was lustrous gold and regal marble graves;

But now;

When you see that I am about to crumble into oblivion;

Which surely means the end of you too;

You speak of love for nature.

Enough! don’t fight over me;

I have let the reigns of future to be in your hands for too long;

I take over now;

Even if you take me to be rude.

For, mother I am to you all;

I forgive you even today.



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