Wings Need Rest, Soul Needs A Shoulder – Haiku #47

Hello there, all fellow writers and poets. Errr, do poets fall into the collective word “writers”? I surely lost a few things during this harsh void that i forced into my writing/blogging life.

~ ~ ~

tired of flight;

winged shoulders need rest;

lend yours, love.

~ ~ ~

I have written something after a very very very very long time. A moment something like, “I am back! ” . Or maybe, i should wait before i say that. So now, a bit of a forced “rewind” of what’s happened to me.

I haven’t been upto writing lately. And haven’t been reading anything either. I’ve been staying away from blogs, don’t know why. Holding back and Holding up things all the time.Seems like i am frozen and chained and forced to live in this trance. And when i question who was responsible, i stare at myself. My own empty eyes and face. I write well, given the very small word pool i take bath in. And i like reading, reading – fairy tales, philosophical anthologies and haiku. But all seem to not help me now, all of a sudden. A struggle it’s been, to fight with myself. One part goes reluctant on writing. One part goes reluctant on reading. And the world is shut out, as if someone pulled the blinds of the window. Or was it me? I am repeating the same emotion again. But in different words(rewind gone bad). What is happening? Is anybody there? Hello? And suddenly, a mirror pops up infront of me. Me staring at me and the me in the mirror says, “Aren’t you there?” (Sounds creepy, but i have grown a bit creepy).

~ ~ ~

Gladly submitted, after a painful long time, at Haiku Heights for the prompt word ‘ support ‘.

~ ~ ~


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