Tides Of Fate

words of love i sent with the wind,
asked it to fly through a lushly meadow,
taking with it, along with my love,
the fragrance of daisies and roses.

i said, “go slow”,
for the wind would carry more scent,
for the scent would please her and give her weary heart a little peace,
for i thought she would see that i knew what she liked and needed. healing.

carry it did, the pleasant fragrance of eden,
when it did reach her,
the fragrance gave her wings,
and she flew away,
my words of love, forever buried hidden.

wind, o’ wind,
you have done nothing wrong,
don’t be distraught,
for it was she, or maybe it was me,
maybe it was me.

But now go,
be her silent guardian, forever now,
give those fragrances to her, always. heal her,
for it was always my priority,
self-pity will be second on list,
go now,
fly light and swift,
i will move to my abode of silence once more,
until the tides of fate change their course and return me my love.


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