The Duchess Pigeon and The Mysterious Parchment – Unnamed Series #1

telling secrets

~ ~ ~

She woke up to the cooing of a bird. Rubbing her still-sleepy-eyes, she sat up and looked at the window on her bedside. The morning light was washing through the glass and the polka dotted curtain, causing the room to be filled with distorted shadowy polka dots. She could see a bird’s silhouette through that white fabric. Slipping her feet into a pair of fluffy pink slippers as she got down, she reluctantly walked to the window and slid aside the curtains, in haste, partly due to the sleep’s hangover, rupturing the morning’s silence which was sweetened only moments ago by the deep pitched cooing of the bird outside her window. The bird fluttered its wings in alarm, but did not fly away. The little girl drew her hand back, slightly apprehensive that she frightened the pigeon and that it may fly away when she opened the window. She carefully wrapped her fingers around the gold-coated window knob and turned it slowly. She pulled the wooden framed window aside and looked at the bird. It was a white duchess pigeon. A tiny rolled-up parchment that was tied to one of the pigeon’s leg caught her attention. It made her anxious and excited. But taking it from the pigeon might prove to be a difficult task, she thought, since she had already made the bird panicky.

to be continued… ( for now, this is the first piece of an unnamed series of tales. Hopefully. )

~ ~ ~

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Pictures, those with a fairy essence in them, motivate me a lot into writing tales and poems. Having recently stumbled upon the picture bookmarking site, Pinterest, I came across a wide pool of stunning photographs which all have the said essence in them. I chose this picture to write a short tale, and as I was writing, I realized that this picture has in it the potential to become the starting scene in a possibly long series of historical/fantasy/ficiton/tragedy tales. I hope to continue using these #Faery pictures and write decent stories.

A special thanks to Anna Meade, host of the #FaeryTaleish Pinterest Board and of course, I thank all the people who contributed to the #FaeryTaleish collection.

~ ~ ~

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