Brazil U23 0 – 1 Mexico U23 | London 2012 Final First-Half Review

Mexico dominated outright for the first 30 minutes of the game and when Hulk was introduced onto the pitch, then came Brazil’s first real chance to equal Peralta’s first minute strike that put Mexico at the driver’s seat.

LIVE: Brazil 0-1 Mexico

Neymar has been wonderfully contained and marked by the Mexicans, and he was almost invisible all through the first half. His trickery was missing, his confidence too seemed low and he was failing at passing on the ball to his teammates. Just to say for the record, Messi never has a bad game. Even when Argentina lost int he Quarter’s of FIFA WORLD CUP 2010, and he didn’t score a goal, his contribution was enormous. But to compare Neymar with Lionel Messi is unjustified and improper as Messi, quite simply, is the apex of football at this moment. Neymar is young and he should be left out of all the Messi, Ronaldo comparisions. He has a lot to achieve before he we start comparing him with today’s world’s best two. And he needs to perform in big match, which is a quality of true champions. Seeing his first half performance in London 2012 Olympics, he is a lot behind Lionel Messi.

Coming back to the match, the referee seemed too tender while giving fouls in Brazil’s favor, but has given away too many fouls againstthem too easily which surely was maddening Brazil’s coach Mano Menez who was roaring from the sidelines.

All the Mexican domination in the first half would be for nothing if they don’t put the same show in the second, because the opponents that they are up against are too full of talent and ambition to win Brazil’s first ever Olympic gold.

Second half is now underway…

Who will win the GOLD?


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