#BlogFlash2012: Day Fourteen – Children

I am joining the #BlogFlash today, the 14th day of it. It’ll continue all month long. We need to write a 50 or 100 word post on each day’s prompt.

Today’s prompt is children.

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“Take this!”, said Jerry, throwing a punch at his twin brother Terry. Terry was agile and had a keen eye as he dodged the punch by swiftly squatting down onto his knees.

“You can never touch me if you are that slow, brother”, Terry said sarcastically, and quickly did a heel swoop that made his brother stumble to ground.

“And…. you will never win if you stand there, amazed at your opponent’s abilities”, philosophized Terry and started to laugh.

“Enough you two, get into the house now”

“I’ll get you next time”

“Keep dreaming”

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96 words

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