Harsh Emotions On I-Day

warning: these are only my feelings and my agonies and i don’t intend to offend or provoke anyone. 


August 15, 2012.

Indian Independence Day.

A flurry of my emotions I posted as status updates on Facebook.


are we independent? free?
are women ?

so then, are we hypocrites?


I used to be proud of saying “i’m proud to be an Indian”.
I want everyone to actually answer themselves, “regarding what, are they proud to be indian?”

I am proud of the rich traditions and cultures(which though are on decline) and history, yes. And only them, I guess. Surely, not with what is happening today. And yeah, sports! but there again, the sportsmen/women make me feel proud, but the crap inside the associations and boards behind each sport are disgusting(exaggeration? no. emotional? yes.)


When there is news regarding some actor or sportsmen, trolls come up on facebook and flood.

Independence day has been reduced to that. (exceptions, yes.)


You can’t stop a barking dog even on an Independence day.
Because it is loyal. If you think it is madness, yes, your own head and your own shots.


Its not like saying “happy independence day…65 years and we have a lot of problems today..and blah blah..blah”..

i mean, why don’t you give that sh*t all year man!

P.S: Exceptions considered.


What Mahatma Gandhi did for us was one extreme(the good end).
What we did to him was another extreme.(the bad end)

And yeah, stop wondering like, “why did he say ‘we’ in the second sentence. i’ve got nothing to do with his assassination”. wtf!

don’t tell me not to live in the past. crap!
and for heaven’s sake his assassin’s name is “Godse”. If that is by mere coincidence or not i don’t know. Bu

t we are the biggest hypocrites. we believe in god(s) but regardless of it, do all disgusting things. i mean, its all down to being human, indian or not. so crap!
If you think of doing or actually do something bad to a good person(don’t go like BIG PEOPLE.in everyday life), you are actually damning you own country, and for pete’s sake, the whole world.
Its not like I don’t have patriotism. Its like I yearn to think and, if i could, do more than just be proud of it.I am proud to be a part of the nature. i wouldn’t talk about India or the world. there are a lot of things that need to change, and a lot of us need to accept that we need to change. i mean, yeah. nobody is perfect and all. but too many imperfections and you want to get away by saying that quote? damn you!
Script writing is not a profession just in the movie industry.
ask politicians about them. they hire and fire them like hell, depending on whether the crowd throw confetti or chappals.
Back until WW II, world dominance meant physically, geographically invading other nations and freaking them out.But Today, it is just sitting back in a control room, looking at an AI screen and having the ‘comfort’ to invade(destroy) a nation(world) by just using a keyword(RED button, you know). So, things are going well for the world. And for India, we are surely progressing and our most lethal ballistic missile is Agni V, with a max. range of 5000km and with a capability of carrying a nuclear weapon(yeah, for the world’s damn peace this was revealed). So we are getting there. #ArmsRaceWithBurntArms
Thinking why so much negativity and all on one day and once?
nothing incidental..im just adjusting to the world.. they wont hear so much unless there is an occasion for it.. so, i’m kind of doing it their way..but our blogging world is different and I am proud of it. Unlike social networks(a larger part of it).

So what’s encouraging is, we all know what we want.

So there, Happy Independence Day. We should start being responsible more often. There surely are many who do that, why not the rest?


Please feel free to comment and express anything, i’d only like to change if there is something wrong.

Tweet me at @sankarajayanth.


5 thoughts on “Harsh Emotions On I-Day

  1. It’s so ironic, they say we are different. Yet I, from across the border, would say exactly the same things you did. (Changing a name here and there).

    • it would funny to take or wait to take a resolution only on I-Day. that is what i want to say, this one day is not any different for a barking dog. though i admit i might be hyprocrite here or there in what i said. what i said is something what i saw and see. i would be ashamed to admit if i was one of them who boast about India on I-Day alone.

      and thank you very much for giving a thought.. good to have you here. 🙂

      • Jayanth I agree with you and personally I’m not a big fan of “Days” but what I wanted to ask is you wrote a perfect post about all aspects and shared actual picture with us but should you not be writing about Good Deeds by you or a fellow on this day. We all know there is bad all over in our system but lets take a deep breath and do something good.

        Many people would be distressed reading your post though I’m not saying that we must not write negative but everytime blaming is not a solution anyways. Hope you get my point.

        Keep writing! Love to have such discussions and to be back on blogging after a long time!

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