Want To Edit Song Details In Batch? Here!

[Video Tutorial Below]

Okay, all music lovers know how annoying it is to see the song details, of a particular song, all messed up with the ripper’s or uploader’s names or their websites. When you unlock you phone, switch to the music player and want to play a song, say Ka Ching! by Shania Twain, we first go to the albums menu and we don’t find the album there and we go to the artists menu and we don’t find ‘Shania Twain’ there. All we find are sub-folders like ‘www.yourmusic.blah’ or ‘%$^%piraterippers*”  which is utterly annoying. All we want is peace and we could easily get that by quickly playing the song we need.

But we are lazy and often don’t find enough time to edit all the song details of each and every song we hear, and so we carry on with these unedited and annoying details on them. Some phones even don’t provide an option to edit these details. We have to do it on a computer.

Anyway, I’d get to the point,

We need a software that will enable us to edit details of songs in bulk. I mean, by selecting all the songs of a particular artist, we must be able to update that detail to the correct artist name by doing just once, instead of selecting each song and editing it and then saving it. It would really be a painful task to do. But know what, NCH has got a wonderful freeware software to do this. It’s called ID3 Mp3 Tag Editor.

NCH is an awesome company who make loads of freeware stuff which in general are awesome, and this particular software is no different.

So, once you download(around 600kb only!) and install the software, it will just be cake walk from then on.

Here is a video tutorial I made, watch this thing only after trying out the software because I don’t think you would be needing a video tutorial for it, NCH makes softwares THAT easy-to-use. By the way, watch it in HD.


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