“Alexander, The Great” is a lie!

Some dear software installations force a shut down of the entire PC. Ah! Things like that happen in life too. Maybe thats the thing about life, we must be patient enough for something that we hope will happen. And if it doesn’t, we must be patient enough to restart it all.

P.S: But that’s without considering the ‘strength’. a PC has an uninterrupted damned power supply, where as us? after all, not all can restart. An please, Alexander the great showed his patience in conquering (through killing) which I have no respect for. So that’s not patience, that was lust. And the whole spider inspiration? a lie. a lie because a lesson of patience was related to a blood-bath by the historians, which i deeply regret and revolt against. There are other less violent lessons out there which teach us more about patience and perseverance. I did not mean to offend anyone’s believes and if I did, my apologies.


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