You Can Even Love An Empty Life

from the heavens came letters of console,
all the woman expected was an invitation,
to be taken away too,
just like her husband,
who was forced to take his repose.

lost in grief, she hears a mellowly carol,
or was that her heart’s painful melancholic trepidation,
she collapses to her knees,
just like her husband,
who never again rose.

and forever, her love, his grave and her grief became her whole,
vines grew hugging the marble in affection,
flowers blushed until her heart’s last bloom,
and then,
all went brown,
then empty.

For all love she had,
for one,
her purity and truthfulness conjured a bond stronger than any other,
a divine bond,
one that showed how can one love life, until the very end.

her husband,
her life,
her all.
for she was an orphan when he took her into his warm embrace,
that’s when he promised her that he shall be with her forever.


Submitted at One Single Impression.


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