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This post is actually one I had written for another blog of mine, which I am to discontinue. Thought this has a place here.

~ ~ ~

earth was round, or so was it proved a few hundred years ago,
countries that had enough yearned for more,
and those that were weak, later revolted with a hurt ego,
driving the conquerors home, who knew it was time to go,
non-violence is what finally won over the blood-lust furor,
independence achieved, at a hurting price they had to forgo,
it took all but a night, for the return of the dreadful vertigo,
brothers of blood turned into brothers in arms, slaying the word ‘amigo’,
choosing peace, we let go off a piece, of land and pride, away they went packing their cargo,

eventually, religious turmoil only grew,
and non-violence was put to silence,
meanwhile, tastes changed to western spices and brew,
all the time, the population only grew,
with it the lives that fall under the poverty line,

some of this became history,
some of it mere past,
some things were forgotten,
some were not cared for,
some, disregarded,
new things were learnt,
while own things were sold.

all this is to play a very important role,
no less a subplot in a major plot,
the story that is to unfold,
is what is being told.

And a flurry of emotions in me.

~ ~ ~

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