Fading Like Footprints

i don’t hear the rain fall any more,

i don’t hear your footsteps any more,

or the soulful and innocent laughter that resounded down the corridors we once walked,

nor do I anymore fall in love everyday, with the soul that those eyes are portal to,

for you are too far to look into eyes, and share with you my soul’s deepest emotions.

fate took hold of everything that I held dear,

erasing footprints of the past, one at a time, slow and painful,

seeing which my senses crumbled, my words crippled,

helpless and woeful, I sing the song of a mute.

caught between staying true to love and life(not giving up), and the mundane desperation to run away from pain, I see the world laugh at me as I tear myself apart.

all i have now is a boulder that i use to bang my head,

when what i desperately need is a shoulder to rest upon.



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