April Haiku Month, Day 4: Drone

(A small village during the time of war)

a drone tears the sky . . .

insecure souls hug and pray

their hearts, living graves

~ ~ ~

(And when the war ended)

a vast barren land . . .

neither winds blow nor seeds grow

breath and green earth raped

~ ~ ~

(And when hope was all but dead)

a century later . . .

new species of plant rises

dead hope springs back up

~ ~ ~

(Nature takes reigns)

a drone bee flies by . . .

signals queen – ‘work can begin’

life resurrected

~ ~ ~

(At war again)

a fortress land now . . .

colonized by humans again

a drone tears the sky

~ ~ ~

a vast barren land . . .

neither winds blow nor seeds grow

breath and green earth raped

~ ~ ~

constant war . . .

mockery of peace

and of life

~ ~ ~

Presently I am not in full strength, emotionally. And this prompt, in midst of my attempt at breaking the writer’s block, drained me of my energies. ‘War’, sigh! We live in a world of chaos. The only images I get to mind are those of the violence that happens everyday all across the world. Syria. Egypt. Israel. Palestine. Iran. Iraq. And these are cross border wars. And there are wars being fought with forces within one’s own nation. It all tires me to think. Drones remind me of war, death and the elusive peace.

This post is submitted at Haiku Heights for Day 4 prompt – Drone. This post is also a part of my NaPoWriMo 2013 journey, my first. I am also trying to take up the A-to-Z Blogging challenge which requires bloggers to write a post everyday during all April. I will try to write separate posts for NaPoWriMo and A-to-Z Blogging Challenge IF possible. I sure want to.

I am going to share your everyday Haiku on my Facebook Page. Keep tabs on it too.

Thank you all for reading my haiku. I’ll be reading yours too, and I enjoy each one of your haiku. Your comments always help me improve and motivate myself to keep going.

Thank you and keep writing! 

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39 thoughts on “April Haiku Month, Day 4: Drone

  1. I like the suggestion that in Nature’s world, the drone is part of a cycle of resurrection, but, in the human world, the drones of war are only part of a savage rape of the land! Striking images in these haiku!

    • It is. How frightened those souls will be, knowing they can do nothing, not even run away or hide when a bomb is dropped. helpless.!

      Thank you for stopping by again, MMT. 🙂

  2. “their hearts, living graves.”

    This line stopped me. It made me be still and listen, and feel. Usually, as I read, I form images in my head. But this line slipped right through the gate and grabbed my heart.

    I’ll carry this with me for a while. Thank you.


    • Thank you so very much, Joe. It only makes me more strong to know that someone out there understands what I try to say. I really appreciate you stopping by and telling me this. It made my day. And I’ll carry this with me for a while too, i feel it. Thank you very much!

      Jayanth 🙂

    • It was depressing to even write this piece, it pains me to imagine what it is like for the ones who live it. :\
      Thanks for stopping by, Tarun. I liked your take on the prompt too.

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