Whenever I Act

i act

feelings buried deep inside,

like pearls in beach sand,

the water only wetting the surface,

people only see the mask.

it takes a true heart,

like an innocent kid,

stumbling upon the pearls while digging for pebbles,

to harvest one’s deepest vaults.

in search of one such soul,

like a turtle scouting every yard of sand,

looking for the most secure of places to give birth,

i walk the world, waiting for someone to rip off that mask.

some people are destined to wear a mask for eternity,

a part of me, ruled by fear, trembles and quivers at that thought.

~ ~ ~



One thought on “Whenever I Act

  1. A beautiful poem. I loved your analogy about the turtles, it just adds to the gentleness I hear beating through the lines. Great write!

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