April Haiku Month, Day 10: Incense


I have never really ventured into writing romance before. I did, but only as parts of a larger poem with a different theme. And now I try. Although I have to say, when I write, romance will never stand alone. It will have a touch(or more) of heartbreak, and more importantly, hope. Hope of impossible magnitude. 

an incensed candle . . .

her eyes rested upon mine

melodies we sang

~ ~ ~

melodies we sang . . .

as the sepia light dimmed

our own hearts grew warm

~ ~ ~

the wick is all spent . . .

so is my vain energy,

reliving memories

~ ~ ~

This post is submitted at Haiku Heights for Day 10 prompt – Incense. This post is also a part of my NaPoWriMo 2013 journey, my first. I am also trying to take up the A-to-Z Blogging challenge which requires bloggers to write a post everyday during all April. I will try to write separate posts for NaPoWriMo and A-to-Z Blogging Challenge IF possible. I sure want to.

I am going to share your everyday Haiku on my Facebook Page. Keep tabs on it too.

Thank you all for reading my haiku. I’ll be reading yours too, and I enjoy each one of your haiku. Your comments always help me improve and motivate myself to keep going.

Thank you and keep writing! 

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30 thoughts on “April Haiku Month, Day 10: Incense

    • That is one of the biggest compliments I have got. What more does a writer need than to hear someone say ‘you write from heart’. I am humbled! Thank you very much, Kislaya 🙂 And yes, love and hope make memories worth living and reliving, even if they were pain.

  1. Jayanth words that emerge from within our souls are merely thoughts transposed to paper, yet they are so much more, love and sadness in your words written, I love the last stanza. Well done.

    • I suppose burning hope is an alternative. but the ambiance will be dark when the hope is out. Unlike when the wick is spent with hope still there, then there will be light.
      You question made me think, MMT! Thank you for that and for visiting 🙂

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