April Haiku Month, Day 11: Jasmine


i googled ‘jasmine’ . . .

disney character turned up

what the! where’s flower?

~ ~ ~

It is stupid and disappointing that when you Google ‘jasmine’, the first results to come are of the famous Disney character from Aladdin, not of the daughter of nature – the jasmine flower. Both web search and image search. I felt sick. Ridiculous humans. Ridiculous artificial intelligence.

Yes, I am ‘judging’ Google. I admit that without Google the world is half dumb. And honestly, I depend on it on a daily basis. But I won’t spare a traitor. Because when the teacher is a traitor, you’ll only grow more traitors. And this coming from a man who also says, “animated movies are the best thing that ever happened to world cinema. it is the only good thing cinema gave us”. Yet, I stand by what I said. Anyone, or anything, which has a huge audience(customers or whatever) has zero error tolerance. The world can descend into chaos if Apple Inc. started using a marketing strategy which says “Cut down trees. Bring us wood. We are building a city out of wood called iCity. We will give you an iPhone”. And people would do it. That is the scare right there. A popular celeb, or brand is followed by people who slowly turn so blind that when their idol makes a mistake, they don’t see it. More frighteningly, they do it too. All of this, I say because the most popular search engine(and much more) cannot expose a cracked up order of precedence to the entire world. Nature precedes everything. I am not blowing this ‘petty’ thing out of proportions, I am concerned.  There is nothing sensible in conducting global warming awareness campaigns to enlighten children, when they google ‘jasmine’ to collect information about the flower and all they could see is an animated princess, beautiful of course, wearing revealing clothes and a golden tiara.

Darn! If you are going to say, ” you could just google ‘jasmine flower’ if that is what you are looking for”, then don’t. Because you probably don’t feel the same way about nature as I do, at least with the same intensity. And I would also take it on me that I couldn’t make my point clear, I suck at describing my theories in the head.

~ ~ ~

This post is submitted at Haiku Heights for Day 11 prompt – Jasmine. This post is also a part of my NaPoWriMo 2013 journey, my first. I am also trying to take up the A-to-Z Blogging challenge which requires bloggers to write a post everyday during all April. I will try to write separate posts for NaPoWriMo and A-to-Z Blogging Challenge IF possible. I sure want to.

I am going to share your everyday Haiku on my Facebook Page. Keep tabs on it too.

Thank you all for reading my haiku. I’ll be reading yours too, and I enjoy each one of your haiku. Your comments always help me improve and motivate myself to keep going.

Thank you and keep writing! 

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28 thoughts on “April Haiku Month, Day 11: Jasmine

  1. I too Googled, but I knew it would show the Disney Character, so I changed the search attributes. 😀

    But I never know, one could write on that as well. Interesting take on the prompt. 🙂

    • I too ‘had’ to change the search string.
      And actually, I wrote a different haiku set for this prompt and intended to add the ‘concern’ as a ‘note’ below. But then the agitation in me grew, I wiped off the haiku set and wrote this.

  2. I agree with you, Jayanth. And the morals of Apple are already in question, building their iStuff in Chinese sweatshops, earning $400,000 per employee in the process…

  3. Hey nice…but you know what I loved Aladdin as a kid, so when I read Jasmine, along with flower the character of Jasmine came to my mind. So I have infact written haiku regarding that also..!

    • I used to watch Aladdin too! Almost everyone did, didn’t we?! I have read your haiku, loved them. And I couldn’t help but notice that the ‘flower’ haiku preceded the ‘princess’ haiku. Natural? Yes! That was my point! Thanks for coming by and dropping your thoughts, Kislaya.

  4. Oh yeah, Good one!! I know what you mean. Even I was trying to connect jasmine with alladin…:-) But, do you remember life before Google? It was difficult.

    • Thank you. I agree with Panchali ji too. Although google was there all my life, I could imagine how it would have been for the people before my time. That;s my point too. It made itself so important for you, it should be doing anything that will lead the world into a trap. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  5. Interesting because I felt discouraged with the google search as well. I had no idea anyone else might feel the same way. I did find the lovely flower though after saying a few choice words ;-O

  6. Hello Jayanth after the outburst let me tell you there are a large variety of Jasmines!! Yes Jayanth the night blooming jasmine ‘Common names include Parijaat, Raatraani (Marathi: रातराणी), night-blooming Jasmine’ and it was a favorite of Lord Krishna.Reference is made to this flower in the story of Satyabhama and Krishna!!

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