April Haiku Month, Day 25: Volcano

an active volcano . . .

anger redder than lava

my bewildered eyes

~ ~ ~

I have been writing haiku about the same thing for the past few days. This haiku shows the state I have been in for quite sometime now. #War. #WomenAbuse. #ChildAbuse. #Murder. #Rape. It is not that these are new, it is just that I fail each time I do or say something that increases my hope for a better tomorrow for everyone. Any news I see is taking a toll on me and I’m  having a hard time trying to not be lost in the pain. That is part of a reason why I have discontinued my AtoZ journey.

we owe women

I know a little Photoshop and I felt I would do something about trying to bring the change(starting with awareness) that we all are so looking for. It will be a long long time before we see any change towards good. Its not much, but I guess its something. If I can pull myself up from the heap I become into each day after going over what all happened, I would surely continue making campaign images related to #womenabuse. If you believe that some kind of change, no matter how small, can be made out of such a campaign like changing the mindset of people towards women, then please share this image on your social networks and blogs. Share it and say something about the atrocities against women. Because people got used to ‘shared’ images on Facebook  they see what others shared and they share and that it all. It is not generating the voices that we need to tackle the current problem.

Make you voice heard, lend your voice to your heart and cry out loud.

The most recent news I came across is that a newborn was sold on Facebook for Rs. 8 lakhs. Outrageous and heart-killing! I mean, with everything that is going on with the rape incidents, now this! What is INDIA doing? More importantly, WHAT ARE WE BECOMING? I won’t hide my sadness.

6 thoughts on “April Haiku Month, Day 25: Volcano

  1. Good move Jayant… All we can do is help spread awareness… mayb at a snail’s pace, but m sure India wil change…Dont lose hope! WE need men like you to build a responsible India.

  2. India needs voices like yours to repair social values. I always thought of India as being a very spiritual place but the recent troubles have shocked and saddened me. Power to your campaign:)

  3. I watch world news and feel so helpless and frustrated…good luck in your endeavors, but be careful not to lose yourself…..

  4. Jayanth, With every new case, the wounds get deeper, the crime gets graver and the heart gets heavier. But, I am hopeful that one day, the law and mindset of people is going to change. Amen!
    Thanks for this post.

  5. What you are doing is most important! You are a role model for your peers and younger men and boys. You are channeling your anger by speaking out effectively. Most important, you are treating all of the women you come in contact with, with respect. Behavior can be changed, one person at a time. Don’t lose heart!

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