April Haiku Month, Day 26: Waterfalls


waterfall beckons . . .

people are convinced it would cleanse them

even if they raped

~ ~ ~

Many of the believers in god blindly believe in things like these, that ‘are said to’cleanse their souls and wipe off all the sins they committed. Many ARE CONVINCED that they become good by taking a holy dip or doing a holy prayer or something. Let me tell you, these people are blind. Blinded by faith in the unknown and unseen, and blinded by lust for the material and mundane. These are the people who have no guilty conscience, or just a little may be. These people go to temples and offer huge amounts of money and gold and BELIEVE that their future is secure and that they have bribed their god enough to let them off any crimes and sins they committed. And god isn’t helping either, because they really seem to be getting away from what they deserve for everything they did. India is the biggest hypocrite on the world map. The world would be half a better place than it is now if these people started believing in undoing their wrongs, not ‘devote’ themselves t0 ‘god’ in reparation.


7 thoughts on “April Haiku Month, Day 26: Waterfalls

  1. I agree that the devotion means little without actions.

    I think if people really devoted themselves to god (or Jesus, or Allah, or Buddah, etc) then they would WANT to right their wrongs.

    Alcoholics Anonymous was smart-they made it a step.

    Sadly, some wrongs can never be righted. The victims of rape, child abuse (t name a couple) have to live with their violations their whole life. No matter what the perpetrator tries to do as penance.

    People can be really crappy to each other.

  2. You have put a valid point across.
    I like that you are one of the people advocating for change.
    India, hypocrite it is.
    Though sex determination tests are banned but still people go for female foeticide. And the worst part is they use code words like ‘Jai mata di’ to indicate it is a girl and ‘jai shri krishna’ to indicate a boy and thus proceed with killing the foetus of a girl. That’s a true shame and a black spot as we are not having faith in god but we are having faith only in materialism and making money. People who truly believe in God or are spiritual would never do this. There is a difference between being a religious person and spiritual person.

    Thanx for raising the issue.

    • I did not realize about foeticide, so the more boys that are born, the more male energy in India and the harder will be the work to grow respect for women. The truth is we need equality of male and female for balance in this world. Spirituality has nothing to do with religion. This is shown in western society too where Christian women are not allowed to be priests in the catholic church and even in the Anglican church there is prejudice against them, the vote against women becoming bishops was carried at the last Synod.
      A good post here S Jayanth.

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