My Campaign Against Women Abuse

one print of these photos. . .

hundred xerox copies

campaign in college

~ ~ ~

I want people to look at the posters I am creating and I am thinking of pasting them all over the college. I have already done such a thing during the ‘Babri Masjid verdict’.

There are also a lot of posters already on the web and they need to be seen and understood. So I request you to share some of them on your blogs and social networks because this is high time, women are being subject to ridicule everyday all across the world. And in my country, India, this has gotten beyond insanity! People are coming out and protesting these atrocities against women and that is only a start. So please share or write your own mind on your blogs about these blasphemous incidents.

So here are the posters I did until now: SPEAK OUT. SPEAK LOUD.


8 thoughts on “My Campaign Against Women Abuse

  1. Jayanth you are raising a very pressing issue of our times, through this blog!
    The posters you have created clearly shows, what needs to be done.
    And Boys and Men like you can really bring CHANGE, because patriarchal mindset has to change.

    And the poster ‘ HAIL WOMEN’ was really touching!

  2. You seem to have decided on your career ahead πŸ™‚ and you belong to Him in a special way!! Hey we need more xerox copies of you!! Wish you the very best in all your endeavours!!

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