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One thing you know after looking at my blog‘s name is “it is about someone’s heart and he/she says it is black and white“. Well, I am the author here, so definitely the heart that is referred to is mine, keep no doubts. And you should have understood it right when i said ‘my blog’. Anyway, it is a ‘he’ here, just for the silly knowledge. Aah now, don’t be offended. I haven’t called knowledge as silly, i was just referring to the silly side of the vast, enlightening knowledge.

Hmmmm, it is an ‘about me’ page right? Alright, i will tell you who i am.

” I am human ! shocked eh ? “

Aw! the joke din’t go well i guess. 😀 Okay, serious now.

Don’t bother to search for my name here, you should have seen it under every post with a pre-tag : Posted by. Even if you din’t, i wouldn’t put up my name here (# now that’s one way of forcing you to read my posts, just b’coz of the sheer enthusiasm it creates in knowing my name. well? ). The point here is i don’t know what to write about me, simply. 😀 And people can make that out just by looking at the way i am diverting the text from the actual context, Sherlock Holmes would have figured it out at least, after all we know about his knowledge of the science of deduction. Haaa! talking Holmes, now i got a point to add in the about me : i love the Sherlock Holmes short stories and novels by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle. I really wonder how effectively Sir Arthur Canon Doyle might have implemented those techniques in real life and how far he would have got in the field of detection, fascinating! I read a lot of books, actually i make time to read ’em. Sometimes i am so very deeply sucked into the joy of reading that i neglect food, college work and very seldom myself. But the wonder of it is, i have never completed a single novel in one day, but i will complete the feat someday soon. Few of my favorites go like : // Harry Potter series(the one i started with) by J.K.Rowling # Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini # Assassin’s Creed : Renaissance by Oliver Bowden # Room by Emma Donoghue # Ramayana series by Ashok K. Banker # Mister God, this is anna by Finn # The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank // and many more marvelous novels. Reading is really a stress buster and for me, often, reading novels is the reason i give myself to postpone my academic work.

                                    Well, i have quite some college work every other day, for i am doing my graduation in electronics and communications engineering and that’s weight enough, for a brain like mine, to succumb to distractions( # thinking all this about my academics is too technical and irrelevant to the blog, eh? we will be off this in a moment, i too don’t like to ponder too much on my ‘don’t-make-me-learn-what-i-cannot academics’ ). Looking at my GPA, one can illustrate how a line segment, inclined at 45o with a negative slope, looks like (# sorry, gone technical again. but err.. line segment,negative slope, degrees aren’t too technical terms anyway). Though i am into the electronics side, all my heart wanders round the computer science field which is the right workable place for my brain. I have had my hand code-in a few programming languages and i am a total software maniac especially image editing tools ( # Adobe Photoshop the fav ). So now i am into this part of me which loves art to the extremes, i here need to mention The Phoenix ARTS © 2011.

                          The Phoenix ARTS © 2011 is the visual art catalog i own ( # nothing with money, its the efforts that i own ). Digital Art, Hand drawn art, Image Editing, Poster designs, Illustrations, Animations are the main fields The Phoenix ARTS focuses on. Formed in 2011, this Visual Art gallery is very much an amateur catalog and i am trying to build on my creative capabilities. ( #please do visit the blog ) The motive i had behind the creation of a blog for my creations is the desire to express, visually and verbally. For each visual art picture i have given an account of what made me create it, what the hidden meaning in it is, relating them to the real life and the world on a bigger note. ( # an illustration, the header picture of this blog, Black and White Heart, is from The Phoenix ARTS)

So, there adds up one more point to the about me. And, that’s that about me.

My posts will tell more than this boastful ‘about me’ page.

18 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post – don’t hesitate don’t come again 😀 I will definitely check yours out more thoroughly, seems like you have some good stuff!!

  2. Thanks for you kind comment about my poem. I’ve wanted to devote more time to writing for years, but instead, have been raising kids, and teaching school — for the last ten years, middle school technology/computers. Like your haiku; it’s a nice poetry form. You achieve a lot for someone still in college — that’s full-time in itself!

  3. Jayanth… one word for your blog would be “Mysterious”. I liked each and every bit of it… I can deduce that you like “minute details” in life very much. So here we go….

    1. “About” Page: Even though a little tough to follow initially for slow learners like me… but gradually makes it very interesting. I wish God had given me such great skills. 😉 I liked your “Phoenix” as well… symbol of regeneration from ashes… sounds little scorpiotic… but anyways enjoyed all the digital arts in it. Too much talented you are!!!

    2. “Title” : “Black and White Heart” perfect mysterious name suggesting a blend of goodness and evil. LOL… No hard feelings please. Loved it too…

    3. Contents: “100% authentic research” on Introverts… i perfectly agree with your “stealth mode strategy” as it rescues you from lots of this “bla bla bla people” and also talks that are not of your genre…I simply say “hey this book is awesome read na read na” and piss them off so that they say “ok you carry on we shall catch you later” LOL.

    4. i could not help but click “Follow” Button for your blog.

    Good Job Jayanth… keep sharing your random, dominating memories as your fans are always there to hit LIKE and keep that stat button show some more spikes and make you smile everytime you post something.

    May God Bless You

    Warm Regards,

    • Omg! *almost faints* No, really. First of all, thanks a lot for taking time to read my blog and then write a comment the size of an average blogpost. ‘I’ know what kind of effort it is, I always believe reading my writing would be a little tough for everyone. One, because there is still a lot to learn about language and writing. Two, when I put down the things in my head, and I read them 4-5 times, I start to feel that they have come out(or exists) in a very complicated way. And reading complicated stuff is tiring, as reader I can tell that. So thank you so much! And no, I understand the good and evil thing, I know. The ying-yang is a perfect answer, no one is pure good nor pure evil. Well, its because I am an introvert that I started writing. I have my father to thank, who always wanted to read and read and read the english textbooks during school, and a friend who suggested I write down when I am riddled with intense emotions that were pushing me down. And of course, all the books that I read have helped me learn this much, which I know is very little. I go out there and read stuff that just blows my mind away and that kind of keeps me motivated. Again, thanks so much for this effort and thanks for following the blog.

      May god bless you too. 🙂

      • It is me 🙂 I am well. Thank you for remembering my name. Because you didn’t use the “reply” function, I was lucky to find your response. I am here now: goodnightapollo.wordpress.com

        It has been a very long time. Strange how we remember each other. 🙂

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