When Does He Choose To Rape?

It is so depressing and enraging to see women being exploited in countless way, All day, all over the world. And India seems to lead the charts, which is even more depressing considering the fact that many Indians believe in goddesses, female gods and yet, and yet we abuse women. Before going into the heart of the problem, I would like you to watch the below video. Know Your Star is starting a campaign called Dwar – door for transforming the lives of women and to create awareness and expect at least small changes in the attitude of people, men and women alike. It is great to see people overcoming their anger and disappointment with men and coming up with  innovative and inspiring ideas to contribute to a cause. This is the first of a series of videos they are to release to 1. state the problem at hand 2. to offer us all with ideas that can change, at whatever possible level and magnitude, the way men treat women. 

Actually, its funny people use the word  mankind but not womankind when they are collectively speaking about the entire race of humans. It is just one of many trivial things that the world has gotten used to believing in, where the womankind are trampled and ill-treated with a sense of authority. But such trivial things are only tip of the iceberg. Today, we are looking at incidents that shows the shocking, evil and the most cruelest of attitudes, and the magnitude of it, towards a gender we must all be thanking, for they carried us in their wombs for 9 long months and yet wipe away the pain calling it bliss. Mothers. Sisters. Wives. Daughters. Women. 

The type of abuse and crimes against women are multitude and many of them are yet not globally recognized as abusive behaviors. Rape is only one of the horrendous crimes, there are thousands of women who fall victim to lust-driven men. You can understand the magnitude of lust prevalent in men when you look at cases of 4-year old and 5-year old girls being raped. Domestic violence is equally criminal, but it is one of the least reported forms of abuse women face in this world.

But I come to the most important point(from my perspective). Where does this all start? I mean, what leads to a man choosing to rape his friend/cousin/stranger? Is it a momentous lust? Or is it the kind of thing that is pent up in his perverted mind through this teenage and youth? Where does he find the switch to turn himself into a beast and feed on the mother gender for pleasure? And I have always said to myself, the teenage and youth. I am 21 myself and I really know what kind of talks boys have. How they comment(I prefer to refer to it as a verbal rape) about a girl passing by. It is really down to how us men look and treat women, even strangers. My hope after watching the video is that if people continue to make things like these, urging for change in our ways, we will one day look at men who respect and value every woman. But, I shouldn’t let optimism make mirages and empty dreams of a kind world where all mankind treats womankind with respect. The problem is a lot more complicated than what it looks like. I will try to come up stats and more ‘simple’ expressions of my emotions in further blogposts.

You too can write a blogpost on your website about women empowerment and the concerned issues and link it back to Know Your Star campaign page.


April Haiku Month, Day 25: Volcano

an active volcano . . .

anger redder than lava

my bewildered eyes

~ ~ ~

I have been writing haiku about the same thing for the past few days. This haiku shows the state I have been in for quite sometime now. #War. #WomenAbuse. #ChildAbuse. #Murder. #Rape. It is not that these are new, it is just that I fail each time I do or say something that increases my hope for a better tomorrow for everyone. Any news I see is taking a toll on me and I’m  having a hard time trying to not be lost in the pain. That is part of a reason why I have discontinued my AtoZ journey.

we owe women

I know a little Photoshop and I felt I would do something about trying to bring the change(starting with awareness) that we all are so looking for. It will be a long long time before we see any change towards good. Its not much, but I guess its something. If I can pull myself up from the heap I become into each day after going over what all happened, I would surely continue making campaign images related to #womenabuse. If you believe that some kind of change, no matter how small, can be made out of such a campaign like changing the mindset of people towards women, then please share this image on your social networks and blogs. Share it and say something about the atrocities against women. Because people got used to ‘shared’ images on Facebook  they see what others shared and they share and that it all. It is not generating the voices that we need to tackle the current problem.

Make you voice heard, lend your voice to your heart and cry out loud.

The most recent news I came across is that a newborn was sold on Facebook for Rs. 8 lakhs. Outrageous and heart-killing! I mean, with everything that is going on with the rape incidents, now this! What is INDIA doing? More importantly, WHAT ARE WE BECOMING? I won’t hide my sadness.

April Haiku Month, Day 6: Fire (MY FURY)


I must warn, this is a highly inefficient post from me. Written with shaking senses and trembling fingers. Pardon my naivety.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

(firstly, my feminist fire)

exploited women . . .
their fire will consume any man
if they choose it

~ ~ ~

(Secondly, my usual trivial madness)

(Long long ago)

a dark cave in woods . . .
woman frustrated at husband
hurls rock at wall. spark!

~ ~ ~

(Ancient times in the east)

a forgotten myth . . .
legendary golden dragon
breathes fire, gives wishes

~ ~ ~

(Again, my feminist madness)

(Ancient times in southern middle-east)

one sita devi . . .
passes agnipareeksha
yet exiled, her pain!

. . .

mahapurushotham . . .
his unforgivable mistake
cost him his true love

(I don’t want to move on from my pain and tears for Sita Devi. But I must. I must say, “After such a righteous life, WHY RAMA! WHY???”)

~ ~ ~

(The so called civilized times. Today.)


. . .

he set her ablaze
she couldn’t bring him money
he set her ablaze

. . .

he set her ablaze
she did not love him back
he set her ablaze

. . .

he set her ablaze
she gave birth to a girl
he set her ablaze

. . .

he set her ablaze
he was driven mad with lust
he set her ablaze

. . .

he set her ablaze
his dominance was threatened
he set he ablaze

. . .

he set her ablaze
it was pure malevolence
he set her ablaze

. . .

he set her ablaze
his arrogance ……

~ ~ ~

I cannot continue. ‘he set her ablaze’ is actually happening in India. And there are other forms of ‘setting women ablaze’ like trafficking, female foeticide, domestic violence, marital rapes, eve-teasing, sexual innuendo aimed at women in public places, in movies and in countless other ways.

I am sorry, but I am possessed with anger, with sorrow. Unless I channelize my anger, I fear I might be consumed by it. Such is the rage I am in. This post might be disturbing emotionally, but I don’t know if I could live without writing this tonight. Every day I see or hear about atrocities against women, I am driven mad by them. Literally mad. What can you and I do about it? Make the women we know in our lives stronger? Tell them to be more careful? Or to dress appropriately? YES AND NO!! Since WE MEN aren’t going to stop this any soon, WOMEN have to be on guard. And one day…………………….

And so.

exploited women . . .
their fire will consume any man
if they choose it

~ ~ ~

I deliberately let the syllable count stay wrong. I can’t look for errors in metrics and format while the theme of the text has an overwhelming effect on the mind and heart. This is an inefficient post. An inefficient attempt at venting my emotions. But I cannot do better at this moment. I do not have the sufficient strength to follow through my anger nor do I have the people who stand by my side without being scared. But I am only bidding my time. I shall master my anger.

~ ~ ~

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And They Were Laughing Insensitively

I was on my college bus today when I heard a loud thud. I turned my head and looked at a 18-year old thumping his feet on the floor of the bus. He seemed upset. And angry. And sad. And tortured.

Two guys in the front seat were facing that guy and saying, “it’s okay. don’t get angry. it was for fun”.

I didn’t understand what was happening. And then the guy next to him told, “Those two guys were mocking his stuttering voice”.

Seriously, that guy was in tears. He has a stuttering voice, for heaven knows god is kind(sarcasm? yes).

I let out a deep sigh.

It was one thing to tease people about stupid stuff that they did. And it is another thing to mock and tease someone who is specially-abled. That too mocking that very thing that makes them special? Sick, insensitive and (almost) soulless.

I was angry. I will not add an adjective to let you understand how angry I am at those guys, because there simply is no such word I know of that could quantify my anger.

And I stared at them. I was sitting in the adjacent section of seats on the left, they were laughing.

Laughing. How insensitive one must be to mock someone like that and yet not feel one bit of guilt or remorse, not even when their mockery made an 18 year old boy cry.

I was sad too. It made me sad to think of how people like them continue to trample people emotionally as if it was their daddys’ job to tease, mock they inherited.

I let out a deep sigh again.

I told myself that I wouldn’t let my anger show. That I wouldn’t let my anger make me go shout in their faces that they must reconsider their way of living before growing up in size and masculinity. I remember how I loathed the same two guys a few weeks back when I had to sit next to them on the bus. They were talking crap about women and sex, girlfriends and groping. For all you need to know about me, I am a feminist. Now think what I would have gone through hearing that stuff. I wanted to bang their faces on rock.

But I stayed put. I gulped down everything because no one(family) wants me to get into fights, more so when the enemy is bad. And I am hardly the violent type. I am skinny, tall and unpleasantly always angry, thanks to people like these two guys that I easily spot in every corner of the world I live-in daily. I don’t know what my well wishers assume when they draw lines before me, stopping me from raising my voice against the bad. What it does though is I have to deal with more anger than there already is, that I am not allowed to try to right the wrong. But yeah, I understand their concerns too but nevertheless, I think I must be free to tell someone that he is hurting the world and that he needs to stop.

Anyway, I let go off everything and got down the bus at my place. The fact that this guy who was teased stopped crying and let out an angry growl. That convinced me that he would stay strong through this little but unacceptable ordeal.

I was happy, but not at peace.

None at all.

Warrior Woman


Women today are exploited in every and all possible ways, which i very sad. I always said,

“We men don’t own women,
we, but owe them; and so much at that.”

They wash away all the stains from our clothes and god knows its true – and also stains from our hearts,
they do it with every reason to see us ‘unstained’.

if nothing changes and no one changes(god forbid me),
we might have to come down to this(the below poem) to see a completely free woman.
and that these happen in India, where people believe in goddesses,  hurts me so much

~ ~ ~

she looks back to scrutinize and estimates the damage she has done.
and so it ends.

as the world did not heed the woman’s warning,
a warning that broke out from the very bowels of womanhood,
women have endured so much, they still do,
none put up a giant fight to repel the evil around,
they yet tenderly kept the evil away from time to time, not to hurt the evil in return,
many not strong enough for even that, succumbed,
strong they are, weak the world makes them,
weak they become, the world plunders more and makes them weaker,
weaker they are, and the world doesn’t stop, it plunders more,

And i am one belonging to that very world,
lying low, eyes and mind synced and understanding the unfolding rave,
i wince and moan,
i loathe men, i am one, i loathe men,
i wince and moan,
heart slows down, asking for a closure,
nay, i cannot give up, eyes and mind synced, they understand the unfolding rave,

out of nowhere comes a ragged woman,
scarred from brow to boots,
no less a warrior,
armed or not i don’t care,
there she is, walking towards me,
i won’t stop her, if she wants to end it with me,
i’d only die proud and in this way,

women were never weak,
men were too weak and vile to accept it,
but they got their answer.

she stops and looks back to scrutinize and estimate the damage, all for good, she has done,
she walks on,

her name is HOPE.

~ ~ ~

a woman, a mother; is the strongest life-form that is(that exists).

~ ~ ~

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~ ~ ~

A Ruffian – #1 Struggle of Negroes

“‘eh ther’…get up now. ‘s time ‘eh work and pay off the debt.”

“whoooooo eeees eet..leet me shleep foo—aaaaauuuhh..rrr an hour morreee…”

“if you ain’t gonna listen my words kid, i warn you. now get up and shun ur laziness aside and start the work, a lot of wood needs to be chiseled.”

“ooh. sorry sire..it was you.. give a minute sire, i will be ready and yours for the rest of the day,sire.”

“alright..make e’ up fas’.. the order’s gotta be delivered by evening..”
bloody! i sincerely offer to work for him to pay off my debt and he is bossing around.

“sire. ‘m ready. whe’s wood sire?”

“got ‘eh feet fas’ ha? slow down a bit kid, lookslike ‘eh gonna finish the job fast..we ‘ave no need of ‘hat…”

“as you say”

“well then.. ther’s wood and here’s the chisel.”

“okay sire……aawwww”

“ruddy kid!!! if ‘eh gonna keep messing up with my tools li’that, ‘eh would neva’ payoff the debt”
hell! insolent brute, you throw the chisel at me like that and expect me to catch it..aarrgh,i’d better ge’ done with this job as early as possible..

“sorry sire..wun’do that again”

“‘kay now..ge’ to work…”

“ok sire..think i’s done..”
and i will be free.

To be continued…

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