The Lightning Beauty That You Are

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Beauty, Glory, Joy, Pain & Fortitude – Haiku #55

~ ~ ~

(a woman sings)

I smile at beauty,

I pluck nature’s bounty,

my lush hair glorified.

~ ~ ~

(the flower sings)

the joy is all mine,

anything for your warm smile;

goodbye mother, love.

~ ~ ~

(the plant sings)

weak moment this, but

another you I shall raise,

more smiles she shall bring.

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This post is submitted at Haiku Heights. The prompt is ‘fortitude’.
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Behold! My Subjects – Haiku #25



Scene I :


~ ~ ~

drift back eons, earth

formed, grew hot, then cooled, spun, won,

at last life bloomed bright

~ ~ ~

at last life bloomed bright,

and mother earth had offsprings,

impasse lay ahead

~ ~ ~

graceful was each child,

each in their own way, she knew

not who should have crown

~ ~ ~

queen mother then saw,

each deserved crown of their own,

she saw solution

~ ~ ~


Scene II :


On day of pronouncement of the new ascendant :

~ ~ ~

queen mother holds scroll

of declaration, who then,

who ascends earth’s thrown?

~ ~ ~

Queen Mother Earth speaks, in her regal self :

 ~ ~ ~

” Behold! My Subjects,

your peace and harmony, is

my priority”

~ ~ ~

“my decision is

a brave one, a hopeful one,

hear me well, subjects :”

~ ~ ~

The Scroll Of Declaration, Queen Mother Earth Reads Out :

~ ~ ~

“we shall have no one,

no king, no queen, you shall have

only seasons, yes!”

~ ~ ~

” hear me well Princes,

and Princesses, you all shall

now be called seasons “

~ ~ ~

” each has three full moon’s

time, give all to your subjects,

each take turns, in peace “

~ ~ ~

” Eldest Daughter be

called SPRING henceforth, life blossoms,

to green and great heights “

~ ~ ~

” Eldest Son he be

called SUMMER henceforth, light smiles,

path of goodness shown “

~ ~ ~

” Youngest Son he be

called AUTUMN henceforth, cycle

recedes, hope shall stay “

~ ~ ~

” Youngest Daughter be

called WINTER henceforth, cycle

ends, hope shall SPRING “

~ ~ ~
and so the cycle will end and start over again. 🙂

~ ~ ~ 

End of declaration and there is much joy around 🙂

~ ~ ~

Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter – Spring  : the actual cycle 🙂

Note 1: In the second haiku, second line, i should have mentioned ‘four offsprings’, but i chose otherwise,
just to keep the theme of this large-i-don’t-know-what-its-called poem.

one month generally has one full moon. so that usage.

hope, it din’t have a negative effect on the  reading experience


Note 2: i would love to extend this theme to how we humans are disappointing Queen Mother Earth lately.
And also, WHY nature, the seasons are being off ‘cycle’ in some parts of the world, African Nations? Drought in Horn Of Africa? Yes, i would love to
express those concerns in the same form too. But another time i guess, as a second part, because i don’t know how people feel after reading long poems,
i would proceed to post it once i am satisfied and believe that people have no problem reading lengthy poems though i would write it nevertheless, soon.
as for me, i enjoy lengthy poems very much. 🙂

I would be very glad to hear what you have to say about “reading a lengthy poem” in general, because i am apprehensive that people actually avoid reading lengthy poems. Oh, tell me you are not, i would love that. 😀 🙂


I couldn’t, as a pure and absolute lover of nature, write a haiku on ‘summer’ alone.

And if there is one another chance for me to express all the above in fewer words, i would say :




Suggestions and corrections are most welcome, I’m still learning Haiku. :)

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being ‘summer’.

Trust Nature – Haiku #11



 ” sown seed, prisoner,

of fertile earth, little girl

doubtful, sweaty hands,

~ ~ ~

doubful, sweaty hands,

tense eyes, twitchy lips, patience – 

– tested, time elapses,

~ ~ ~

tested, time elapses,

before long, green hope rises,

doubts off, a happy she smiles “




meaning :

the seed sown is a prisoner,

of  the fertile earth, the little girl who sowed it,

starts to doubt “why hasn’t it grown yet“,  causing sweaty hands.

~  ~ ~

still doubting, with sweaty hands,

eyes showing the nervousness, lips giving away the shivers of uncertainty, patience is tested,

and time, as usually, elapses.

~ ~ ~

more time elapses,

and not very long after, the seed grows, breaking earth, rising up,

the nervous girl, sheds off doubt, she smiles.


Suggestions are most welcome, I’m still learning Haiku. :)

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being “doubt”.