The Warmth Within (#Haiku #Photography)

We all find ourselves at the mercy of a chilly night or an empty street at one time or another during our lives with no companion to warm our shoulders that dropped at the prospect of having to face terrible hardships alone. None, not even the ones that we believed loved us the most, cared for us the most. We often look everywhere for our missing pen while we were holding it all along in our very own hands. At every phase of our life we have someone by our side who strengthens us. But there are also these periods when we are alone and left to fight on our own. But we know we can’t make it out alive unless we get help. And that is when you seek the help of your companion you have been overlooking. It is youIt is the hope within you.

go no far places

~ ~ ~

I wrote this haiku a long time back. While I was struggling with the block, I started mashing up photography and poetry to help myself out of the sluggish writer’s block. It kind of worked. To write words and tie them together seemed a mighty task. But slowly, with the help of photographs and some Photoshop skills, I started to get back on track to writing and blogging again. So now that the story behind posting this, drop your comments and share your thoughts about the haiku. Link back to your posts, I’d gladly read them. I can’t write good stuff if I don’t read good stuff!


A Sonnet from the Nature’s Bonnet

the aeonian river grows still,

as if expecting the fish she bears home for, will playfully weave the missing splashy waves,

the deer that came for a gulp could sense the river’s chill,

she smiles and winks at the fragile river, the lion that chased her was back to its caves.


the archaean trees sway the leaves with a majestic skill,

as if to make the birds and animals around shew their accolades for the conjured octaves.

the seer mage came in search of an abode of peace, this is the place says his psychic will,

sitting back for a never ending penance, his life wields into a moral for knaves.


the stellarian sky inked blue with an invisible quill,

as if it is reading out a sonnet written about the forest’s spices and cloves.

the birds flutter high into the sky from yonder, echoing the monotonous trill,

they chirrup in unison to turn all the acrid memories into peaceful laves.

Clockwork – at the mercy of the ‘tick’

the world is working like clockwork
but i feel it as just a cold prick and a heavy kick,

the sun runs from east to west
no change, its still working like clockwork,

but the day gets smaller and smaller for me, the old wreck,

the nature’s show of might is no different
it is still clockwork,

i feel as if the heaven is stomping me
who knows? it is god’s work,

the tree is growing into the air every second
it takes more than a stare to understand that
it is working clockwork,

the pain is creeping up all the time
with every tick of the clock
and the clock hardly cares
it is simple clockwork!

the world seems to be lost in its work
wretched me!! i am stuck.

the world is working like clockwork.

Colors of my heart

billion smiles beaming from the blushing meadow
each as pure as a mother’s smile

leaping down from the broken window
running across the dusty streets

birds chirping in the yonder
spring settling into its blossom

riverlets triffling down the narrow moss-grown paths
the water transparent to the fullest

tender footprints growing into prominence
a walk down the past life

suckling throwing a tantrum for a lullaby
wearing nothing but a diaper

passing into a reverie of calm on a rainy day
hitherto unhinged

dusk, with all its mix of orange tang
silhouetting the dust rised by the trotting stallions

glittering through the foggy sky,
a rainbow of 7 colors and a million hue derivatives,
hardly any one of them can be formed without a tinge of black and white.

an appreciation all but from a black and white heart.