April Haiku Month, Day 11: Jasmine


i googled ‘jasmine’ . . .

disney character turned up

what the! where’s flower?

~ ~ ~

It is stupid and disappointing that when you Google ‘jasmine’, the first results to come are of the famous Disney character from Aladdin, not of the daughter of nature – the jasmine flower. Both web search and image search. I felt sick. Ridiculous humans. Ridiculous artificial intelligence.

Yes, I am ‘judging’ Google. I admit that without Google the world is half dumb. And honestly, I depend on it on a daily basis. But I won’t spare a traitor. Because when the teacher is a traitor, you’ll only grow more traitors. And this coming from a man who also says, “animated movies are the best thing that ever happened to world cinema. it is the only good thing cinema gave us”. Yet, I stand by what I said. Anyone, or anything, which has a huge audience(customers or whatever) has zero error tolerance. The world can descend into chaos if Apple Inc. started using a marketing strategy which says “Cut down trees. Bring us wood. We are building a city out of wood called iCity. We will give you an iPhone”. And people would do it. That is the scare right there. A popular celeb, or brand is followed by people who slowly turn so blind that when their idol makes a mistake, they don’t see it. More frighteningly, they do it too. All of this, I say because the most popular search engine(and much more) cannot expose a cracked up order of precedence to the entire world. Nature precedes everything. I am not blowing this ‘petty’ thing out of proportions, I am concerned.  There is nothing sensible in conducting global warming awareness campaigns to enlighten children, when they google ‘jasmine’ to collect information about the flower and all they could see is an animated princess, beautiful of course, wearing revealing clothes and a golden tiara.

Darn! If you are going to say, ” you could just google ‘jasmine flower’ if that is what you are looking for”, then don’t. Because you probably don’t feel the same way about nature as I do, at least with the same intensity. And I would also take it on me that I couldn’t make my point clear, I suck at describing my theories in the head.

~ ~ ~

This post is submitted at Haiku Heights for Day 11 prompt – Jasmine. This post is also a part of my NaPoWriMo 2013 journey, my first. I am also trying to take up the A-to-Z Blogging challenge which requires bloggers to write a post everyday during all April. I will try to write separate posts for NaPoWriMo and A-to-Z Blogging Challenge IF possible. I sure want to.

I am going to share your everyday Haiku on my Facebook Page. Keep tabs on it too.

Thank you all for reading my haiku. I’ll be reading yours too, and I enjoy each one of your haiku. Your comments always help me improve and motivate myself to keep going.

Thank you and keep writing! 

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Beauty, Glory, Joy, Pain & Fortitude – Haiku #55

~ ~ ~

(a woman sings)

I smile at beauty,

I pluck nature’s bounty,

my lush hair glorified.

~ ~ ~

(the flower sings)

the joy is all mine,

anything for your warm smile;

goodbye mother, love.

~ ~ ~

(the plant sings)

weak moment this, but

another you I shall raise,

more smiles she shall bring.

Image credits: Copyright All rights reserved by logncdunlap1

~ ~ ~
This post is submitted at Haiku Heights. The prompt is ‘fortitude’.
~ ~ ~

King, Dove, Friend And Peace – Haiku #33



~ ~ ~

Scene I

~ ~ ~

A Dove flying in some mysterious but beautiful place ( First Person – Dove )

~ ~ ~

O’ mother, thank you,

soothing plains, blissful green woods,

wonderful is world.

~ ~ ~

pristine, agile winds,

lift mine spirits to heavens,

wings hardly matter (for spirit).

~ ~ ~

angelic white, mine

plumage, how many hearts changed,

chose peace over battle?

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

Scene II

~ ~ ~

A cruel king came for hunting Stag ( First Person – King )

~ ~ ~

( Addresses the Stag )

mine aim wavers not,

arrow tip bellows thy end,

royal dish, thine flesh!

~ ~ ~

( Suddenly he sees the dove above )

~ ~ ~

elegant beauty,

she’s mine, on royal platter,

arrow aims high now,

~ ~ ~

( Addresses the Dove now )

~ ~ ~

O’ dove, thee is mine,

die proud as regal king’s food,

death be upon thee!

~ ~ ~

( He leaves the Stag and loosens the arrow at the dove and she is hit )

~ ~ ~

Ha Ha! King I am,

no being eludes arrows,

Dove slayer king, me.

~ ~ ~

Scene III – Act I

~ ~ ~

A man sees the dove being hit by the arrow and runs to the fallen bird ( First Person – Man )

~ ~ ~

O’ mine friend, tell who

hath brought this upon thee –

my sword rages in anger.

~ ~ ~

O’ mine friend, beauty,

leave this world not, breathe please, love,

god needn’t have you.

~ ~ ~

don’t shut eyes;

O’ blind god, why her;

love, love, friend!

~ ~ ~

The Dove speaks to the man  and at the same time,the cruel king reaches a point where he can hear her speak, he stops and listens ( First Person – Dove )

~ ~ ~

O’ kind friend of mine,

thy love for nature pleases

it is time i rest.

~ ~ ~

promise, little one,

that thy sword tastes no blood, to

avenge mine that spilled,

~ ~ ~

shed blood never, Friend,

keep peace, alive or dead; world

needs peace, give it and……………………………

~ ~ ~

( Dove breathes no more )

( King  comes out of the bushes, the friend of Dove speaks )

~ ~ ~

My King,  great hunter,

none can match your skills, no one

in your whole kingdom!

~ ~ ~

My King, what justice,

do you serve, your cruelty

is the crown you wear!

~ ~ ~

Hadst she not asked peace,

(i) shan’t think twice, i’l behead thee,

my foot on thy crown!

~ ~ ~

( The king speaks )

~ ~ ~

O’ grieving friend of  Dove,

i lay down my crown and sword,

i repent mine wrongs

~ ~ ~

O’ trustful friend of Dove,

ascend mine throne, give peace then

kingdom needs her, peace.

~ ~ ~

O’ true friend of Dove,

forgive ,  i will show myself

to no eyes again.

~ ~ ~

( The king goes into the wilderness in repentance and to keep the kingdom running, Dove’s friend ascends the throne.

He speaks : )

~ ~ ~

every battle now,

that we shall be part, be for

peace, not blood or pride .

~ ~ ~

every battalion,

shall bear white flag, symbol peace,

remembering dove.

~ ~ ~

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I don’t know why, when i saw the prompt the first thing to come to mind was “alive or dead, peace.”.
maybe due the ever eluding peace, for which runs a daily quest for me and that my tired mind and soul longs for a piece of it.
And peace = dove, as many things i relate to nature. And i thought of presenting it this way.

And later when i was half way through, i remembered a childhood story : hunter kills a pigeon but the pigeon’s wife gives shelter to hunter,
to satisfy and do justice to the dharma of comforting the guests, she jumps into flames to become the food for the guest.
My story, i think, was almost the same. So, i thank that childhood story and whoever wrote it.

Suggestions and corrections are most welcome, I’m still learning Haiku.

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being ‘alive’.

Arms Of Forgiveness – Haiku #20

you are in for a long set of haiku ( abberated ones ), have patience if you can manage. 🙂



O’ Love, in thy arms,

of forgiveness, is written

mine exile,  hidden

~ ~ ~

O’ Love, in thy arms,

of forgiveness, a thriving man,

who hurt thee in past

~ ~ ~

O’ Love, in thy arms,

of forgiveness, a broken man,

who hurt thee, never

~ ~ ~

O’ Love, thine virtue 

hath me breathing hard, why blind,

what sin i doth thus?

~ ~ ~

O’ Love, thine virtue,

forgiveness, hadst me exiled,

someone else got closer.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love, speak ‘least now,

i question not in arrogance,

what sin i doth thus?

~ ~ ~

if to -try to ebb

thine pains served by life- is to

sin, then i did sin.

~ ~ ~

if to -hide my name,

in humility- is to

sin, then i did sin.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love, what hadst i

done, that hath me pushed into

this vile emptiness.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love, in angst, i,

ask thee to see, difference,

in love and true love.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love, in thy arms,

of forgiveness, is written

mine exile,  hidden.

~ ~ ~

archaic (old English) words :

hath = has

hast = have

hadst = had

thy / thine = your

thou / thee = you

doth = do / does

~ ~ ~

i started writing it as a haiku,

but the inner feelings caught me in a grip and dictated me to write this, even if there were abberations from the rules of haiku

~ ~ ~

one thing i want to tell not in haiku :

forgiveness is a great virtue,

a very great one indeed,

but in excess of it,

shall, many a time,

sinners thrive,

while all along, good ones get the woeful plate of plight.

how strange.

how harsh.

how forgiving ( yes, sarcastic in deed ).

~ ~ ~

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being “forgive”.

To Get Close To Nature, You Just Need To…

To Get Close To Nature, You Just Need To…

To get close to nature,

You just need to breathe,

You just need to feel the air,

You just need to smell the earth,

You just need to embrace the warmth,

You just need to welcome the rain droplets,

And then, you just need to hold all of them together,

Like you would with your Love, Friend, Sister, Brother, Father and Mother,

Make the rain droplets your tears of grief and sympathy,

The warmth, your shield that can break any arrow,

The earth, your motivation to live and love,

The air, your teacher of truthfulness,

You just need to breathe yet,

Now where are you?

Close to nature.

Time’s Whip On Our Backs!

O’ swaying leaves,
thy easing breeze,
will there be any innocence left in the air?

O’ singing swallow,
thy soothing melody,
will there be any peace left, on land?

O’ undulating ganga,
thy liberating waters,
will there be any being left, unexploited underwater?

O’ majestic nature,
thy motherly arms,
will there be a stone left, that was not thrown to hurt others?

O’ me,
thy concerned eyes,
will there be any soul left in them, when all hope and trust is broken?

O’ time,
thy gamble with chance,
will there be a life left, that has not taken your whip on its back?

Humans And Other Animals – Haiku #46

Written for Three Worded Wednesday
prompts : Dampen, Keep, Tremble
i chose to write in Haiku .


once clouds grew angry;
roared and fired thunders of rage;
shrill trembles shook earth.

oceans nearby sang,
a similar song; harsh rains,
dampened rich harvests.

all treated equal;
humans, other animals;
nature keeps records.

hints look harsh;
put trust in nature;
our mother.


The Scarlet Bond

crimson bushes conjure spells;
hold me tender is their call;

spell bound;
reckless hands get the scarlet wrath;
tender hands get the scarlet fragrance;

i would say;
you could be a little more cautious (in life);
is the message you try to teach.

where from did you learn this art;
of filling heart;
with black and white;
in equal parts;

you spill black, when i finally am settling in the too bright white;
you paint white, when i eventually start seeing solace in the dark black;
why these unbearable swings of torment;
why not paint me scarlet once and for all;
so that,
i fly away with white wings,
into the black void,
breaking bond with the scarlet forever.

~ ~ ~

This poem is written for One Single Impression. The prompt for the week is ‘crimson’.

A Story In 140 Characters – #1

~ ~ ~

“Mother, mirror is too high. As always.”
“Mirror will say ‘you are adorable’, sweetheart. As always.”
“After i grow up?”
“Even then, baby.”

~ ~ ~

This is a post for the weekly picture prompt at Succinctly Yours.

Every week there is a picture prompt along with an optional word prompt.
The challenge is to weave a story in less than 140 characters.

Character counter here : Design215 Character Counter 

~ ~ ~

I found “Succinctly Yours” very challenging and i hope to try writing for the prompts every week.

~ ~ ~

Glamour Carries Gloom (Poetry, Photography)


glamour carries gloom,
world sees only what is abloom,
plenty endured, millions fell
even before color pigmented.

rest while you can, they say,
how can i, while my heart is battered hard and sulks in dismay,
i wander to share their pain,
of all those buds and leaves.

Gone Before The First Blush
Broken and Brown







while even then, no one cares,
broken and brown, no wind dares
to sway them away from under their mother,
there lie their graceful graves.

tears trickle down my face, boon or bane,
while new buds grow plum, memories of the fallen wane,
in my melancholy hides a tale,
of a depressed heart that hides its name.

~ ~ ~

the backdrop sets to both nature and also human relations. Of course, they are hardly different!
click the images for larger view.

~ ~ ~

This poem is written for One Single Impression. The prompt for the week is ‘depression’.

Gulp, Spit or Die – Haiku #42


( This post is more about what i wrote after the poem, not the poem itself. So, read it if you have time and patience.Thank you. )


the anaconda,

gulps large buffalo, one go;

with full conviction.

~ ~ ~

little piece of truth,

hard to take in; chokes life out;

gulp or spit or die.

~ ~ ~

truth comes, evil hours;

don’t compromise it; fear is

death; truth is breath; choose.

~ ~ ~

Truth, of any form and of any magnitude is like food. We take it into our mouth, when it is on its way to the stomach, through the trachea, it is not the time to think if it tastes good or not. You either have to gulp it down fully or throw it up outside. Letting it live there in the middle will only makes us choke. to near death, most of the time.

You spit it out – no harm done, you will starve but live.
You gulp it down – well, good you will live. bitter or sour.

But taking the truth only half is instant death. Of your mind’s peace and of your heart’s easy beats. Your mind, just after being introduced to truth, becomes the battlefield for a battle between “what wants to get in” and “what you want to let in”. In that not-so-friendly battle, many compromise on truth.

And moreover, until you bite the truth, your soul is still starving. Live a 1000 years, unless you take in the truth, you would end up as someone who starved his own soul. for what, a 1000 years? And let me tell you, if there is one food that would make some one weak, it is truth. This naked fear of knowing before hand that truth is a bitter apple is what drives people to push it into the dark, under the bed.

Ask what does truth mean?
It is the wilderness that lies beyond the boundary around our world of “what we want”. It is called “what it is”.

~ ~ ~

This post is an entry for the weekly prompt at Haiku Heights. The prompt being ‘Hour’.

Fight Muscles & Wise Muscles – Haiku #40



O’ Love! lean and pale,

wise-muscles i grew; tender

rose buds i prefer.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! strong and hard,

fight-muscles he grew; boxing,

blood spill he prefers.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! i ask this,

in all purity and faith;

please explain your choice.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! forgive me,

yet, i need to know; did

fight-muscles appeal?

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! i ask,

not to hurt you; it hurts much,

(the) lack of clarity.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! i respect,

your choice; but know this my love,

you have let me down.

~ ~ ~

wise-muscles i grew,

fight-muscles shout, “you are weak”,

i am weak but wise.

~ ~ ~


a loser


~ ~ ~

( last one is 1-3-1 structure, i wanted to put those words in there. badly. so ………… i had to make it up..the 1-3-1 :-/ )

~ ~ ~

by muscles i meant real physical muscles. read ‘muscles’ as arms. And i feel, the meaning won’t be understood by all, it lacks clarity i guess. 😐
And i also apologize to that fictional “O’ Love” character for asking her about her choice.
i think the wise-muscles man was truly hurt and he asked her the question with utmost faith and .. love?! But i know even then, he is sorry he had to ask that.
he also wanted to say that he did not have the strength in him to use the word “temptation” and so used “appeal”.

~ ~ ~

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being ‘temptation’.