Daily Prompt: Back to School

Daily Prompt: Back to School

If you could take a break from your life and go back to school to master a subject, what would it be? Photographers, artists, poets: show us MASTERY.

Magic, of course. 

When I published this post, the above line was my answer for today’s prompt. I said to myself, clever. But surely, I know this would dawn on me, I was ridden with guilt. To tell you the truth, the first thing that got to my mind when reading the prompt was – bullies. I wanted to write about going back to school and mastering how to face and answer the bullies. I don’t remember specific incidents or anything that happened with me, but I’ve always been someone who loathed bullying and the people who bully. The consequences of bullying are too naked for me to not feel agitated by it. The mere possibilities of the ways in which bullying can affect the victims, especially the kids, and what their hurt minds can do, scares the living hell out of me and brings up an anger equally intense. But writing about it seemed exhausting because I have to go through those emotions again and again until I finish the post. So, I just hit my head with a hammer and, being a complete Harry Potter freak, magic came to my mind. That I chose to write something else for a little peace within me, rather than writing about something that concerns a live social problem did not seem right. So, I added this little text.



April Haiku Month, Day 12: Koi Pond


a weary angel . . .

tired wings turn into  fins

dance in a koi pond

~ ~ ~

dance in a koi pond . . .

the koi rejoice her new form

mermaids are no myth

~ ~ ~

angels and mermaids . . .

we heard a legend or two

who knew they were true

~ ~ ~

This post is submitted at Haiku Heights for Day 12 prompt – Koi Pond. This post is also a part of my NaPoWriMo 2013 journey, my first.

Rhyming Dreams And Dreads

here or there,

no matter where,

there is always something,

rhyming in my head,

and i am glad,

that i can preserve and share.


one-two lines,


emotions intertwined,

tickle and radiate,

colors and shadows,

dimensions, not cared.

chirrups in yonder,

erase world’s distracting buzz,

ah, there! solace.


only back home,

do i find inspiration,

and nowhere else,


for me,


closest to nature.


i rhyme,

i write,

i go on,

with my dreams,

and dreads,


in rhymes,


in them,

lengthy ones,

one as this.





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putting his pen aside;
the writer walked to the family who were struggling to fly a kite to its pride;
the widow and her four sons tried until they were tired;

they welcomed the writer’s help;
he gave the kite’s lead to the youngest kid and asked him to run when he heard the yelp;
the kite soared into the sky, helped by the air’s palp;

all rejoiced the moment, he noticed, except one kid;
he was Peter, thoughts and worries he was unable to rid;
the writer knew what he had to do, and did;

he created Peter Pan;
Peter Pan never aged, he flew like a kite and he talked to fairies;
he lived in a fairy world called NEVERLAND.

the writer’s creation brought tears to the whole family;
and forever the writer lived on, as a legend,
whose imaginations started with a kite, which lead to FINDING NEVERLAND.

~ ~ ~

I was inspired by this movie, FINDING NEVERLAND, which is the real life story of J.M. Barrie, who created the famous character Peter Pan. This movie tells about what incidents led to Barrie creating NEVERLAND, a fairy world, which even today is seen as a benchmark by authors for writing and creating fantasy worlds.
This post, reflecting the first of many such incidents which led to the creation of Peter Pan, was very challenging to attempt, but was a great experience. I recommend everyone to watch that movie, a masterpiece for my eyes.

~ ~ ~

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The Maze – #2 The Maze Runner

Racing behind the mist was the girl with monotonous determination to reach the end of the maze, which she thinks was a quite a simple task. The seamless walls of marble paced past her with no sign of a possible end. She noticed that the marbles grew darker in tone, quite different from the white marble wall at the start of this passageway.

Was that a sign of something? or was it just a natural thing?

She pushed away her thoughts and squinted onto the path ahead. She had been running for almost 10 minutes, or that was what she could estimate, without any change in the surroundings around – the same creeper plants breaking ground and crawling on the side walls of the passageway, the same dense grey mist behind still celebrating its success in luring her into the depths of the maze. She wondered if this was a maze at all, because she ran so much and yet she found no new passageways branching away from the one she started.

She comes to halt and stares in amazement and horror. is someone hearing my thoughts? It is just now i thought there were no branching passageways and suddenly, 6 different ways come out of nowhere.

She slowly observes the new surroundings – there are six passageways, each adjacent to the other with a common dark-toned white marble wall. Each passageway looked similar to the one next to it, but she had a weighted feeling that what she chooses now would be the next most significant thing after her strong will power and psychological endurance.

just as the significance of making the right choice in one’s life. She sighs.

She stands at the edge of the end of the main passageway she came through and idly looks ahead of her, her brain is working.

Its six passageways. So, it is 1,2,3,4,5,6. I think… i would first rule out some of these. i want the passageways which sum upto ’13’. why 13? well, 13 is known and believed to be a horrific number. If i am to choose a path and go through it, i would choose the toughest path.
So there, 6+5+2 is 13 and 6+4+3 is 13 and the rest all combinations need more than 3 passageways to sum upto 13, so i don’t need them. So, 1 is eliminated. The common thing and the highest number is six and

She laughs out loud as if intending to let the surroundings fill with the knowledge of what she chose. She looks at the last passageway, if this choice is wrong, it is nothing when compared to the wrong choices i made in life.

Bracing herself, she dashes into the sixth passageway marking the true starting point of the maze.

was her choice right? was the ’13’ method a foolish one?
she is about to see what she chose.

To be continued…

Note : “The Maze” is the second post in “The Maze Runner”, which is a set of posts. So, for the complete story refer posts which contain a “#” before the name of the series, which suggests the order of that particular post in ‘The Maze Runner’ series. I would be glad to have this reviewed by you. Thank you.
First post : Unwelcome – #1 The Maze Runner

Unwelcome – #1 The Maze Runner

The metal doors closed behind her with a loud clank, she has no way back. She looked around to get a clearer picture of the new surroundings that she was thrown into. The doors that barred the way out were smooth, silver-matted metal pieces with brownish maroon colored rusty patches all over, giving it a look of two old half-doors determined to close her inside for the rest of the time, until they rust completely. And the sound that came when the door closed gave her an idea that these doors were run through mechanical gears and the controls must be somewhere outside. Then she looked at the long passageway ahead of her, it seemed to stretch for miles, the far end seemingly blurred in a white, silvery mist that suggested her that this was no closed room. The passageway was wide enough to fit her, both arms stretched horizontally with palms cranked vertically, it wasn’t much wide.

She moved closer to the right wall of the passageway observing the walls, which seemed to be made of rectangular stone pieces, white marble stone. The wall was matted dully with green lichen and unknown creeper plants that grew from the bottom edges of the wall. The marble wall looked as if they were stained with green blood. She felt the wall she was observing tremble slightly, as if to tell her that her touch was not welcome. She drew back her hand feeling apprehensive. She again looked at the passageway ahead, the mist seemed to be in no hurry for clearing up, either breaking down into droplets or rising up into the higher air. She sighed and closed her eyes. A sudden pang of realization rocked her, she must actually be panicky by now because whatever was happening with her now, it was not right. To be inside a place like this is no good and the realization that she was calm even in a dark situation as this frightened her. But she knew why she was calm. She knew where she was. Fighting back the tears, she collapsed down to her knees, the fall rising a cloud of dust around her. She paid no attention to the bruises to her knees, nor was she aware of the mix of dust in the air she breathed. Injury to knees?, her mind fended it off without a second thought, the mortal wounds were the least she cared about.

                                      She should be strong, she reminded herself. This is not the right time to mourn for the past pains she endured, this is a new pain altogether which she had to endure, to survive in this god forsaken place. But yet, her mind was unsettled completely, random memories flew past her head, making it more tough for the girl to try not to cry. They were saddening her, these memories. Realizing what was happening with her, she jerked up with all the physical strength she could gather that moment and stood up.

She pushed back the bristles of hair that feel on her face and looked ahead.It was quite clear for her.This was what she was destined to, this was what she was thrown in here for. She knew there was no point in sulking away from reality.

                                         If this was the path to destiny, then I would reach the other end expecting neither doom nor solace. It is destiny i seek and i seek it without expectation, resolving her mental consciousness thus, she walked forward slowly. Her white frock was all muddy at the frisky ends and she din’t seem to notice that, for she never cared about her physical self anymore after being thrown into this maze. For her, this was more of a psychic maze than a physical one. She felt as if the world would end for her if she wouldn’t solve the maze.

Her slow walk paced up into an accelerating jog and then she dashed as if to get away from the overwhelming grab of a abyss. The white mist at the other end of the passageway seemed to knew she was coming, coming with a mighty will, because it suddenly turned from silvery white to gloomy grey. The girl now ran through the pane of mist without fear. The mist bellowed in pleasure that at last she had it’s victim.

Was it enough? Was a mighty will power the only tool one should possess to walk through all the troubles?

The answers are with the girl, the maze runner.

To be continued…

Note : “Unwelcome” is the first post in “The Maze Runner”, which will be a set of posts. So, for the complete story refer posts which contain a “#” before the name of the series, which suggests the order of that particular post in ‘The Maze Runner’ series. I would be glad to have this reviewed by you. Thank you.