Endurance, The Routine Of Heart #1

“Ready for the next wave?”, asked the ocean as the boy stood, wet and motionless. The ocean suddenly noticed a bright glare on his cheek and it vanished as much quickly. It was a teardrop; which was until then not visible due to the downward inclination of his face, glittered when he nodded with the slightest of movement.
‘He nodded’, realized the ocean.
“Good”, it said loudly, hoping with all heart that he was strong enough for this.

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I have written something very similar to this a long back, here : A Pebble Ashore That Never Moved.


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Let Secrets Be (Fairy Tale – #1)

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 I have missed on capturing you for a very long time. But I will get you today. Because, I now know your secret.

Each day, for the past week, Marie has been trying to photograph a brown hare which she saw one evening in The Forest of Alvon while roaming the woods in search of a White Stag. Marie was, until yesterday, clueless as to why the hare was so successful at avoiding her camera. She is not an early-riser and that was her routine every vacation, and as a hobby photographer, she never was inclined to getting up at day break to capture spectacular sun rises. But yesterday, her grandmother had put up a schedule of activities which she hated to do, like having to learn and cook a dish for breakfast. Putting up her photographic quest as an excuse, she got up early and set out for the woods. The horizon still hid a part of the sun. She crouched behind the trunk of the fallen tree, unsure whether the hare would show up at daybreak. A few moments later, a scurry in a tall grass patch to her right caught her attention, she knew that it was the hare. She readied the camera. The hare stood in the clearing, sniffing dew drops. The sunlit patch moved up unto her, as Marie watched, and when the sun rays gently shimmered on the hare, he dazzled for a moment, and then vanished. Marie gasped, but slowly her alarm turned into admiration and awe.

While still lost in thoughts about the magical events of yesterday, a quick rustling sound brought her back to the present. She quickly got to a squatting posture. The golden patch slowly moved up. And the hare vanished again, Marie never clicked.

Let secrets be! 

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299 words

Faery Taleish Pinterest Contest

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Tears For Heroes – #FlashFiction

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The whole town was in a frenzy, people made it up to the streets well before the scheduled time of arrival of the war heroes, some alive and some martyred. Some chose to wear dazzling bright colors, holding colorful balloons, trying to see the positive side of the homecoming. While some chose to wear only white, their faces painted alike, for they all had someone among their family go into the war. But time moved at snail’s pace for all. Eventually, the homecoming company arrived, colors hardly mattered, tears made their way out from everyone’s hearts. There be peace now.

~ ~ ~

100 word #FlashFiction. It’s called a ‘Drabble’.

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The Spider Jeopardy – #flashfiction


“How do you expect me to react idiot? How would you, if I did the same to you? With a bigger and more vicious looking spider!”, Tess barked at her younger sister after she woke up screaming to a hairy tickle caused by a palm-sized desert spider. She jumped back from her bed in panic and fell over the floor, hurting her head.

Only after this freaky moment did she notice her sister standing at the bedpost and more frustratingly, laughing at her.

“I wouldn’t freak out like you”, said Jane, still unable to control her laughter.

“Well, you are such a disgusting little prick”, Tess hissed and walked out of her room. This fun-intended prank by her sister has not only frightened her but also led to an even more awkward fall resulting in a smack on her head which left her dizzy which felt more like something-more-than-just-a-smack as her pain did not go away even after an hour. She has been walking in the veranda all that time, nauseated by visions of evil spiders and pangs of pain in her head. It was 6 in the morning and Tess knew this day was going to be long, as is the feeling left by any pain that goes off inside us, early in the day, and continues for too long.

After deciding that resting would help more than walk in loops like a bird which flew in circles, thanks to an unexpected bowl of gin that she drank from. This thought made her laugh out loud, but the pain it caused cut her short. She cursed under her breath and walked to the door. She closed the veranda door behind her and turned on the light in the hallway. To her goosebumpy surprise, a spider was lying on the floor ahead, though its hair color looked different. This got her temper to peaks that it seemed the red on her cheeks would spread to her blonde hair. She stomped the two feet that separate her from the spider and picked it up with her whole palm and stormed into her sister’s room, this time, she was so damn sure she would slap her.

Turning on the light in her sister’s bedroom, Tess pulled the blanket away and shook her sister who fell asleep when she was struggling with the post-‘pranks gone wrong’-bruises. Her sister sat up unwillingly, eyes still closed.

Tess said, “How many of these are still there in the home?”

“What are you talking Tess”, Jane said, yawning. She was now awake completely, thanks to her sister’s loud voice.

“That isn’t my spider, Tess”, she said, rubbing her eyes.

“What do you mean by it is not………”, Tess broke off as the spider in her palm moved.

“ I THOUGHT WOMEN ARE AFRAID OF SPIDERS. BUT YOU SEEM TO BE BRAVE “, the spider spoke, in a deep and weird voice.

The sisters looked at each other, then screamed like hell broke loose.



497 words // falls under flash fiction

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Drabble Diet ( 100 Word Frenzy ) – #1

Inaugural Week: (Probably, the reason for a long post. Please be patient and read. 🙂 )

I found the idea of #FlashFiction very very interesting and challenging. Having stumbled upon this form of writing a few weeks ago, I tried rummaging through the web for more contests and writer pools like Tuesday tales, which was where I wrote my first Flash Fiction piece.  And I did find a few, which i would list out in the next week’s post as i have to organize their urls, the hosts’/hostesses’ twitter handles. The thing is, there is no accepted word limit as to what qualifies to be a flash fiction. Flash Fiction is a very brief form of writing something, a story, a muse or a poem ( not that you do’t know, for new comers! ). But mostly, anything under 500 words might be readable, keeping in mind that people really come looking for ‘flash’ stuff. So, less than 500 is short enough. And usually, there is a prompt given out to the writers, so that their minds can solely concentrate on the skill of writing short, rather than having to deal with “what theme to choose” too. The prompt might be a single word, multiple words, phrases, metaphorical ideas, photographs, so on and so forth.

Drabble is a perfectly defined derivative of flash fiction. A Drabble is a very short piece of fiction, of exactly 100 words, not counting the ones in the title. I learnt this word only a few hours ago (from the time of publishing this post), on Pattinase’s Blog.

So here we are, at Drabble Diet.  I would give you a picture prompt and leave the rest to you. Let your marvelous worlds of imagination paint their existence in 100 words, portraying their ability to survive and thrive even at tricky times. 

You can post your entries in the comments section or alternatively post them on your blog/website and submit it to the InLinkz Tool below (Click the icon) ( Sorry, WordPress.com doesn’t allow javascript). You can find other entries too by clicking the InLinkz icon.

So, summing up the Rules :

1. The entry should be exactly 100 words, excluding the title.
2. Genre restriction : Anything allowed except Adult. Mild gore is acceptable. Poetry is very much WELCOME!
3. Entries can either be submitted to InLinkz (i.e. written on your blog/website) or can be posted in the comments section. Feel Free!
4. Add the picture prompt to the post, if you are writing the Drabble on your blog/website.
5. 3 entries is the limit for a single writer.
6. At the end of your entry, add your twitter username, mine is @sankarajayanth, so that we writers can interact with each other.
7. The contest runs for 1 week. Closes Exactly at 20:30 GMT on  11-6-2012.

Note : I would not pick any winners, I would urge you to read as many Drabbles by our fellow writers as possible and also try to comment on their work. It is every aspiring writer’s dream to be criticized. For criticism is in itself a form of praise. And more over, interacting with fellow writers motivates and urges us to up our efforts more in becoming a better writer.

Note : I am hosting something like this for the first time. So excuse me for any inconveniences you face. I would be very glad to get suggestions and help hosting this contest successfully.

This weeks picture prompt :

Cheers!! And Ahhoyy!!



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Nemesis – Fairy Tale #2

source : FaeryTaleish board @ Pinterest

~ ~ ~

there was once a fickle headed wizard,
who brew up potions that do things that people dared not speak of,
out in a forest, he made his home, his evil fortress.

the mighty bearer of the throne, King Vzrael himself feared the wizard,
with none to confront him, the wizard one day brewed a potion that created an army of evil soldiers,
he set out for the castle to take over the throne.

but none knew of the woman who prepared well for this day,
to confront and bring defeat upon the evil wizard,
to bring peace to the people of the kingdom of Amoera.

at the gates of the castle, the wizard confront the kingdom’s new defender,
“Woman, Submit! Kneel! Weakling! “, he shouted, ordering his army to march forward,

“FOOL!!”, the woman whispered, sweeping her hand at the marching evil soldiers,
the entire army froze, turned white like marble statues,
“FOOL!!”, loudly now.

“Who are you?! What did you do to my army?”, the wizard asked, fear creeping up inside,
he was already getting ready to unleash the evils from another potion bottle,
“FOOL!!”, she shouted again.

“I am Nemesis”, she declared.
“Goddess of retribution and vengeance”,
“Death or Repentance”, her menacing voice spoke his defeat, “Choose!”

~ ~ ~

word count : 220

Submitted at One Single Impression and Sunday Scribblings.