April Haiku Month, Day 20: Rosemary

a five year old girl . . .

cheeks, innocent rosemary pink,

gets raped by neighbor

~ ~ ~

A 5 year old girl was raped in Delhi, India. I don’t have the strength to talk about the incident or the details but if it troubles you, here it is: A brutal and barbarous rape of a 5 year old. But I’d try to make sense nevertheless for I am, as always, not at peace.

The place where it happened is generally not important, because the abuse, assault, exploitation takes the precedence and rightly so. But ‘Delhi’ is the capital. and India is now ‘so much into’ these things that the place of incident is important next only to the victims themselves.
We, I, keep talking about faith and love for a nation all the time, think about it a lot. These are times when it is shaken. Rememeber what I said a few days back about boston bombing? i wantedly did not complete my opinion there, because i couldn’t take it as I was considering what it all meant. But now I see I held back for no reason. It is not only the ‘groups’ who believe in an ideal which are treat to the whole mankind, its f***ing every man in his own damn way!

I talk about faith, trust and love all the time. And these things stand to be important for every citizen of a country. Well, right now, all of that is shaken. It has never been ‘constant’ I must admit. I just tell myself, ‘maybe tomorrow’. But no, maybe I’d die being a fool who kept believing in change that never came.

click it for a better view, the text on the cards is blurred at this resolution.

With what people did after Nirbhaya incident, the protests and the calls for DEATH of the criminals, we have been seeing such things with little or no change in numbers. And consider the fact that all actual incidents of women exploitation don’t come to light, not get the media attention. Consider the suffering that we cannot see, that we cannot relate to because those stories are don’t come up.

India has always been a nation with great prospects for itself. Maybe we will end up only at that much, and never see a nation which changed itself into a true haven for humans. Of course, the world is no safe haven either. But with what India boasts about, we are a let down to ourselves. We are our own demise.

I don’t want people telling me not to lose hope, because you are not in my head and have not seen the world with my f***ing eyes. You only care when things happen.
“People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy” – I quote Batman again. If we are going to need ‘examples’ to make us think in the right way, at the current rate of our progress, the number of examples needed for men to change is equal to the total no. of women in this country, the newborns included.


#IAmMalala – Have You Signed The Petition?

On 9 October 2012, Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen while she was returning home from school in the Swat region, Pakistan. But the brave little girl survived this outrageous monstrosity and is now on a path to complete recovery in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, United Kingdom.

Read through the below article to get an idea about what really happened and what really does the slogan, “I Am Malala”, mean.

Malala’s journey from near death to recovery – The Story (Source: CNN).

“We call on Pakistan to agree a plan to deliver education for every child. 
We call on all countries to outlaw discrimination against girls.
We call on international organizations to ensure the world’s 61 million out of school children are in education by the end of 2015.”

Sign the petition here : I AM MALALA.

And please spread the word. Use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to spread the word about this petition. Every child deserves to have a life that is in no way inferior to those that we lead today. And girls/women of all, deserve better.

Twitter trends that you should follow to see how the world is reacting and acting:


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And I am always angry, sad, restless about how women are treated in this world. And when this happened, I was caught off guard. I wanted to show my support.

~ ~ ~

And I found this wonderfully summarized image on the web about how you can contribute to the cause.

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And I request bloggers to use their global readership to the best of limits to get the message out, LOUD and firm.

I Am Malala.

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