Race of Life – Day 1, #NaPoWriMo2013

~ ~ ~

deep and dark,

oceans stretch far.

dewy and dreamy,

mist hides the fall.

hitching and hopping,

journey is long.

hearts and hardships,

melody for all.

lapses and leaps,

race of life.

~ ~ ~

This is my second poem for Day 01 of NaPoWriMo 2013. You can find all my posts during this month here.

Aren’t We Brothers, O’ World!

exams in hyderabad seem so trivial,
when hearts are dying in fear,
even before the missiles strike the ground near.

oh! those tiny feet, they know not why to run.
No! they know not to run at all.

oh! those child-bearing stomachs, mothers wish they don’t have to come out into this world of unjustifiable tears and terror.
No! they wish those nature’s children deserve better than a life in this world so brutal.

Oh! so extreme go thoughts,
even faith in god saves you not from rockets of murder,
for the belief in god(s) itself caused this irrational rage,
of wanting to show authority and dominance,
of races and of origins.No! The world wants its piece,
at all costs,
even if it is the blood of its brethren that they spill,
and make the earth drink.Oh! how rude! how mean!
We call ourselves the beings with the most advanced brains!
I will give you that!
But somewhere, we never really put enough research into heart.
The conscience.
A deep big sigh! from a voice that never spoke nor was ever heard when spoken.
and one that fears of going unheard, right to grave and hell beyond.
P.S: Wrote this during the recent Gaza strip unrest(more of a near-war like situation), but couldn’t continue to publish it on my blog because of exams. However, I did post it on Facebook. And I am glad that the peace talks are going on between the Hamas and Israel. This needs to stop. 21st century is no age to go to war, we are facing other serious humanitarian problems. Fights over region and religion will only bring the day down early and with a lot of gloom and pain.

This video was the difference between me heartbroken because of the war-like situation and the me heartbroken but desperate to express. This video footage was during the 2008-09 unrest in Gaza Strip.

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What else feels like ‘home’ but the real Home…

when so many hearts love you, where else do you go but home,
what else is home but the real home,
where else is home but the place where those loving hearts are,
what else is true and pure love but the one that is coming from those loving hearts at home,
where else do you find true and pure love but at the lovely home,
where else do you find true peace but in the arms of mother and on the shoulders of father, at home,
where else do you find enormous affection as such from a sister or brother, but at home.

‘Home’ – it is something that i would not live without – the word, the meaning, the people, everything about home is one of the few things and people that propel me in life and for good. And whatever others may think, i would continue to rub my feeling, about ‘home’, on them even if they don’t like it or even if i am no one to talk.

And this reminds me of this wonderful song from Westlife’s Back Home album – Home

home. 🙂