A Monkey At 1000ft From Ground (photograph)

The monkey was overseeing a vast expanse of hills and valleys in Shimla. The tree, on which you see the money, is actually a very tall one, some 500-1000 feet from the valley that it’s root bearing land shallows into. Amazing how fearless monkeys are, compared to their more evolved relatives. 

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Sacrificially Acceptable

The Distance Seems Unfair But......

The world is so small, it may seem,
But unless you see eye in eye,
You do not know how big it is,
And how far we are to each other.

It seems unfair,
Sacrificially acceptable.

If i am given assurance that you would have a happy, loved and cared life, which you indeed deserve,
I could…i think,
I just could bear it, all of it.