“No Religion”, is the true freedom (a sketch)

I sketched this a year ago. Forgot about it, but somehow this flashed in my mind just now and shared  shared it.  Click any image to open slideshow view.


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Diwali – Celebration of Good over Evil (Pictures)

Shortly, i will write about this festival ‘Diwali’ or ‘Deepaavali’ celebrated by Indians. This festival is a mark of a win of GOOD over EVIL few milliena back. The two people the whole world needs to know about are – Kausalya puthra(son) Rama Chandra and Janaka puthrika(daughter) Janaki Sita. I will do all i can to put these two pious and true souls’ true characters into words here in further posts, but presently – it is the diyas ( or lantern or lights) celebration.

Jai Shri Ram.

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But the thing to note is that i am an atheist which makes all my admiration towards these two souls, considered as GOD an GODDESS, even more intriguing. Quite rightly so, they are no God and Goddess for me but something more than that.