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Daily Prompt: From the Collection of the Artist

It’s the year 2113. A major museum is running an exhibition on life and culture as it was in 2013. You’re asked to write an introduction for the show’s brochure. What will it say? Photographers, artists, poets: show us RETROSPECTIVE.

I guess I’d rather ‘show it’. When I say ‘the world begged its doom’, it meant that our current ways lead us to doom. For example, read this post by Kenton Lewis, a fellow blogger. I was stunned reading at what he wrote, it was so true and I couldn’t translate my angst into such words that might help a few see the wrong in the present. Here, please read this: Agree Or Disagree, They Called It Art | The Jittery Goat.


That was fun doing it, I used Adobe Photoshop.

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April Haiku Month, Day 20: Rosemary

a five year old girl . . .

cheeks, innocent rosemary pink,

gets raped by neighbor

~ ~ ~

A 5 year old girl was raped in Delhi, India. I don’t have the strength to talk about the incident or the details but if it troubles you, here it is: A brutal and barbarous rape of a 5 year old. But I’d try to make sense nevertheless for I am, as always, not at peace.

The place where it happened is generally not important, because the abuse, assault, exploitation takes the precedence and rightly so. But ‘Delhi’ is the capital. and India is now ‘so much into’ these things that the place of incident is important next only to the victims themselves.
We, I, keep talking about faith and love for a nation all the time, think about it a lot. These are times when it is shaken. Rememeber what I said a few days back about boston bombing? i wantedly did not complete my opinion there, because i couldn’t take it as I was considering what it all meant. But now I see I held back for no reason. It is not only the ‘groups’ who believe in an ideal which are treat to the whole mankind, its f***ing every man in his own damn way!

I talk about faith, trust and love all the time. And these things stand to be important for every citizen of a country. Well, right now, all of that is shaken. It has never been ‘constant’ I must admit. I just tell myself, ‘maybe tomorrow’. But no, maybe I’d die being a fool who kept believing in change that never came.

click it for a better view, the text on the cards is blurred at this resolution.

With what people did after Nirbhaya incident, the protests and the calls for DEATH of the criminals, we have been seeing such things with little or no change in numbers. And consider the fact that all actual incidents of women exploitation don’t come to light, not get the media attention. Consider the suffering that we cannot see, that we cannot relate to because those stories are don’t come up.

India has always been a nation with great prospects for itself. Maybe we will end up only at that much, and never see a nation which changed itself into a true haven for humans. Of course, the world is no safe haven either. But with what India boasts about, we are a let down to ourselves. We are our own demise.

I don’t want people telling me not to lose hope, because you are not in my head and have not seen the world with my f***ing eyes. You only care when things happen.
“People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy” – I quote Batman again. If we are going to need ‘examples’ to make us think in the right way, at the current rate of our progress, the number of examples needed for men to change is equal to the total no. of women in this country, the newborns included.

April Haiku Month, Day 17: Owl #BostonMartyrs


no owl hoot needed

to wake me up, already sleepless.

Boston still on mind . . .

~ ~ ~

Terrible and tragic. Boston bombings are another reminder of the dangers humans, who form groups believing in an ideal, pose to themselves. Rest in peace, the martyrs. They were standing up to the oldest marathon in the world, one that survived WWI and WWII. Heartbreaking in the least. And half way across the globe, an earthquake devastates parts of Pakistan and Iran. Not a good day. Not a good day at all.

These are times when you have to tell others, and mutely to yourself, ‘it is going to be alright’ even though the logical part of your brain knows full well it can only get worse. If not for you, for the world in general. At times like these, I wish I had someone to talk to and cry my heart out. But when I think of all those who actually are the victims of such terrible attacks, I endure in silence for I know my pain is far less than what they are going through. I guess, sitting some hundreds and thousands of miles away, all you can do to support them to keep going is spend some time thinking about them. That indeed might transform into strength for them.

It is easy to get depressed in times like these, when the air is instilled with gloom caused by the absence of  lost ones. Yet, we must make the effort to not fall into the abyss that our mind tends to jump into. It is so hard and exhausting.

Take a few minutes and see these pictures of the Boston bombing:

And read this article about how people are trying to help the victims, it is endearing and so encouraging:

May this world end with a mighty blow from the space, for if things don’t change, the suffering would only increase and those who make others suffer would have nothing to stop at. And until that time, the good must take responsibility and stand against any evil that takes birth from among them. For no man shall find peace in a world that is terrorized by his very fellow men, no matter where the horror is.

I hope for the end of the world not because I am a coward, but because I believe in retribution. And in a world that is bound by laws which cannot hang a criminal who raped or killed a fellow human, but all along, one can simply take it into his hands to murder someone and get away, there is no hope for true justice and true retribution. Cowards are those who hurt others, those who wound others. Not those who seek peace, not those who stand against the evil.  Cowards are not those who are weak but those who are arrogantly strong.

~ ~ ~

April Haiku Month, Day 2: Butterfly

Image rights reserved to Peiling Lee

~ ~ ~

a pink lily grove . . .

butterflies dance in nectar

bees and birds join

~ ~ ~

a girl wanders lost . . .

butterflies whisper in ear

‘ssssh! come, dance with us’

~ ~ ~

a land of unknown . . .

they dance together past thorns

nature aides the lost

~ ~ ~

This post is submitted at Haiku Heights for Day 2 prompt – Butterfly. This post is also a part of my NaPoWriMo 2013 journey, my first. I am also trying to take up the A-to-Z Blogging challenge which requires bloggers to write a post everyday during all April. I will try to write separate posts for NaPoWriMo and A-to-Z Blogging Challenge IF possible. I sure want to.

I am going to share your everyday Haiku on my Facebook Page. Keep tabs on it too.

Thank you all for reading my haiku. I’ll be reading yours too, and I enjoy each one of your haiku. Your comments always help me improve and motivate myself to keep going.

Thank you and keep writing! 

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Grab Your Gold And Run To The 100th Floor

House At Dusk, 1935, Edward Hopper


that today we have to fight for food, shelter and clothing tells a lot,
about how we changed along with the material that is used for minting coins and currency.

that today we stand by a window of an apartment in some 100th floor and only look above the line of horizon but not below, tells a lot,
about the fear of falling to ground, and also about the fear of having to live along and among the people already on the ground,
that today we have to fight for food, shelter and clothing tells a lot.


The Magpie Tales

Genetic Mutation In Butterfly Species – Fukushima Disaster

I was going through a science news website and I read this article : Mutant Butterflies are Turning Up in Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Zone. Come back to my blog after reading that, I am only writing my views here and cast your vote in the poll at the end of this article. Its important that we know what we all think when we dealing with a social or environmental cause.

We have been taught in school that after discovering the radioactive material Radium, and winning the Nobel Prize for the discovery, Madam Curie died with aplastic anemia, a disease caused due to long exposure in a highly radioactive environment. It was in 1934 that she died and the extent to which science has penetrated into medicine was not enough to cure her or immediately understand the causes and symptoms. But times have changed and we all have read in our classes how dangerous nuclear and radioactive materials can be. We partly know this because many movies have villains who somehow get hold of nuclear weapons and threaten the world with destruction until some hero gets better of him and saves the world.

We need to be back to reality. After the Fukushima disaster, many countries called for a shutdown of their nuclear facilities and reactors. Many countries in deed have shut down a few of their reactors. Japan, which has some 50(51) reactors, has shut down all of them until recently when they re-started a few nuclear facilities due to the shortage in power generation. Japan has developed rapidly, technology is the very air there. Most of the power that is generated in Japan is through nuclear reactors and hence, it was inevitable that they reopened their reactors.

So anyway, the news that has come in lately about the mutations seen in butterfly species in the Fukushima area is a cause for concern, though it is said otherwise in the article i mentioned above.

You might say, “when even scientists say that it is nothing to worry about, you are just a normal kid and you say they are wrong?”.

One thing first, a permanent genetic change has taken place in some species of butterflies due to carelessness and ‘scientific’ exploitation by humans. We have forced a changed in nature and it is nothing anywhere near to how monkeys evolved into humans. And it is even more alarming to learn that 3 generations of these butterfly species are under mutation, with the mutation rate increasing with each generation. Since a buttefly’s lifecycle is very small, scientists were able to study the extent of mutation in 3 generations of those species.

And we are yet to see how the radiation exposure has effected other living beings(i never said,’humans’. because i am angry that we are putting at risk the future of other beings that we unanimously deemed as ‘lesser’ beings. we are doing it all wrong.)

They used the term ‘abnormalities’ and yet were saying, “nothing to be concerned about”. When you have a fever and you are burning, is it nothing to worry? is it not an abnormality? What does ‘concern’ mean? is it just this apprehensive, phobic nostalgia we get when one of our own gets sick, not other beings? That is mean.

These abnormalities/damages(as called in another report) are : Change in patterns on wings, Unusual shapes of antennas, Changes in eyes, Reduction in wing size.

Let us look at some images that were published in this report:

First-voltine collection and abnormalities.

Abnormalities in the adult samples collected in September 2011 and in their F1 offspring.

External and internal exposures.

I just wanted to let people know about the new development,many might have not come across it.

Please comment and react to this new development. What do you think of it? Is it nothing to worry about? Or MUST we be MORE careful from now on?

“Alexander, The Great” is a lie!

Some dear software installations force a shut down of the entire PC. Ah! Things like that happen in life too. Maybe thats the thing about life, we must be patient enough for something that we hope will happen. And if it doesn’t, we must be patient enough to restart it all.

P.S: But that’s without considering the ‘strength’. a PC has an uninterrupted damned power supply, where as us? after all, not all can restart. An please, Alexander the great showed his patience in conquering (through killing) which I have no respect for. So that’s not patience, that was lust. And the whole spider inspiration? a lie. a lie because a lesson of patience was related to a blood-bath by the historians, which i deeply regret and revolt against. There are other less violent lessons out there which teach us more about patience and perseverance. I did not mean to offend anyone’s believes and if I did, my apologies.

A Monkey At 1000ft From Ground (photograph)

The monkey was overseeing a vast expanse of hills and valleys in Shimla. The tree, on which you see the money, is actually a very tall one, some 500-1000 feet from the valley that it’s root bearing land shallows into. Amazing how fearless monkeys are, compared to their more evolved relatives. 

~ ~ ~

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~ ~ ~

Lab Rats And Other Stupidities That Humans Are Obsessed With

You don’t need to fight over me;

Bound and blind, I belong to you all nevertheless.

None claimed me to be theirs;

Until you had blood of brothers to spill and rivals to fight against.

You wielded shrill, ill-speaking swords;

Cunning shields next, to shamelessly defend the sins of your swords and minds.

Kingship meant a blessing, to look after a nation and her subjects, with love;

Before the meaning was changed to betrayal in royal standards, as love turned into lust.

Kingdoms rose and fell;

And you never learned through time,

From those billions of chests that were wounded beyond repair in warfare.

While other beings flourished, ‘harmony’ strongly set as their evolution bond;

You brought doom upon yourself;

No, Upon me!

Swords gave way to ammo;

So did simple cruel kings to massive dictators;

But then, none saw what was to happen to you and to me.

Evil Leaders rose, colourful flags rose;

Shaking hands in the fore, crossing fingers in the back;

I endured all without speaking a word.

And when things seemed to be unacceptably beyond the limits;

I gave you warning;

I had to, even if they were harsh, but you never learned.

The sands of time is not all about the bad you;

Yes, there were good men and women who spoke from heart my concerns;

But failed to stand the might of the evil people and the fools that they made out of people.

Science and Technology, you said;

Injecting fluids, which mercilessly murdered trillions of lab rats;

Advancement of medical science, you said. Traitors!

None spoke of love for me;

All you wanted was lustrous gold and regal marble graves;

But now;

When you see that I am about to crumble into oblivion;

Which surely means the end of you too;

You speak of love for nature.

Enough! don’t fight over me;

I have let the reigns of future to be in your hands for too long;

I take over now;

Even if you take me to be rude.

For, mother I am to you all;

I forgive you even today.


Be A Phoenix And Kick The Belief That Says ” It’s a Myth “…

NOTE : I recommend you to go to The Rising Phoenix first and then read this.

Sometimes, you have to lift yourself up from the ashes that you are reduced to. It is hard, no doubt, but even necessary. For if one dreads tomorrow and so cowers under dark today, it is nothing but offending the elemental meaning of life and existence.

The struggle is hard. And the struggle to stay sane and look at the troubles with wisdom is harder and to rise from those ashes is even harder ( # phoenix, yes ). But nevertheless, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, as the saying goes.

But who is holding the light?

Does it matter really?

Does it matter who holds the light at the end of the tunnel?

Like, you expect your love to be standing there at the end of the tunnel, holding the light and showing you the path.

But, are you ready to accept if, when you reach the end of the tunnel, find that it was not your love who was holding the light and guiding you but someone else or maybe something else. Say, some orphan who lost his path and who just arrived there and was wondering what was inside the tunnel. or maybe, it was an old, abandoned wagon which still had enough charge in the battery to light up its head lamp.

So, now, does it really matter?

‘should’ it really matter?

‘does’ allows everyone to put what they ‘feel’ is right. ‘should’ would ask you what ‘is’ right.

Should it really matter then?

Well, if you are trying to stay sane and morally stable – which is essential if your quest is for a complete knowing of yourself and of the world, spiritually or morally – then it shouldn’t.

It’s hard but it shouldn’t matter.

#BeAPhoenix #RiseFromTheAshes ( if you want to tweet, that is. )


I would recommend The Resplendent Life, my friend’s blog, if you are looking for some inspiration, believe me, you would get that. Make sure you are not lazy enough to miss words that really matter.


And I would recommend this blog , particularly this series (after reading it, you might as well go through the whole archives, driven by fascination) of posts called The Rising Phoenix, for someone who wants their questions ( put forth by life ) answered philosophically, spiritually, scientifically and morally. The answers are Beyond the Pear Tree
The series : The Rising Phoenix

And the other posts in that series can be accessed through the navigation panel on the left side of the blog.

‘War Horse’ – Movie Suggestion (call it a review if you want)



Watch War Horse Movie to discover the lives of horses, not just War horses though.

Movies which have less to do with humans and their complex social traits are indeed the ones that completely, genuinely, transparently express feelings like love, care, peace, sympathy, empathy and many such entities of a heart (human or not).


War Horse

Nature and Humans – Conquering Hidden Abysses #1

Look Beyond Abysses

To understand and learn what nature is, you need to be brave enough to look into, and beyond an abyss.

To understand and learn what humans are, you need to put aside your nepotistic and selfish feelings aside and look into them with utmost neutrality.

The treasure of the first quest is that “you would finally understand that nature is good. utter, pure, truly good.”

Gravely, the treasure of the second quest is that “you would finally understand that humans are good and also bad.” ( #now be careful )

Usually, people no longer find these “quests” important, sadly.
in the first quest, people fail because of the fear of death,
in the second, people fail because of the fear of losing happiness.
But don’t people know, that knowing the truth is more important than trying to be happy someway or another.

Nature is the most transparent living thing you have beside you, most often.
Nature and humans can be generally compared like :

Nature : beauty is hidden // dangerous abysses are just the face.
Humans : beauty is the face // treacherous abysses are hidden (inside).

Be careful.
Now whom do i tell this to?
To those who need to realize it, those whom I cannot afford to leave ignorant to many hidden truths.

Cycle Of Life, Wheel Of Time – We Live In

How could there be an end,
To the love of a mother and father,
To the love of a sister and brother,

How could there be an end,
To words that come from a true heart,
To deeds that never claim a selfish reward,

What goes away today, will come back tomorrow,
What is ours today, may not be, tomorrow,

Everything must come back to where it all started,
It may be that… we may cease to exist tomorrow to witness that,
It is all but the wheel of time,
And the cycle of life,
that we live in,

For all that it is,
How could there be an end,
To the love of a mother and father,
To the love of a sister and brother,

How could there be an end,
To words that come from a true heart,
To deeds that never claim a selfish reward.

Delayed Apocalypse – 21/12/2112

Okay. Here it is.

I just visited the future, to be accurate the 2112 year and i have bad news for humans.

Ahead there, when i was in the future, i turned my PC on and randomly Googled the word “peace”, hoping to see that famous sign and portfolios and bios of some top peace leaders like M.K. Gandhi, Martin L. King, Nelson Mandela to be brought to fore on the search list. I was wrong.

Google prompted – “did you mean ‘piece’ ?”

I was like, oh my!

So, i turned OFF my PC and hurried back to the present. To do what? Oh no, i do not know!

Maybe, i should first get a passport and get separate visas to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Tibet, China, North Korea,South Korea, Russia, USA, Israel, Palestine, Sudan and other countries and also set the dates for meeting all the Presidents and Prime Ministers to warn them. And later, i should return back home to India, i should warn the people here too, our nation is no smaller threat to that peace than all the above mentioned ones.

Oh! Father, would your bank bounty be enough? To save the world! Maybe we could ask for a loan or if nothing works, we should break into the Swiss bank, because we have to save the world. No,No..Not save it. Just warn it.

Here now, i proclaim this warning to Humans, as a messenger from the future :

“The 2012 apocalypse, due to technical snags, has been delayed to 2112, the date and month hold their places though.

You all know that – Corruption. Lust. Selfishness. Madness. Insanity and many such intolerable things are reasons for the depletion of peace.

So you have 100 years,
to resurrect these depleting levels of peace or at least, bribe Google to not remove the word “peace” from it’s search algorithm’s database at least until 2112( this is an epic damnation), you must start to prepare.. for the “DELAYED APOCALYPSE”.

You have been warned, humans.”

It’s frightening to think that google will prompt “did you mean PIECE?” when we search for “PEACE”!

Delayed Apocalypse

Note : “breaking into the Swiss bank” is the only fictional thing in this post. I m just making sure by attaching this note because i don’t want to be jailed before i proclaimed the message i brought from the future.