April Haiku Month, Day 3: Candle

birthday candles

a baby is born . . .

her gentle breath sweeps candles

signifies life ahead

~ ~ ~

light in darkness

a power outage . . .

she rushes to light a candle

summer blues in town

~ ~ ~

Goodbye candles

a soul is set free . . .

people light candles at grave

signifies life led

~ ~ ~

a planet kindled

a planet kindled . . .

there can be light without life,

not life without light

~ ~ ~

This post is submitted at Haiku Heights for Day 3 prompt – Candle. This post is also a part of my NaPoWriMo 2013 journey, my first. I am also trying to take up the A-to-Z Blogging challenge which requires bloggers to write a post everyday during all April. I will try to write separate posts for NaPoWriMo and A-to-Z Blogging Challenge IF possible. I sure want to.

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Thank you all for reading my haiku. I’ll be reading yours too, and I enjoy each one of your haiku. Your comments always help me improve and motivate myself to keep going.

Thank you and keep writing! 

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Be A Phoenix And Kick The Belief That Says ” It’s a Myth “…

NOTE : I recommend you to go to The Rising Phoenix first and then read this.

Sometimes, you have to lift yourself up from the ashes that you are reduced to. It is hard, no doubt, but even necessary. For if one dreads tomorrow and so cowers under dark today, it is nothing but offending the elemental meaning of life and existence.

The struggle is hard. And the struggle to stay sane and look at the troubles with wisdom is harder and to rise from those ashes is even harder ( # phoenix, yes ). But nevertheless, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, as the saying goes.

But who is holding the light?

Does it matter really?

Does it matter who holds the light at the end of the tunnel?

Like, you expect your love to be standing there at the end of the tunnel, holding the light and showing you the path.

But, are you ready to accept if, when you reach the end of the tunnel, find that it was not your love who was holding the light and guiding you but someone else or maybe something else. Say, some orphan who lost his path and who just arrived there and was wondering what was inside the tunnel. or maybe, it was an old, abandoned wagon which still had enough charge in the battery to light up its head lamp.

So, now, does it really matter?

‘should’ it really matter?

‘does’ allows everyone to put what they ‘feel’ is right. ‘should’ would ask you what ‘is’ right.

Should it really matter then?

Well, if you are trying to stay sane and morally stable – which is essential if your quest is for a complete knowing of yourself and of the world, spiritually or morally – then it shouldn’t.

It’s hard but it shouldn’t matter.

#BeAPhoenix #RiseFromTheAshes ( if you want to tweet, that is. )


I would recommend The Resplendent Life, my friend’s blog, if you are looking for some inspiration, believe me, you would get that. Make sure you are not lazy enough to miss words that really matter.


And I would recommend this blog , particularly this series (after reading it, you might as well go through the whole archives, driven by fascination) of posts called The Rising Phoenix, for someone who wants their questions ( put forth by life ) answered philosophically, spiritually, scientifically and morally. The answers are Beyond the Pear Tree
The series : The Rising Phoenix

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Nature and Humans – Conquering Hidden Abysses #1

Look Beyond Abysses

To understand and learn what nature is, you need to be brave enough to look into, and beyond an abyss.

To understand and learn what humans are, you need to put aside your nepotistic and selfish feelings aside and look into them with utmost neutrality.

The treasure of the first quest is that “you would finally understand that nature is good. utter, pure, truly good.”

Gravely, the treasure of the second quest is that “you would finally understand that humans are good and also bad.” ( #now be careful )

Usually, people no longer find these “quests” important, sadly.
in the first quest, people fail because of the fear of death,
in the second, people fail because of the fear of losing happiness.
But don’t people know, that knowing the truth is more important than trying to be happy someway or another.

Nature is the most transparent living thing you have beside you, most often.
Nature and humans can be generally compared like :

Nature : beauty is hidden // dangerous abysses are just the face.
Humans : beauty is the face // treacherous abysses are hidden (inside).

Be careful.
Now whom do i tell this to?
To those who need to realize it, those whom I cannot afford to leave ignorant to many hidden truths.

Diwali – Celebration of Good over Evil (Pictures)

Shortly, i will write about this festival ‘Diwali’ or ‘Deepaavali’ celebrated by Indians. This festival is a mark of a win of GOOD over EVIL few milliena back. The two people the whole world needs to know about are – Kausalya puthra(son) Rama Chandra and Janaka puthrika(daughter) Janaki Sita. I will do all i can to put these two pious and true souls’ true characters into words here in further posts, but presently – it is the diyas ( or lantern or lights) celebration.

Jai Shri Ram.

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But the thing to note is that i am an atheist which makes all my admiration towards these two souls, considered as GOD an GODDESS, even more intriguing. Quite rightly so, they are no God and Goddess for me but something more than that.

A Glared Photograph

Maybe I was impressed by the light, frisky blue-hued sky or maybe it was the ever happily beaming sun that impressed me. Or maybe it was both the light, frisky blue-hued sky (# on the background) and the ever happily beaming sun (# on the foreground) that caught my eye that moment. Whatever it was, I wanted to get a bottle of water and hold it against the never scant rays of the sun, with that wonderfully pleasing sky on the backdrop. I was immediately overtaken by some unknown pleasantness inside me. Surely, it was the right mix of colors that has caught me off-guard with that sudden feeling of calm and peace. Holding the bottle of water against the sun, the sun’s penetrating light rays were turned into imperturbable light glares, bouncing off the contours of the bottle that I held aloft. Funnily, a thought whistled into my head and asked me to compare this awesomeness to those which we see on television, the light glares which we see on diamonds and pearls shown in television advertisements. Of course the advertisers do the glare thing unnaturally and over pompously, but it sets a mark for us to question if humans have come that far as to beat nature in its own playground. And there was hardly any time between the question and the answer in my head.

Humans need a few million dollars worth diamonds and pearls besides a few million dollars worth technology to create these wonderful light glares, but nature has done it with the merest of resources – “a light, frisky blue-hued sky, a happily beaming sun and a bottle of water”- that I could put into one piece at that moment. Being glad with the conclusion that it was still the nature ahead of humans, I smiled inwardly looking at the pleasantness and serenity radiating from the photograph on the 3.5” LED display of the camera and rushed to my personal computer to look at the capture on a bigger display, partly hoping it would make me even calmer and more serene. And I did feel a pinch more calm that moment.

Elation comes when you find ‘light’ enough to enlighten your soul completely and keep it warm for the rest of its existence. Elation is a mundane thing but enlightenment is preternatural.

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