Fading Like Footprints

i don’t hear the rain fall any more,

i don’t hear your footsteps any more,

or the soulful and innocent laughter that resounded down the corridors we once walked,

nor do I anymore fall in love everyday, with the soul that those eyes are portal to,

for you are too far to look into eyes, and share with you my soul’s deepest emotions.

fate took hold of everything that I held dear,

erasing footprints of the past, one at a time, slow and painful,

seeing which my senses crumbled, my words crippled,

helpless and woeful, I sing the song of a mute.

caught between staying true to love and life(not giving up), and the mundane desperation to run away from pain, I see the world laugh at me as I tear myself apart.

all i have now is a boulder that i use to bang my head,

when what i desperately need is a shoulder to rest upon.


I Sing That Out, With A Single Shout…

you sing that out,
with a single shout,
you sissy wet brat!

you sing that out,
with a single shout,
you merlin’s jeans pant!

you sing that out,
with a single shout,
you holy feline cat!

you sing that out,
with a single shout,
you lurking cute rat!


you sing that out,
with a single shout,
you legendary dusted mat!

you sing that out,
with a single shout,
you vintage discolored hat!


i sing that out,
with a single shout,
i am singing young lad!

i sing that out,
with a single shout,
i don’t pay the VAT!


i sing that out,
with a single shout,
i am eager for a pat!

i sing that out,
with a single shout,
i would go hug my dad!



i feel like a little kid,
though i am not,
maybe on the insides, i still am,
when in company with kids,
and loved ones.

i sing that out,
with a single shout!

A Journey Backward…


there were days when i talked to fish,
three of them, friends i should call them,
two of them twins and another a younger one,
the twins – a male and a female,
the younger one – a male.

with memories of them,
still fresh,
never fading,
ever ringing the painful parts of the past,
also bringing bright parts of it along,
i start a journey backward.

and when i am lost in memories,
i belong not to present,
nor to future,
but to the past treasured.

die the body may,
shall not take away the soul,

die the heartbeats may,
never shall they take memories away.


A Crescendo of Silence…

walking in the midst of a buzzing crowd,
evading people’s stares and unbearable babbles all along the road,

head held low,
eyes down under the brow,

complexion like a deep abyss,
tears sparkling to the brim, without a drop amiss,

memories flicker,
in and out, the connection too strong to stagger,

unbearably living in two worlds simultaneously,
buzz of reality and seep of memories, ends in a wound cut slyly,

words reduced to a sob,
i dash around to find solace in the crowded world, a foolish psychological slob,

finding none eventually,
breaking into the extremes, i breach the vault of tears, hidden perpetually,

not anymore,

the vault is breached,
definitely, that would help me gain peace that no one has ever reached,

i lock myself in,
the ears find respite at last, true and livin’,

a crescendo of silence,
needs a dare from your heart,
and a breach of your innermost vaults of tears. ( under extreme emotional transgressions)

Wind, a Messenger…

when i hear something,
a whisper, far away,
elation seems friend
pain seems dent and distant.

the wind had flown well
right direction, right destination
carrying the whisper
heart knows how do decipher.

its been months, against
tides and tirades
the wind has flown well
right direction, right destination.

the whisper brushed through my ears
winds whistled across my face
eyes search around
for the source and petrify astound.

eyes realize
distance is too far to see
hope can reach far across the sea
where words turn stone and rock.

pleasantries are far from reach
a whisper is all it takes
to enter my heart
and cause a breach.

from lands far away
came this messenger, the wind
reaching and embracing me
suffusing the message into me, the whisper.

ears knew what it was
the whisper read
trembling and quivering
‘it is a blackout here’.

i collapse to ground
i am too far away
to reach in time
and help, a curse and a crime.

suddenly i flow
like a gusty wind
whirling around fallen leaves
the wind carries me, i realize.

distance is far to see
hope can reach far across the sea
wind has done it once,
it will be done again,
for i am the new whisper.

wind bellows in pain
traveling faster than ever
across the seas, where words turn stone and rock
carrying my whisper,
‘endure.have faith’.

Pencil, Eraser and A Memory

We live together.

pencil : i’m really sorry

eraser : aahhh.. Not again.!!!

pencil : i’m sorry ’cause you get hurt because of me. Whenever i make a mistake you’re always there to erase it. But as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself. You get smaller and smaller every time

eraser :  that’s true but i don’t really mind. i was made to do this, accept that. i was made to help you whenever you do something wrong and be happy myself. even though one of these days i know i’ll be gone and you have to replace me with a new one, i’m actually happy with my job. so please, stop worrying. i hate seeing you sad. Now smile. (:

eraser : in fact, i must be sorry that i erase your memories.

pencil : u do so to correct me and help me write and live a newer, fresher, happier memory.

Note : Image copyrights – © shawncampbell (Flickr)
Source : shawncampbell (flickr)