Christmas On The 26th

a shiny red present . . .
joy! the kid tears it open.
shouts in merriment.

~ ~ ~

a crumpled red wrapper . . .
the ragged kid picks up from bin.
christmas on twenty sixth.

~ ~ ~

‘Christmas on the 26th’ relates to the ragged kid picking up the crumpled wrapper from the trash the morning after Christmas.

~ ~ ~

Written for the prompt Gifts at Haiku Heights. Please find Haiku from other writers on that link.

~ ~ ~


Visiting Foreign Lands and Fairy Lands

Daily Prompt: Stranger in a Strange Land
What’s your favorite part about visiting a new place — the food? The architecture? The people watching?

The possibility of discovering things keeps me excited when visiting a new place. Living in an urban city, combined with the pressures of college, I’ve developed a repulsion towards vehicular travel, but that is starting to change and I am very glad about it. I have traveled more in the last 2 months than I did in all 4 years of my graduation. I have always given much thought about architecture whenever I go some place. There is something conjuring about the history of mankind when looking through the architectural manifestations of it. Although I have never been to the pyramids of Egypt, or any of the other 7 wonders of the world except the Taj Mahal, I am sure that everyone would stare in amazement if they were told that the pyramids were built in  2600 BC. Freaking awesome, right? Evolution always amazes me, although it has become worrisome lately. And there is always something adventurous in meeting, or even looking, at people of different cultures.

As much as I love going to new places, observing the new people and their ways, I am not so adventurous when it comes to food. I simply don’t risk it with the local cuisines everywhere I go. I’d be happy and smiling if the place offers something I eat regularly, I’d say thank you very much.

And yeah, the vehicular travel thing! The other form of travel I always preferred was the mind travel.  As I said, I traveled very less, physically, during my college days. But I partnered with my mind and soul to places I could never have traveled in real life. Although it sounds like a deluded personality trait, I’d have to tell you that I have grown very much as a person through those journeys. There is something in me that wants to have a higher level of understanding of the experiences in life, and imagination coupled with reasoning the reality is one of the biggest and most challenging things I’d ever take up.

Anyway, some people may find it stupid that I took this post towards philosophy, so I’m going to stop it there. Coming back to the ‘new places’ theme,  I’d be joining an IT firm soon and I am excited about the prospect of having to move to a new location for work. I have never been out of home during all of my education, and the explorer in me is pretty much raring to go out there with his camera, canvas and journal, recording experiences and growing from them.

Random places most of us dream to visit:

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Introverts, Extroverts and Queues

waiting in a queue . . .

ponders squeezing into the gap,

moves, loses his spot too.

~ ~ ~

How often have we not gone through this ‘fruit of impatience‘ thing in our lives. Be it at the supermarket we went to buy groceries from or for the theater performance of an artist we admire. We wait for a considerable amount of time in the queue and irritably decide that we have waited more than what we deserve and try to force our way through the queue. Although, many of us only manage to squander even the spot that we held until then. Nevertheless, there are also people who manage to get ahead in a queue like a snake slithering across a maze of rocks. These people usually are extroverts. The reason why I say they are extroverts is that when introverts(I am one) lose it in a queue, they prefer not to speak out and even not claim their original spot. They accept their stupidity and bad timing. Whereas extroverts, they who can speak to anyone, anywhere and about any shit, manage what we introverts cannot. And you know I am not just talking about queues here.

~ ~ ~

Linked to Haiku Heights for the prompt Squeeze.

Fly My Soul Like A Kite

of all symphonies reverberating in the yonder,
one magically hooked my soul and made me fly.

and as I soared,
a myriad of worlds unknown, flashed before my eyes,
each one looking so much like home,
I felt like seeking asylum in every such world,
regardless of what it had to offer,
sorrow or serendipity.

of all symphonies reverberating in the yonder,
one magically hooked my soul and made me fly.
my consciousness. my conscience.

~ ~ ~

lliterary works small

And They Were Laughing Insensitively

I was on my college bus today when I heard a loud thud. I turned my head and looked at a 18-year old thumping his feet on the floor of the bus. He seemed upset. And angry. And sad. And tortured.

Two guys in the front seat were facing that guy and saying, “it’s okay. don’t get angry. it was for fun”.

I didn’t understand what was happening. And then the guy next to him told, “Those two guys were mocking his stuttering voice”.

Seriously, that guy was in tears. He has a stuttering voice, for heaven knows god is kind(sarcasm? yes).

I let out a deep sigh.

It was one thing to tease people about stupid stuff that they did. And it is another thing to mock and tease someone who is specially-abled. That too mocking that very thing that makes them special? Sick, insensitive and (almost) soulless.

I was angry. I will not add an adjective to let you understand how angry I am at those guys, because there simply is no such word I know of that could quantify my anger.

And I stared at them. I was sitting in the adjacent section of seats on the left, they were laughing.

Laughing. How insensitive one must be to mock someone like that and yet not feel one bit of guilt or remorse, not even when their mockery made an 18 year old boy cry.

I was sad too. It made me sad to think of how people like them continue to trample people emotionally as if it was their daddys’ job to tease, mock they inherited.

I let out a deep sigh again.

I told myself that I wouldn’t let my anger show. That I wouldn’t let my anger make me go shout in their faces that they must reconsider their way of living before growing up in size and masculinity. I remember how I loathed the same two guys a few weeks back when I had to sit next to them on the bus. They were talking crap about women and sex, girlfriends and groping. For all you need to know about me, I am a feminist. Now think what I would have gone through hearing that stuff. I wanted to bang their faces on rock.

But I stayed put. I gulped down everything because no one(family) wants me to get into fights, more so when the enemy is bad. And I am hardly the violent type. I am skinny, tall and unpleasantly always angry, thanks to people like these two guys that I easily spot in every corner of the world I live-in daily. I don’t know what my well wishers assume when they draw lines before me, stopping me from raising my voice against the bad. What it does though is I have to deal with more anger than there already is, that I am not allowed to try to right the wrong. But yeah, I understand their concerns too but nevertheless, I think I must be free to tell someone that he is hurting the world and that he needs to stop.

Anyway, I let go off everything and got down the bus at my place. The fact that this guy who was teased stopped crying and let out an angry growl. That convinced me that he would stay strong through this little but unacceptable ordeal.

I was happy, but not at peace.

None at all.

Truth Is The Last Stone You Would Stumble Upon…

held under the sharp edge of an ax,
under the vast shade of the tree,

before giving me the final blow,
that would silence nothing but my mundane being,

the traitor welters with his move,
his conscience playing the folly,
compulsively pushing him into realization,

he stops.
he regrets.

this is the art of life,
as if it is magic,
you are given a chance,
at very odd times,
right when you are completely unprepared.

a chance,
for me, to live,
for him, to regret and mend.

But, why!

why has it to be stretched to that moment,
that moment when you are the weakest,
more weak than you have ever been all life,
emotionally that is.

can we ever explain it?
i think not,
i called it art.
life’s art.

and truth….


truth is the last stone one shall stumble upon.
it is the only thing in life that gives you a choice whether or not to stumble upon.
and the fall following it would be in no way as to what you expect.
for though you fell stumbling over many things, many times all life but never upon truth. not until the last moment that i speak of.

P.S : haven’t blogged for a long long time…… i couldn’t regularly keep up with the friends’ blogs either….. Hello everyone….

I Shall Endure – #1

eyes frenetically looking around,
hands sweating like honey plundered from a beehive,
mind racing through memories, as if each memory has a random chance of being the last one to be remembered,
breathing strenuously as if trying to take-in the last of the oxygen present in all of nature’s realms,
feet scuttling directionless, trembling,
tongue going rapidly dry as if it is a ball of flame that will never let live a stream of water,
heart sobbing, all energies spent shouting the truth which was only restricted to the prison it was thrown inside.

i shall endure.

If I Am Gifted, Then I Loathe Myself (Above only to God)…

a2-b2 = (a+b)(a-b),
if i can learn this formula with one glimpse of it,
when others take 100-1000 recitations to master it,

and if that is called being gifted,
then damn, i loathe myself,
and i loathe god for doing it to me,
to put me above others,
and to force us into living with it.

but i am proud of my choice. I defy god. If he could only see what i feel about all this, he would never dare to do something like this again.

P.S : This is just one of many such ‘gifted’ things, as they are called, which ruin lives than making them better. And i stand by it as hard as a rock against the sea’s constant threatening tides, just because the rock knows it has not chosen to be on the tide’s path. And if the tide thinks it was the rock’s choice to stand in it’s way, then the tide misunderstood the reality. Or should i say, God let the tide misunderstand the rock or to be exact, the reality. We are fools if we don’t see the truth. I am none who takes pleasure in being gifted. I counter question the simple ‘logic’ of being gifted. Who’s work it is? Who’s work it is to put lives of a few at the mercy of others, by birth that is. Just like this one?

These are questions one can understand only if he
1> is willing to spend time thinking of these ‘trivial’ matters
2> actually implements it
3> is willing to accept what ever truth that is waiting to be found
4> stands by the truth rather than wear a mask that would make his living safe and easy

As for the answers, well! God hid many things, We ourselves hid many things too. So, simply, its not easy.

i agree that pain,love,sadness and happiness are all equal proportions of life,
but damn the unfair proportions, right from birth. not for all though but for a good number and i choose to question the entire being of god for those few. be it people or animals or something else. God needs to answer me, for i talk of those who question him, for every unfair thing he created. I would do my bit to undo it, help the reality. But nevertheless, i won’t loosen the grip on his collar.

If this example was not clear enough, then i will clear the air with this arrow to your heart, Humans!

I am born with all limbs and senses working well,
Many in the world are not so lucky though,

what do u call it?

I am gifted?
Or they are cursed?

By choosing the first one, i did a favor to God. What the favor is? you ask?
You should understand,

being partial by gifting someone is a bit better than
being partial by cursing someone. (though both are a treason god made!)

and all this is naught but pure reality of time if there is no god at all.

I could easily say that it is the second thing, though that is what it really is. But i want people to know it. realize it. For that, i choose the first and thus i did god an unlikely favor. Protecting him from a mass rebuttal due to sudden realization. my choice would make things slow, realization slow. humans will start to ponder, rather than blindly believe just as they do now.

If some God believers felt offended, go tell it to god. ask it to yourself first, the second example i gave. After questioning the self, if pain doesn’t form a rock in your mouth, and if pain doesn’t form wound in your heart, and if pain doesn’t form lava in your stomach, then you are living a life that really is a not a life.