Aren’t We Brothers, O’ World!

exams in hyderabad seem so trivial,
when hearts are dying in fear,
even before the missiles strike the ground near.

oh! those tiny feet, they know not why to run.
No! they know not to run at all.

oh! those child-bearing stomachs, mothers wish they don’t have to come out into this world of unjustifiable tears and terror.
No! they wish those nature’s children deserve better than a life in this world so brutal.

Oh! so extreme go thoughts,
even faith in god saves you not from rockets of murder,
for the belief in god(s) itself caused this irrational rage,
of wanting to show authority and dominance,
of races and of origins.No! The world wants its piece,
at all costs,
even if it is the blood of its brethren that they spill,
and make the earth drink.Oh! how rude! how mean!
We call ourselves the beings with the most advanced brains!
I will give you that!
But somewhere, we never really put enough research into heart.
The conscience.
A deep big sigh! from a voice that never spoke nor was ever heard when spoken.
and one that fears of going unheard, right to grave and hell beyond.
P.S: Wrote this during the recent Gaza strip unrest(more of a near-war like situation), but couldn’t continue to publish it on my blog because of exams. However, I did post it on Facebook. And I am glad that the peace talks are going on between the Hamas and Israel. This needs to stop. 21st century is no age to go to war, we are facing other serious humanitarian problems. Fights over region and religion will only bring the day down early and with a lot of gloom and pain.

This video was the difference between me heartbroken because of the war-like situation and the me heartbroken but desperate to express. This video footage was during the 2008-09 unrest in Gaza Strip.

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To Get Close To Nature, You Just Need To…

To Get Close To Nature, You Just Need To…

To get close to nature,

You just need to breathe,

You just need to feel the air,

You just need to smell the earth,

You just need to embrace the warmth,

You just need to welcome the rain droplets,

And then, you just need to hold all of them together,

Like you would with your Love, Friend, Sister, Brother, Father and Mother,

Make the rain droplets your tears of grief and sympathy,

The warmth, your shield that can break any arrow,

The earth, your motivation to live and love,

The air, your teacher of truthfulness,

You just need to breathe yet,

Now where are you?

Close to nature.

Genetic Mutation In Butterfly Species – Fukushima Disaster

I was going through a science news website and I read this article : Mutant Butterflies are Turning Up in Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Zone. Come back to my blog after reading that, I am only writing my views here and cast your vote in the poll at the end of this article. Its important that we know what we all think when we dealing with a social or environmental cause.

We have been taught in school that after discovering the radioactive material Radium, and winning the Nobel Prize for the discovery, Madam Curie died with aplastic anemia, a disease caused due to long exposure in a highly radioactive environment. It was in 1934 that she died and the extent to which science has penetrated into medicine was not enough to cure her or immediately understand the causes and symptoms. But times have changed and we all have read in our classes how dangerous nuclear and radioactive materials can be. We partly know this because many movies have villains who somehow get hold of nuclear weapons and threaten the world with destruction until some hero gets better of him and saves the world.

We need to be back to reality. After the Fukushima disaster, many countries called for a shutdown of their nuclear facilities and reactors. Many countries in deed have shut down a few of their reactors. Japan, which has some 50(51) reactors, has shut down all of them until recently when they re-started a few nuclear facilities due to the shortage in power generation. Japan has developed rapidly, technology is the very air there. Most of the power that is generated in Japan is through nuclear reactors and hence, it was inevitable that they reopened their reactors.

So anyway, the news that has come in lately about the mutations seen in butterfly species in the Fukushima area is a cause for concern, though it is said otherwise in the article i mentioned above.

You might say, “when even scientists say that it is nothing to worry about, you are just a normal kid and you say they are wrong?”.

One thing first, a permanent genetic change has taken place in some species of butterflies due to carelessness and ‘scientific’ exploitation by humans. We have forced a changed in nature and it is nothing anywhere near to how monkeys evolved into humans. And it is even more alarming to learn that 3 generations of these butterfly species are under mutation, with the mutation rate increasing with each generation. Since a buttefly’s lifecycle is very small, scientists were able to study the extent of mutation in 3 generations of those species.

And we are yet to see how the radiation exposure has effected other living beings(i never said,’humans’. because i am angry that we are putting at risk the future of other beings that we unanimously deemed as ‘lesser’ beings. we are doing it all wrong.)

They used the term ‘abnormalities’ and yet were saying, “nothing to be concerned about”. When you have a fever and you are burning, is it nothing to worry? is it not an abnormality? What does ‘concern’ mean? is it just this apprehensive, phobic nostalgia we get when one of our own gets sick, not other beings? That is mean.

These abnormalities/damages(as called in another report) are : Change in patterns on wings, Unusual shapes of antennas, Changes in eyes, Reduction in wing size.

Let us look at some images that were published in this report:

First-voltine collection and abnormalities.

Abnormalities in the adult samples collected in September 2011 and in their F1 offspring.

External and internal exposures.

I just wanted to let people know about the new development,many might have not come across it.

Please comment and react to this new development. What do you think of it? Is it nothing to worry about? Or MUST we be MORE careful from now on?

Delayed Apocalypse – 21/12/2112

Okay. Here it is.

I just visited the future, to be accurate the 2112 year and i have bad news for humans.

Ahead there, when i was in the future, i turned my PC on and randomly Googled the word “peace”, hoping to see that famous sign and portfolios and bios of some top peace leaders like M.K. Gandhi, Martin L. King, Nelson Mandela to be brought to fore on the search list. I was wrong.

Google prompted – “did you mean ‘piece’ ?”

I was like, oh my!

So, i turned OFF my PC and hurried back to the present. To do what? Oh no, i do not know!

Maybe, i should first get a passport and get separate visas to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Tibet, China, North Korea,South Korea, Russia, USA, Israel, Palestine, Sudan and other countries and also set the dates for meeting all the Presidents and Prime Ministers to warn them. And later, i should return back home to India, i should warn the people here too, our nation is no smaller threat to that peace than all the above mentioned ones.

Oh! Father, would your bank bounty be enough? To save the world! Maybe we could ask for a loan or if nothing works, we should break into the Swiss bank, because we have to save the world. No,No..Not save it. Just warn it.

Here now, i proclaim this warning to Humans, as a messenger from the future :

“The 2012 apocalypse, due to technical snags, has been delayed to 2112, the date and month hold their places though.

You all know that – Corruption. Lust. Selfishness. Madness. Insanity and many such intolerable things are reasons for the depletion of peace.

So you have 100 years,
to resurrect these depleting levels of peace or at least, bribe Google to not remove the word “peace” from it’s search algorithm’s database at least until 2112( this is an epic damnation), you must start to prepare.. for the “DELAYED APOCALYPSE”.

You have been warned, humans.”

It’s frightening to think that google will prompt “did you mean PIECE?” when we search for “PEACE”!

Delayed Apocalypse

Note : “breaking into the Swiss bank” is the only fictional thing in this post. I m just making sure by attaching this note because i don’t want to be jailed before i proclaimed the message i brought from the future.