To Get Close To Nature, You Just Need To…

To Get Close To Nature, You Just Need To…

To get close to nature,

You just need to breathe,

You just need to feel the air,

You just need to smell the earth,

You just need to embrace the warmth,

You just need to welcome the rain droplets,

And then, you just need to hold all of them together,

Like you would with your Love, Friend, Sister, Brother, Father and Mother,

Make the rain droplets your tears of grief and sympathy,

The warmth, your shield that can break any arrow,

The earth, your motivation to live and love,

The air, your teacher of truthfulness,

You just need to breathe yet,

Now where are you?

Close to nature.


Have Not I Shown You The World – #2

with my words,
have not i shown you the world
that i raised by ploughing so hard,
that is available to none,
except for the one i choose,
and that is the only one,
who gets to live in there.

if you haven’t seen it,
come we’ll roam and know it,


here is the lake that promised to be pristine and serene for eternity,
that is what i told the lake when she asked how long you two would be together, for eternity,
reefs will form beautiful home for cute fish,
there won’t be predators in the lake, only friends,
and family as we shall be,
the lake, the fish and us.

the air, aah the air,
when you are sad, it will blow tenderly from the north,
bringing along the fragrance of the morning daisies of the meadow along,
lifting up the gloom around your subtle mind,
the air, it promised to change its strength and fragrance to heal you when need be,
the air, aah the air, it would let us live in a little peace.


words are not all,
trust me, these are real,
for only the one with the complete understanding of my love and me can see it.

with my words,
have not i shown you the world,
that i raised by ploughing so hard,
#hard on myself, tenderly on earth.

I Shall Endure – #1

eyes frenetically looking around,
hands sweating like honey plundered from a beehive,
mind racing through memories, as if each memory has a random chance of being the last one to be remembered,
breathing strenuously as if trying to take-in the last of the oxygen present in all of nature’s realms,
feet scuttling directionless, trembling,
tongue going rapidly dry as if it is a ball of flame that will never let live a stream of water,
heart sobbing, all energies spent shouting the truth which was only restricted to the prison it was thrown inside.

i shall endure.