“No Religion”, is the true freedom (a sketch)

I sketched this a year ago. Forgot about it, but somehow this flashed in my mind just now and shared  shared it.  Click any image to open slideshow view.


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A Struggling Painter

Submitted at Sunday Scribblings for the prompt “In the beginning” .

Story of a struggling painter.


canvas clean,
ideas struggle and stutter in the beginning,
painter’s heart beats slow, yet tiring,
color-dipped brush dries and dies,
the holding hand becomes wet with tire and disappointment,
meanwhile, time paints its ever-spinning wheel, to perfection,

painter pumps his heartbeat into the dying bristles of his brush,
they stay alive, only to come close to death again,
unless the painter solves the puzzle of idea-less-ness soon,
painter looks around for inspiration,
the sky makes it even tougher for him,
by changing colors like a chameleon,

canvas still clean,
he is yet to begin his painting,
he looses all hope, convinced that he is out of ideas,
packing his color bottles and brushes,
he looks around for one more time,
we wonder what kind of inspiration is he seeking,
that the nature is unable to produce.

a sudden roar, ear shattering screech,
a little drop of water falls on his still empty canvas,
what inspiration he found in it we know not,
he unpacks everything in a jiffy, he knew he had very less time,
opens the lids of red, green, blue bottles,
splashes the colors onto the canvas,
and he smiles,
then roars in exultation,
we wonder what evil got into him in these few minutes,
that he spoils his canvas and then shouts in merriment.

and then a torrent of gusty rain poured down.

he moves away from the canvas,
shouting in joy, spreading his hands wide and taking the rain right through his soul,
his joy was enormous,
he went and looked at his canvas now,
controlling his joy, he grinned,
returning home without a painting would have been a big disappointment for him,
and for many,
happy that he managed to pull it off,
he packs everything and goes home.

he sends the painting, along with a little note, to kids at the orphanage he grew at,
the note read,

”  A Painting for you all,
From Mother,
with love.    “


p.s: just like a follow-up for the above story, this picture was one of my posts a yesterday. In a way, it was my inspiration to write this story.


The Magpie Tales – Week 117


This week’s picture prompt in Magpie Tales



is the painter too from the middle-east,
like the three whom he painted.

or is it his admiration for the cultures of middle-east,
that made him paint this even though he belonged to a different part of the world.

if so, he must have heard, read and seen so much about the middle-east,
because one normally doesn’t know much about their own dining habits.

but wait, they are not dining.
i see the three can only be cooking,
because there are only two bowls for three people,
with one of it filled with to-be-stew water.

the fruits are surely excess to their hunger needs,
unless the table is hiding from us their giant hungry bellies. (:P)

while i said ‘he’ referring to the painter, i wonder if it is a he or she.
P. Gauguin reads the signature, looks like a name of a man.

wiki says he is a french artist,
most of his paintings depict people from Tahiti islands.

now i am excited, have i got the first part right?
the middle-east thing?

let’s see.

well, the position of these islands stumped me.
it is surely in the middle though.
between west and east. :O
lol…..so did i get it right? :O


As The Play Ends – Haiku #21



( ready for a lengthy haiku set and a very lengthy annotation after ? ) 🙂


As The Play Ends


play hath come to end,

curtains veil stage, sonorous,

the audience hail.

~ ~ ~

behind veil,

live artists,

true selves out,

~ ~ ~

damsel in distress

on the stage, happy woman

back stage, true selves out,

~ ~ ~

romeo, of juliet,

on the stage, womanizer

back stage, true selves out,

~ ~ ~

brave defender, the knight

on the stage, thug n’ lawbreaker

back stage, true selves out,

~ ~ ~

othello, doubts wife

on the stage, sees in her a goddess

back stage, true selves out,

~ ~ ~

hamlet, who kills many

on the stage, shipwreck savior

back stage, true selves out,

~ ~ ~

traitor of country

on stage, loyal citizen

back stage, true selves out,

~ ~ ~

teacher, wise giver

on the stage, yet a life’s student

back stage, true selves out,

~ ~ ~

all the world’s a stage,

was Shakespeare’s spell, true it is,

world’s a stage, we the players.

( first and the third lines are taken from Shakespeare’s All The World’s A Stage )

~ ~ ~

true selves out, back stage,

helps envisage, true insides,

all world’s indeed a stage.

~ ~ ~

this set is actually an adaptation from my own poem As The Play Ends that i have written a few months back.

~ ~ ~

surprisingly, i haven’t read any of the mentioned shakespeare’s novels, but i do know what they are about, and on it i mused.

“All the world’s a stage” is indeed a spell. The title itself propelled me to write this. I read his poem after writing it. 😀 Indeed, one magical spell.

~ ~ ~

my character adaptations :

Damsel In Distress : A young woman in distress ( damsel, a french word )

Romeo : the lover of Juliet, true love, Juliet his only love ( lead in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet )

Knight : the general meaning

Othello : husband of  Desdemona, he doubts his wife of having an affair with someone else ( lead in Shakespeare’s Othello )

Prince Hamlet : tries to avenge his fathers murder and sadly is reason for many deaths, even his mother’s and his wife’s ( lead in Shakespeare’s Hamlet )

Traitor : the general meaning

Teacher : the general meaning

~ ~ ~

brief theme : 

don’t judge actors by their on-screen charisma

be sane, you know what Sanjay Dutt Bhai has done ( 1993 Mumbai, kuch yaad aaya? )

you know what King khan ( #3 maybe) Salman Khan Bhai did, off-field, ( drunken driving, kuch yaad aaya? )

you know what the KING Yuvraj does off field, ( begone with his health concerns for one moment, he is a womanizer of sorts, kuch samajhra kyaa? )

FANS, no damn offense truly meant X-(


like them many, (many i know not)


you know what sachin does off-field (charity),

you know what Bill gates does, off his profession, (charity)

you know what Ratan Tata does, off his profession (charity)


like them so many, (many i know not)


charity is not the only thing i am pointing at, they are good humans, H.U.M.A.N.S

not just,




that is my philosophy, i see and judge people that way,

as humans, is how one should be evaluated.

don’t judge a person ‘only’ in his field or profession, in this particular haiku depiction :  ‘on a stage’

but off it too,

please. my urge.

i don’t like seeing sanjay dutt win in elections,

 for that matter, any other dumb unworthy fellow either, we are talking about – running a country or at least keeping it from crumbling.

i don’t like salman khan being welcomed with millions saying ” Daaaaaaaabannnngg!!”

( no damn offense truly meant X-( )

please! again this comes to “forgiving”. on such high notes?

well, ask your selves, your TRUE SELVES.

~ ~ ~

Suggestions and corrections are most welcome, I’m still learning Haiku. :)

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being ‘play’ .

~ ~ ~

Note : Image is copy righted to Lena Sotskova, a Russian classic artist. 🙂 I love this painting.

~ ~ ~

now you may talk about the the examples of actors i took, please i am not interested in fan’s rage.

because FANS, as they are named, might actually not use their mind and heart sometimes, when things matter.

but neutralists are all welcome to have their say 🙂

~ ~ ~

aaah, at last, the play does end. I am sorry for such a long, so called HAIKU entry. Truly Sorry.

~ ~ ~