The Illusion Of Ocean’s Calm

troubled mind lured by,
illusion of ocean’s calm,
peace, a tragic quest

This week’s prompt at Haiku Horizons is calm.

Sometimes, when my mind is troubled, I feel like running away into wilderness, away from the everyday things and people that make my heart race with anxiety and doubt, emptiness and anger. My mind wanders off into thoughts about how restless I am. How unsettled I am. How every time I long for peace, it feels like my mind is just trying to grasp some figments of imagination that never existed. Sometimes, while I think about wilderness and isolation, my mind often reaches into the memory for an image of a calm ocean. I can think why such an image comes to mind spontaneously, but it can’t be more deceptive. The ocean’s  calm is a great illusion. But maybe I am wrong! Whoever said ocean’s calm means a plain surface with no ripples. Maybe, once a man ventures into the ocean and has lived long enough in it, all the thundering storms and towering tides that rage the waters become the definition of calm. Peace is as simple as the smile that slowly grows, unwrinkling the frown on the face while sitting in a tranquil garden, the only sound coming is the music of the wind and dance of the leaves. But, sigh! Peace is also not as simple as that.


April Haiku Month, Day 25: Volcano

an active volcano . . .

anger redder than lava

my bewildered eyes

~ ~ ~

I have been writing haiku about the same thing for the past few days. This haiku shows the state I have been in for quite sometime now. #War. #WomenAbuse. #ChildAbuse. #Murder. #Rape. It is not that these are new, it is just that I fail each time I do or say something that increases my hope for a better tomorrow for everyone. Any news I see is taking a toll on me and I’m  having a hard time trying to not be lost in the pain. That is part of a reason why I have discontinued my AtoZ journey.

we owe women

I know a little Photoshop and I felt I would do something about trying to bring the change(starting with awareness) that we all are so looking for. It will be a long long time before we see any change towards good. Its not much, but I guess its something. If I can pull myself up from the heap I become into each day after going over what all happened, I would surely continue making campaign images related to #womenabuse. If you believe that some kind of change, no matter how small, can be made out of such a campaign like changing the mindset of people towards women, then please share this image on your social networks and blogs. Share it and say something about the atrocities against women. Because people got used to ‘shared’ images on Facebook  they see what others shared and they share and that it all. It is not generating the voices that we need to tackle the current problem.

Make you voice heard, lend your voice to your heart and cry out loud.

The most recent news I came across is that a newborn was sold on Facebook for Rs. 8 lakhs. Outrageous and heart-killing! I mean, with everything that is going on with the rape incidents, now this! What is INDIA doing? More importantly, WHAT ARE WE BECOMING? I won’t hide my sadness.

April Haiku Month, Day 17: Owl #BostonMartyrs


no owl hoot needed

to wake me up, already sleepless.

Boston still on mind . . .

~ ~ ~

Terrible and tragic. Boston bombings are another reminder of the dangers humans, who form groups believing in an ideal, pose to themselves. Rest in peace, the martyrs. They were standing up to the oldest marathon in the world, one that survived WWI and WWII. Heartbreaking in the least. And half way across the globe, an earthquake devastates parts of Pakistan and Iran. Not a good day. Not a good day at all.

These are times when you have to tell others, and mutely to yourself, ‘it is going to be alright’ even though the logical part of your brain knows full well it can only get worse. If not for you, for the world in general. At times like these, I wish I had someone to talk to and cry my heart out. But when I think of all those who actually are the victims of such terrible attacks, I endure in silence for I know my pain is far less than what they are going through. I guess, sitting some hundreds and thousands of miles away, all you can do to support them to keep going is spend some time thinking about them. That indeed might transform into strength for them.

It is easy to get depressed in times like these, when the air is instilled with gloom caused by the absence of  lost ones. Yet, we must make the effort to not fall into the abyss that our mind tends to jump into. It is so hard and exhausting.

Take a few minutes and see these pictures of the Boston bombing:

And read this article about how people are trying to help the victims, it is endearing and so encouraging:

May this world end with a mighty blow from the space, for if things don’t change, the suffering would only increase and those who make others suffer would have nothing to stop at. And until that time, the good must take responsibility and stand against any evil that takes birth from among them. For no man shall find peace in a world that is terrorized by his very fellow men, no matter where the horror is.

I hope for the end of the world not because I am a coward, but because I believe in retribution. And in a world that is bound by laws which cannot hang a criminal who raped or killed a fellow human, but all along, one can simply take it into his hands to murder someone and get away, there is no hope for true justice and true retribution. Cowards are those who hurt others, those who wound others. Not those who seek peace, not those who stand against the evil.  Cowards are not those who are weak but those who are arrogantly strong.

~ ~ ~

April Haiku Month, Day 4: Drone

(A small village during the time of war)

a drone tears the sky . . .

insecure souls hug and pray

their hearts, living graves

~ ~ ~

(And when the war ended)

a vast barren land . . .

neither winds blow nor seeds grow

breath and green earth raped

~ ~ ~

(And when hope was all but dead)

a century later . . .

new species of plant rises

dead hope springs back up

~ ~ ~

(Nature takes reigns)

a drone bee flies by . . .

signals queen – ‘work can begin’

life resurrected

~ ~ ~

(At war again)

a fortress land now . . .

colonized by humans again

a drone tears the sky

~ ~ ~

a vast barren land . . .

neither winds blow nor seeds grow

breath and green earth raped

~ ~ ~

constant war . . .

mockery of peace

and of life

~ ~ ~

Presently I am not in full strength, emotionally. And this prompt, in midst of my attempt at breaking the writer’s block, drained me of my energies. ‘War’, sigh! We live in a world of chaos. The only images I get to mind are those of the violence that happens everyday all across the world. Syria. Egypt. Israel. Palestine. Iran. Iraq. And these are cross border wars. And there are wars being fought with forces within one’s own nation. It all tires me to think. Drones remind me of war, death and the elusive peace.

This post is submitted at Haiku Heights for Day 4 prompt – Drone. This post is also a part of my NaPoWriMo 2013 journey, my first. I am also trying to take up the A-to-Z Blogging challenge which requires bloggers to write a post everyday during all April. I will try to write separate posts for NaPoWriMo and A-to-Z Blogging Challenge IF possible. I sure want to.

I am going to share your everyday Haiku on my Facebook Page. Keep tabs on it too.

Thank you all for reading my haiku. I’ll be reading yours too, and I enjoy each one of your haiku. Your comments always help me improve and motivate myself to keep going.

Thank you and keep writing! 

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And They Were Laughing Insensitively

I was on my college bus today when I heard a loud thud. I turned my head and looked at a 18-year old thumping his feet on the floor of the bus. He seemed upset. And angry. And sad. And tortured.

Two guys in the front seat were facing that guy and saying, “it’s okay. don’t get angry. it was for fun”.

I didn’t understand what was happening. And then the guy next to him told, “Those two guys were mocking his stuttering voice”.

Seriously, that guy was in tears. He has a stuttering voice, for heaven knows god is kind(sarcasm? yes).

I let out a deep sigh.

It was one thing to tease people about stupid stuff that they did. And it is another thing to mock and tease someone who is specially-abled. That too mocking that very thing that makes them special? Sick, insensitive and (almost) soulless.

I was angry. I will not add an adjective to let you understand how angry I am at those guys, because there simply is no such word I know of that could quantify my anger.

And I stared at them. I was sitting in the adjacent section of seats on the left, they were laughing.

Laughing. How insensitive one must be to mock someone like that and yet not feel one bit of guilt or remorse, not even when their mockery made an 18 year old boy cry.

I was sad too. It made me sad to think of how people like them continue to trample people emotionally as if it was their daddys’ job to tease, mock they inherited.

I let out a deep sigh again.

I told myself that I wouldn’t let my anger show. That I wouldn’t let my anger make me go shout in their faces that they must reconsider their way of living before growing up in size and masculinity. I remember how I loathed the same two guys a few weeks back when I had to sit next to them on the bus. They were talking crap about women and sex, girlfriends and groping. For all you need to know about me, I am a feminist. Now think what I would have gone through hearing that stuff. I wanted to bang their faces on rock.

But I stayed put. I gulped down everything because no one(family) wants me to get into fights, more so when the enemy is bad. And I am hardly the violent type. I am skinny, tall and unpleasantly always angry, thanks to people like these two guys that I easily spot in every corner of the world I live-in daily. I don’t know what my well wishers assume when they draw lines before me, stopping me from raising my voice against the bad. What it does though is I have to deal with more anger than there already is, that I am not allowed to try to right the wrong. But yeah, I understand their concerns too but nevertheless, I think I must be free to tell someone that he is hurting the world and that he needs to stop.

Anyway, I let go off everything and got down the bus at my place. The fact that this guy who was teased stopped crying and let out an angry growl. That convinced me that he would stay strong through this little but unacceptable ordeal.

I was happy, but not at peace.

None at all.

Harsh Emotions On I-Day

warning: these are only my feelings and my agonies and i don’t intend to offend or provoke anyone. 


August 15, 2012.

Indian Independence Day.

A flurry of my emotions I posted as status updates on Facebook.


are we independent? free?
are women ?

so then, are we hypocrites?


I used to be proud of saying “i’m proud to be an Indian”.
I want everyone to actually answer themselves, “regarding what, are they proud to be indian?”

I am proud of the rich traditions and cultures(which though are on decline) and history, yes. And only them, I guess. Surely, not with what is happening today. And yeah, sports! but there again, the sportsmen/women make me feel proud, but the crap inside the associations and boards behind each sport are disgusting(exaggeration? no. emotional? yes.)


When there is news regarding some actor or sportsmen, trolls come up on facebook and flood.

Independence day has been reduced to that. (exceptions, yes.)


You can’t stop a barking dog even on an Independence day.
Because it is loyal. If you think it is madness, yes, your own head and your own shots.


Its not like saying “happy independence day…65 years and we have a lot of problems today..and blah blah..blah”..

i mean, why don’t you give that sh*t all year man!

P.S: Exceptions considered.


What Mahatma Gandhi did for us was one extreme(the good end).
What we did to him was another extreme.(the bad end)

And yeah, stop wondering like, “why did he say ‘we’ in the second sentence. i’ve got nothing to do with his assassination”. wtf!

don’t tell me not to live in the past. crap!
and for heaven’s sake his assassin’s name is “Godse”. If that is by mere coincidence or not i don’t know. Bu

t we are the biggest hypocrites. we believe in god(s) but regardless of it, do all disgusting things. i mean, its all down to being human, indian or not. so crap!
If you think of doing or actually do something bad to a good person(don’t go like BIG everyday life), you are actually damning you own country, and for pete’s sake, the whole world.
Its not like I don’t have patriotism. Its like I yearn to think and, if i could, do more than just be proud of it.I am proud to be a part of the nature. i wouldn’t talk about India or the world. there are a lot of things that need to change, and a lot of us need to accept that we need to change. i mean, yeah. nobody is perfect and all. but too many imperfections and you want to get away by saying that quote? damn you!
Script writing is not a profession just in the movie industry.
ask politicians about them. they hire and fire them like hell, depending on whether the crowd throw confetti or chappals.
Back until WW II, world dominance meant physically, geographically invading other nations and freaking them out.But Today, it is just sitting back in a control room, looking at an AI screen and having the ‘comfort’ to invade(destroy) a nation(world) by just using a keyword(RED button, you know). So, things are going well for the world. And for India, we are surely progressing and our most lethal ballistic missile is Agni V, with a max. range of 5000km and with a capability of carrying a nuclear weapon(yeah, for the world’s damn peace this was revealed). So we are getting there. #ArmsRaceWithBurntArms
Thinking why so much negativity and all on one day and once?
nothing just adjusting to the world.. they wont hear so much unless there is an occasion for it.. so, i’m kind of doing it their way..but our blogging world is different and I am proud of it. Unlike social networks(a larger part of it).

So what’s encouraging is, we all know what we want.

So there, Happy Independence Day. We should start being responsible more often. There surely are many who do that, why not the rest?


Please feel free to comment and express anything, i’d only like to change if there is something wrong.

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Warrior Woman


Women today are exploited in every and all possible ways, which i very sad. I always said,

“We men don’t own women,
we, but owe them; and so much at that.”

They wash away all the stains from our clothes and god knows its true – and also stains from our hearts,
they do it with every reason to see us ‘unstained’.

if nothing changes and no one changes(god forbid me),
we might have to come down to this(the below poem) to see a completely free woman.
and that these happen in India, where people believe in goddesses,  hurts me so much

~ ~ ~

she looks back to scrutinize and estimates the damage she has done.
and so it ends.

as the world did not heed the woman’s warning,
a warning that broke out from the very bowels of womanhood,
women have endured so much, they still do,
none put up a giant fight to repel the evil around,
they yet tenderly kept the evil away from time to time, not to hurt the evil in return,
many not strong enough for even that, succumbed,
strong they are, weak the world makes them,
weak they become, the world plunders more and makes them weaker,
weaker they are, and the world doesn’t stop, it plunders more,

And i am one belonging to that very world,
lying low, eyes and mind synced and understanding the unfolding rave,
i wince and moan,
i loathe men, i am one, i loathe men,
i wince and moan,
heart slows down, asking for a closure,
nay, i cannot give up, eyes and mind synced, they understand the unfolding rave,

out of nowhere comes a ragged woman,
scarred from brow to boots,
no less a warrior,
armed or not i don’t care,
there she is, walking towards me,
i won’t stop her, if she wants to end it with me,
i’d only die proud and in this way,

women were never weak,
men were too weak and vile to accept it,
but they got their answer.

she stops and looks back to scrutinize and estimate the damage, all for good, she has done,
she walks on,

her name is HOPE.

~ ~ ~

a woman, a mother; is the strongest life-form that is(that exists).

~ ~ ~

This post has been written for The Surf Excel Matic #SoakNoMore Contest, IndiBlogger.

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~ ~ ~

Brothers In Arms – Haiku #6

the brothers of blood 

into brothers in arms, peace –

– deserted for piece.


meaning : (about the Indo-Pak divide)

we fought for independence together like brothers of blood, but turned against one another,

and all it took was one night before the independence,

peace forever left us there after, we still are in turmoil, just because a piece of land and pride became important.

sad 😦



This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being “deserted”.

Truth Is The Last Stone You Would Stumble Upon…

held under the sharp edge of an ax,
under the vast shade of the tree,

before giving me the final blow,
that would silence nothing but my mundane being,

the traitor welters with his move,
his conscience playing the folly,
compulsively pushing him into realization,

he stops.
he regrets.

this is the art of life,
as if it is magic,
you are given a chance,
at very odd times,
right when you are completely unprepared.

a chance,
for me, to live,
for him, to regret and mend.

But, why!

why has it to be stretched to that moment,
that moment when you are the weakest,
more weak than you have ever been all life,
emotionally that is.

can we ever explain it?
i think not,
i called it art.
life’s art.

and truth….


truth is the last stone one shall stumble upon.
it is the only thing in life that gives you a choice whether or not to stumble upon.
and the fall following it would be in no way as to what you expect.
for though you fell stumbling over many things, many times all life but never upon truth. not until the last moment that i speak of.

P.S : haven’t blogged for a long long time…… i couldn’t regularly keep up with the friends’ blogs either….. Hello everyone….

‘War Horse’ – Movie Suggestion (call it a review if you want)



Watch War Horse Movie to discover the lives of horses, not just War horses though.

Movies which have less to do with humans and their complex social traits are indeed the ones that completely, genuinely, transparently express feelings like love, care, peace, sympathy, empathy and many such entities of a heart (human or not).


War Horse

Delayed Apocalypse – 21/12/2112

Okay. Here it is.

I just visited the future, to be accurate the 2112 year and i have bad news for humans.

Ahead there, when i was in the future, i turned my PC on and randomly Googled the word “peace”, hoping to see that famous sign and portfolios and bios of some top peace leaders like M.K. Gandhi, Martin L. King, Nelson Mandela to be brought to fore on the search list. I was wrong.

Google prompted – “did you mean ‘piece’ ?”

I was like, oh my!

So, i turned OFF my PC and hurried back to the present. To do what? Oh no, i do not know!

Maybe, i should first get a passport and get separate visas to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Tibet, China, North Korea,South Korea, Russia, USA, Israel, Palestine, Sudan and other countries and also set the dates for meeting all the Presidents and Prime Ministers to warn them. And later, i should return back home to India, i should warn the people here too, our nation is no smaller threat to that peace than all the above mentioned ones.

Oh! Father, would your bank bounty be enough? To save the world! Maybe we could ask for a loan or if nothing works, we should break into the Swiss bank, because we have to save the world. No,No..Not save it. Just warn it.

Here now, i proclaim this warning to Humans, as a messenger from the future :

“The 2012 apocalypse, due to technical snags, has been delayed to 2112, the date and month hold their places though.

You all know that – Corruption. Lust. Selfishness. Madness. Insanity and many such intolerable things are reasons for the depletion of peace.

So you have 100 years,
to resurrect these depleting levels of peace or at least, bribe Google to not remove the word “peace” from it’s search algorithm’s database at least until 2112( this is an epic damnation), you must start to prepare.. for the “DELAYED APOCALYPSE”.

You have been warned, humans.”

It’s frightening to think that google will prompt “did you mean PIECE?” when we search for “PEACE”!

Delayed Apocalypse

Note : “breaking into the Swiss bank” is the only fictional thing in this post. I m just making sure by attaching this note because i don’t want to be jailed before i proclaimed the message i brought from the future.

Have Not I Shown You The World – #2

with my words,
have not i shown you the world
that i raised by ploughing so hard,
that is available to none,
except for the one i choose,
and that is the only one,
who gets to live in there.

if you haven’t seen it,
come we’ll roam and know it,


here is the lake that promised to be pristine and serene for eternity,
that is what i told the lake when she asked how long you two would be together, for eternity,
reefs will form beautiful home for cute fish,
there won’t be predators in the lake, only friends,
and family as we shall be,
the lake, the fish and us.

the air, aah the air,
when you are sad, it will blow tenderly from the north,
bringing along the fragrance of the morning daisies of the meadow along,
lifting up the gloom around your subtle mind,
the air, it promised to change its strength and fragrance to heal you when need be,
the air, aah the air, it would let us live in a little peace.


words are not all,
trust me, these are real,
for only the one with the complete understanding of my love and me can see it.

with my words,
have not i shown you the world,
that i raised by ploughing so hard,
#hard on myself, tenderly on earth.