I, the world’s….

i speaketh the world’s wailing truths,
i thinketh the world’s full of stark scarring realities,

i revolt the world’s ravenous lusts,
i jolt upright the world’s sleeping brutes,

i carry a message for the world’s worst habitants,
i parry the force that tries to usurp me by merging me into the world’s insane evolution,

i wield good around people who deserve it, warding off the world’s bloody hands,
i yield what i ought to, i sow what i ought to, at least i try finding truth among the world’s masked face,

i hear what i think i have to, though the world is all mouth for crap,
i bear what i have to, if it is an insult i should bear and if it would help change the world’s continuous counter-blaming, i would,

i rise when i see the world rising higher, its not pride but fear, that this evil world will overpower the little tender good, i should reign even if i am mistaken to be a dictator,
i surmise, when time comes, i leave with naught but the pure harvest of the crops i grew, peace be the world’s and my family’s.

Invisible destinations

eyes see eyes,
shy away twice,
peaceful smile, suffice,
eyes see eyes.

tender heart’s edifice,
sheltering me for life,
leaving me in debt,
tender heart’s edifice.

nature turns the boss,
walk along the grass,
raining you happiness,
nature turns the boss.

shout with joy,
no one will destroy,
am there, the Sepoy,
shout with joy.

mind kept calm,
the flower in palm,
will radiate peace,
mind kept calm.

will walk away, silent,
the wish is resilient
bubble smiles forever
will walk away, silent.

@ 120kmph

Sitting on the porch, an extrusion into the air at some 30 feet from the ground, i look at all the rain-wet plants around, some fully blossomed and some still a blush away from it. The greenery around definitely is conjuring its soothing aura, i drew up the canopy after i sensed the bleak aroma created by the mixture of the first rain drop and the soil – “let the plants drench in rain, it is the only natural thing, after sunlight,that i can offer them, after all i keep them all for myself”, i thought . I dropped back onto the chair that i drew up from the bedroom.


I slowly slipped into a reverie. of calm ? no, i fear not. Usually, under such soothing pleasantness around me, there can hardly be any issue that can overpower it but now, it was different somehow, I do not know why. I thought, if i close my eyes maybe this feeling of apprehension will melt down. I closed my eyes and in a flash of a second i thundered open them, gasping for air.


What was up with me now ? I always experienced this state of apprehensiveness, very frequently but never in such pleasant and serene atmosphere. No, i tried to convince myself it was just an off-the-track-mind that caused it, just stay cool. I looked around at my tender garden, as slow as i could, just for the selfishness that all that pleasant aura would get inside me and soothe me and get me out of this rippled state. I felt a bit calm soon, I smiled. Well, i need not go to a medic for every little issue with my body. I felt tranquil enough to forget the strange experience and once again closed my eyes.


This time, I jerked into a standing posture right away, eyes wide open. This is not good, i tried to calm myself just as i did a few moments ago. It din’t work this time, maybe my mind was too aware and too perceptive of what was happening inside me. I looked at my feet and the surface beneath them, and saw that i was on ground, standing on my two legs and not moving at all, not even at 1 millimeter/hour. But i am not convinced of it somehow, the fresh experience left me unsettled. I then reasoned myself, just a try at calming myself down, that just when i closed my eyes i felt something drag me into, into something like an abyss at some god-calculate-what speed. Now i understood what it was, it was a deep pain inside my heart. I was standing, on solid ground at zero speed and yet i felt as if i was being dragged into an abyss, that too at a breakneck speed, which is not quite possible and which suggests it was something else, something else inside me that was being dragged.


A routine, just more intense i guess. I closed my eyes, with all the feeling of apprehension gone for i knew what caused this and what i was feeling. It was pain and it was an experience i very well am pals with. I bid a temporary goodbye to my little garden, for i do not know when i would climb out of the abyss that i am going to be dragged into, but nevertheless it was just a temporary goodbye, for i have hope.

Eyes closed, the feeling resumed. 
@ 120kmph, not god-calculate-what speed definitely because he din’t come up to me and do the math, so i put on some random number.