Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

The golden hour is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day. Every week, The Daily Post hosts a Photography Challenge with a theme which the bloggers need to interpret, take photographs and post them on WordPress. This is the first time I’m participating in Daily Post’s weekly photography challenge. Hope some of you photography enthusiasts would join too. The more, the merrier!

I don’t have a DSLR to capture stunning images. Actually, I don’t need one. A 12.0 MP point and shoot camera with some Adobe Photoshop skills can do equally amazing stuff, although some might say such photographs are unoriginal. But poor us, we can’t afford DSLRs!

Empty Tables In The Morning
Melt Me With The Snow


Journey Into The Dusk
Journey Into The Dusk
Sunlight: “A sign board ain’t gonna stop me!”
Filtering through flaws!

Let me park my car in the sky.




Blood Stained Nature…

Every start has an end // Every journey has a destination // Every heart has a last beat

Earth took birth aeons and aeons ago and stop guessing about ‘ when Nature took birth ? ’ because, that number would definitely not fit into the 1,00,000 TB (# approx., but something of that size anyway) of available memory in the world. So long it has been since it all started.

After Earth was formed, it took some millions of years for the newly formed young Earth to cool down the temperatures and form a camouflage around itself, the atmosphere. It took a few million years more for the still young Earth to start giving birth to life, probably an alien term then. Well, Earth was kind and warm for the new born and so Earth became Mother Earth as early as in the [2 x a few million]th  year that we are talking about (#do the math please). Even young Mother Earth was new to motherhood, so she struggled to keep her kids alive and in harmony. It was a long, desperate struggle which she dealt with patience and perseverance. It was another million years before she could get settled
into motherhood and looked after all her diverse children with equal spread of peace and love. During this period of [3 x a few million] years, all her children have been microbes, bacteria, amoeba, viruses, moths, fish, insects and a few other species of little creatures, intelligent ones of that time. Well, Mother Earth was very fond of them and she allowed this small community of species to spread over all the vast land that she possessed. The existent species fell into work very soon, their indigenous brains sought out new directions for mass civilization of their species and it took a good deal of a few million years for them to be satisfied with their work : a world of 10 billion diverse living species. Wow, that was some achievement! Now, after [4 x a few million] years, Mother Earth has blossomed into a fortress for living creatures. She took pride in stating the same, head held high. There were fish, a few million species of them alone, which have started the evolution of life on Mother Earth. Gold fish, may fish, shark, whale, dolphin, clown fish, tuna fish, cat fish; all these part of a rich aqua life which was the core of evolution of living beings. And there are these big foot species: elephants, mammoths, dinosaurs, rhinos, hippos and many more such lovable, palpable sons and daughters of Mother Earth of which dinosaurs were dominant. The dinosaurs themselves had a few thousands of species, few of them herbivores, few carnivores and few omnivores. Of the predator species, the most vicious species were Raptors which were the most ruthless among the whole of dinosaur species. But one notable sign of dinosaurs was that each dinosaur is a good parent! No matter how savage a dinosaur was to its prey, it was also most affable to its kids. Be it a grass eating, 25-foot tall dinosaur or a savage flesh eating dinosaur, they knew their duties well : One was the need for survival and the other was the need for revival. // Survival of self and  revival of race. // They hunt or kill for their own survival but look after their bearings with love, to revive and flourish their race. Thus passed a few more million years with this world starting to be a singular spectacle of harmony in diversity when suddenly, it was the rise of apes.

Even in the time of dinosaurs, there were many other species of living beings apart from them. One of which is the ape or monkey race. They were the most intelligible bearing of Mother Earth. You might ask a dinosaur, “Hey dude, how are you doing?” and die next moment for the rudely taken gesture. But ask a monkey the same question and you would be shell shocked seeing it scratch its head in reply. Now, that was better than the dinosaur’s answer right? So, these apes were really intelligent and over a period of time, it was beyond doubt that they were the most ‘brainy’ species that ever lived on Mother Earth. And i cannot comprehend what Mother Earth thought of apes, ( # “i feel she felt a more partial love towards her ape-children” ) but she started a whole new evolution in this single species. Till this [5 x a few million]th year, evolution was a process that belonged to the whole world, to that of the complete 10 billion species but now a second evolution, only of apes, has begun. It was the rise of apes indeed. The most intelligent community that lived on Mother Earth started to evolve into a more complex community, and undoubtedly into a more intelligent one. Thus came the age of humans and also the end of dinosaurs. Sadly, only after a few million years after the apes were starting to evolve into some more meaningful beings, a beautiful but destructive celestial(asteroid) collision struck Mother Earth a blow which robbed her of many of her children species of which the notable one is  the most physically dominant species that ever lived on Earth till then – Dinosaurs. A very grateful prospect it was for these newly evolved apes who no longer preferred to be called thus but humans.

Humans, though most intelligible species, were under-dominant in terms of physical prowess compared to their inferiors (‘inferiors’ i use because the humans have already started their over-dominant, reckless nature ). Civilization of human races took a few million years more and it was a few million years more before all civilizations approached a crossroad where they could no longer find an uncivilized patch of land to conquer. Here starts the Apocalypse. It was human nature to seek power, to stand high among everyone, to conquer the lands. It was just humane for them, but they never knew what they were kicking at. It was the Greek-Roman-Mogul-British all over the history of wars and kingdoms. There was fight for land, fight for peace, fight for women, fight for fun and even fight just for the sake of murder. Such was the build of ideologies of people of that time.

Enough of scientific and geographical description of Mother Earth! What i wanted to say here was something about this ‘doom’s day’ mania. But to talk about it, i wanted to give the readers a little over-the-surface  brush-up of the little past of Our Mother Earth.

The people today(come back to present time, i have let you wander enough in this brief past of 5-6 million years to make you fall in love with it, wake up!) run their so very busy lives in a way that can come to a winding halt right away with a single mass hysteria/propaganda. Let me tell you, there are real instances when people really believe that the world is going to end and so end their own lives feeling that they cannot see the world’s end. I am so very sorry and ashamed for their irrational behaviours. There are prophecies being made about the end of the world, calling it Apocalypse. And most of these prophecies revolve round the Mayan-theory and the date 21st December, 2012. And the human brain always  actively percepts dangers, deep emotions, intense hatred, terrific fears due to which most of the humans who don’t  control their brains properly fall into this mass hysteria.

But my point is not that. I TOTALLY BELIEVE THAT THERE IS A DOOM TO EARTH IN FUTURE and i deny to put a date to it myself or accept any suggested by others. My point here on the Armageddon is the doom we humans bring unto ourselves. Yes, HUMANS ARE THE DOOM THAT MOTHER EARTH IS THREATENED WITH. We have become such intolerable living beings, i fear that one day MOTHER EARTH’s heart will burst out with grief about her MEAN, SPOILED CHILD –> US !!!

That is the real Doom’s day, the day when we break our Mother Earth’s heart completely.

And thus my illustration.                                                                                       S Jayanth.    

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