Introvert In A Concert

Page was caught lying in the garden one fine morning. Now, Page was not a waste paper or a paper torn from some book. He was a 14 year old boy named Michael Page. And when I say he was caught lying in the garden, I don’t mean lying as in ‘he was rolling on the grass’. He was on his phone, talking to someone and apparently, lying about something.

“I really am sick. I have a running nose, fever and moreover I am feeling weak. I really can’t make it….. Yes, thanks for understanding.”

He ended the call and turned to go back inside. Only, he found himself staring at his father who had come out of the house while he was on the call.

“Why were you lying about being sick, Michael? And was it Andrea on the phone?”

“Errr. Yes.”

“Okay, but why were you lying about being sick?”

“She called to ask me if I could tag along with a few friends to some concert she bought tickets for.”

“Well, that sounds like a good idea. Common, Michael. It is a weekend, go out with your friends and have some fun.”

“Hehe! Dad, you know me. You know how I feel about going out with friends. I can handle it if it is just 4 or 5 of us. But any group bigger than that, it makes me anxious, nervous and irritable. I don’t enjoy such gatherings. It has also something to do with the shit people talk when they get together. Utter non-sense and unimportant shit!”Read More »


Jump First, If You Want To Fly – Haiku #51


i swing between writing 4-5 posts a day and writing nothing at all for a month. Quite extreme, i see.
and when it comes to haiku, i can hardly stop at writing only one for a prompt.

~ ~ ~

i jumped high with joy,

air was too pure, and too true,

i let my soul fly.

~ ~ ~

Submitted at Haiku Heights for this week’s prompt – Soul.

~ ~ ~

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The Magpie Tales – Week 117


This week’s picture prompt in Magpie Tales



is the painter too from the middle-east,
like the three whom he painted.

or is it his admiration for the cultures of middle-east,
that made him paint this even though he belonged to a different part of the world.

if so, he must have heard, read and seen so much about the middle-east,
because one normally doesn’t know much about their own dining habits.

but wait, they are not dining.
i see the three can only be cooking,
because there are only two bowls for three people,
with one of it filled with to-be-stew water.

the fruits are surely excess to their hunger needs,
unless the table is hiding from us their giant hungry bellies. (:P)

while i said ‘he’ referring to the painter, i wonder if it is a he or she.
P. Gauguin reads the signature, looks like a name of a man.

wiki says he is a french artist,
most of his paintings depict people from Tahiti islands.

now i am excited, have i got the first part right?
the middle-east thing?

let’s see.

well, the position of these islands stumped me.
it is surely in the middle though.
between west and east. :O
lol… did i get it right? :O