Together Into Unknown Waters

we found shelter
under the same canopy
rain, start of something

Together into unknown waters

~ ~ ~

Writing a haiku after almost two months. This time, I stumbled upon Haiku event at Write Tribe. I never knew haiku ‘had’ to have a reference to seasons, or technically, the presence of a ‘kigo‘. Kigo is a word or phrase associated with a particular season.  Those visiting from my entry at Write Tribe, if you love haiku, here is another Haiku portal for poets: Haiku Heights hosted by Leo. It is a lot of fun there too, and every April and November, we have a month long haiku challenge! Its good to be haiku-ing, writing and blogging again! Please do drop by and share your thoughts about the haiku.

~ ~ ~

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To Get Close To Nature, You Just Need To…

To Get Close To Nature, You Just Need To…

To get close to nature,

You just need to breathe,

You just need to feel the air,

You just need to smell the earth,

You just need to embrace the warmth,

You just need to welcome the rain droplets,

And then, you just need to hold all of them together,

Like you would with your Love, Friend, Sister, Brother, Father and Mother,

Make the rain droplets your tears of grief and sympathy,

The warmth, your shield that can break any arrow,

The earth, your motivation to live and love,

The air, your teacher of truthfulness,

You just need to breathe yet,

Now where are you?

Close to nature.

As Raindrops Become Fewer ( Photography, Poetry )

As Raindrops Become Fewer

As raindrops become fewer,
Mind gets tired easily, more often,
Hope puts a hand on the shoulder,
Diverting the pain by walking along, steps one to ten,

As time goes into its routine,
Feet pull-off what once was a dreaded dream,
A walk in the desert, once a fortress for flora – a landscape so very pristine,
As raindrops become fewer.

When things are harsh,
You need to have hope, yet close your eyes to the reality,
Because, reality might pound your hope into dust.

When things are harsh,
You need to have hope, yet keep open your eyes to reality,
Because, reality might fuel your hope into an endless and tireless trance of reasonable expectation..

its not a big word among one’s vocabulary,
but it is a big part of one’s choice for survival.

A Sonnet from the Nature’s Bonnet

the aeonian river grows still,

as if expecting the fish she bears home for, will playfully weave the missing splashy waves,

the deer that came for a gulp could sense the river’s chill,

she smiles and winks at the fragile river, the lion that chased her was back to its caves.


the archaean trees sway the leaves with a majestic skill,

as if to make the birds and animals around shew their accolades for the conjured octaves.

the seer mage came in search of an abode of peace, this is the place says his psychic will,

sitting back for a never ending penance, his life wields into a moral for knaves.


the stellarian sky inked blue with an invisible quill,

as if it is reading out a sonnet written about the forest’s spices and cloves.

the birds flutter high into the sky from yonder, echoing the monotonous trill,

they chirrup in unison to turn all the acrid memories into peaceful laves.

@ 120kmph

Sitting on the porch, an extrusion into the air at some 30 feet from the ground, i look at all the rain-wet plants around, some fully blossomed and some still a blush away from it. The greenery around definitely is conjuring its soothing aura, i drew up the canopy after i sensed the bleak aroma created by the mixture of the first rain drop and the soil – “let the plants drench in rain, it is the only natural thing, after sunlight,that i can offer them, after all i keep them all for myself”, i thought . I dropped back onto the chair that i drew up from the bedroom.


I slowly slipped into a reverie. of calm ? no, i fear not. Usually, under such soothing pleasantness around me, there can hardly be any issue that can overpower it but now, it was different somehow, I do not know why. I thought, if i close my eyes maybe this feeling of apprehension will melt down. I closed my eyes and in a flash of a second i thundered open them, gasping for air.


What was up with me now ? I always experienced this state of apprehensiveness, very frequently but never in such pleasant and serene atmosphere. No, i tried to convince myself it was just an off-the-track-mind that caused it, just stay cool. I looked around at my tender garden, as slow as i could, just for the selfishness that all that pleasant aura would get inside me and soothe me and get me out of this rippled state. I felt a bit calm soon, I smiled. Well, i need not go to a medic for every little issue with my body. I felt tranquil enough to forget the strange experience and once again closed my eyes.


This time, I jerked into a standing posture right away, eyes wide open. This is not good, i tried to calm myself just as i did a few moments ago. It din’t work this time, maybe my mind was too aware and too perceptive of what was happening inside me. I looked at my feet and the surface beneath them, and saw that i was on ground, standing on my two legs and not moving at all, not even at 1 millimeter/hour. But i am not convinced of it somehow, the fresh experience left me unsettled. I then reasoned myself, just a try at calming myself down, that just when i closed my eyes i felt something drag me into, into something like an abyss at some god-calculate-what speed. Now i understood what it was, it was a deep pain inside my heart. I was standing, on solid ground at zero speed and yet i felt as if i was being dragged into an abyss, that too at a breakneck speed, which is not quite possible and which suggests it was something else, something else inside me that was being dragged.


A routine, just more intense i guess. I closed my eyes, with all the feeling of apprehension gone for i knew what caused this and what i was feeling. It was pain and it was an experience i very well am pals with. I bid a temporary goodbye to my little garden, for i do not know when i would climb out of the abyss that i am going to be dragged into, but nevertheless it was just a temporary goodbye, for i have hope.

Eyes closed, the feeling resumed. 
@ 120kmph, not god-calculate-what speed definitely because he din’t come up to me and do the math, so i put on some random number.

Time is a Crusade unto self

When the world seems to be lost in thirst
the heavens seem to uncloud at last.

Alas! If it was a little late

What would become of this pretty budding rose on the path astray
no sin has she written upon herself to be left thirsty.

What would become of these pretty orphan urchins crying, lying on the streets of poverty
was it their destiny to be rich enough only to beg for being as much rich.

What would become of this lovely forest which is a victim of wildfire from the assault of human negligence
was it just the fate that the forest, that sheltered tens of civilizations in the long past, making us to be what we are now, has to end this way.

What would become of this mother leafbird and her little family, which needs the mother to carry water for all of them
even for a beautiful bird, its dense plumage cannot be her entire camoflauge from danger.

What would become of this pristine lake thats going dry, wailing helplessly looking at its dying eco-habitants
for there might be 97% water on earth, which doesnot conclude in anyway why this lake should go dry and die.

Alas! If it was a little late.

But wait, it wasn’t. It wasn’t late. And think not it was just in time. It was in time, but not just.

Nature understands the Nature.
Likewise the Pure, the Pure.
So wise the Truth, the Truth.

yes, the heavens uncloud at last.