Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

The golden hour is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day. Every week, The Daily Post hosts a Photography Challenge with a theme which the bloggers need to interpret, take photographs and post them on WordPress. This is the first time I’m participating in Daily Post’s weekly photography challenge. Hope some of you photography enthusiasts would join too. The more, the merrier!

I don’t have a DSLR to capture stunning images. Actually, I don’t need one. A 12.0 MP point and shoot camera with some Adobe Photoshop skills can do equally amazing stuff, although some might say such photographs are unoriginal. But poor us, we can’t afford DSLRs!

Empty Tables In The Morning
Melt Me With The Snow


Journey Into The Dusk
Journey Into The Dusk
Sunlight: “A sign board ain’t gonna stop me!”
Filtering through flaws!

Let me park my car in the sky.




Glamour Carries Gloom (Poetry, Photography)


glamour carries gloom,
world sees only what is abloom,
plenty endured, millions fell
even before color pigmented.

rest while you can, they say,
how can i, while my heart is battered hard and sulks in dismay,
i wander to share their pain,
of all those buds and leaves.

Gone Before The First Blush
Broken and Brown







while even then, no one cares,
broken and brown, no wind dares
to sway them away from under their mother,
there lie their graceful graves.

tears trickle down my face, boon or bane,
while new buds grow plum, memories of the fallen wane,
in my melancholy hides a tale,
of a depressed heart that hides its name.

~ ~ ~

the backdrop sets to both nature and also human relations. Of course, they are hardly different!
click the images for larger view.

~ ~ ~

This poem is written for One Single Impression. The prompt for the week is ‘depression’.

The Magpie Tales – Week 116


This week’s picture prompt in Magpie Tales


River Irwell by R.A.D. Stainforth



while i belong to neither of the banks,
i usher smiles from beings on either of them.
who am i?

~ ~ ~

them and we are same family,
the blood that separates us, runs through us.
who am i?
~ ~ ~ 

 what is distant to you is near to me,
2 parts absorb me and 1 part reflects me with glare.
who am i?
~ ~ ~

I would love to see you comment your answers for the riddles! Thank you!

~ ~ ~

Gulp, Spit or Die – Haiku #42


( This post is more about what i wrote after the poem, not the poem itself. So, read it if you have time and patience.Thank you. )


the anaconda,

gulps large buffalo, one go;

with full conviction.

~ ~ ~

little piece of truth,

hard to take in; chokes life out;

gulp or spit or die.

~ ~ ~

truth comes, evil hours;

don’t compromise it; fear is

death; truth is breath; choose.

~ ~ ~

Truth, of any form and of any magnitude is like food. We take it into our mouth, when it is on its way to the stomach, through the trachea, it is not the time to think if it tastes good or not. You either have to gulp it down fully or throw it up outside. Letting it live there in the middle will only makes us choke. to near death, most of the time.

You spit it out – no harm done, you will starve but live.
You gulp it down – well, good you will live. bitter or sour.

But taking the truth only half is instant death. Of your mind’s peace and of your heart’s easy beats. Your mind, just after being introduced to truth, becomes the battlefield for a battle between “what wants to get in” and “what you want to let in”. In that not-so-friendly battle, many compromise on truth.

And moreover, until you bite the truth, your soul is still starving. Live a 1000 years, unless you take in the truth, you would end up as someone who starved his own soul. for what, a 1000 years? And let me tell you, if there is one food that would make some one weak, it is truth. This naked fear of knowing before hand that truth is a bitter apple is what drives people to push it into the dark, under the bed.

Ask what does truth mean?
It is the wilderness that lies beyond the boundary around our world of “what we want”. It is called “what it is”.

~ ~ ~

This post is an entry for the weekly prompt at Haiku Heights. The prompt being ‘Hour’.

Fight Muscles & Wise Muscles – Haiku #40



O’ Love! lean and pale,

wise-muscles i grew; tender

rose buds i prefer.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! strong and hard,

fight-muscles he grew; boxing,

blood spill he prefers.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! i ask this,

in all purity and faith;

please explain your choice.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! forgive me,

yet, i need to know; did

fight-muscles appeal?

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! i ask,

not to hurt you; it hurts much,

(the) lack of clarity.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! i respect,

your choice; but know this my love,

you have let me down.

~ ~ ~

wise-muscles i grew,

fight-muscles shout, “you are weak”,

i am weak but wise.

~ ~ ~


a loser


~ ~ ~

( last one is 1-3-1 structure, i wanted to put those words in there. badly. so ………… i had to make it up..the 1-3-1 :-/ )

~ ~ ~

by muscles i meant real physical muscles. read ‘muscles’ as arms. And i feel, the meaning won’t be understood by all, it lacks clarity i guess. 😐
And i also apologize to that fictional “O’ Love” character for asking her about her choice.
i think the wise-muscles man was truly hurt and he asked her the question with utmost faith and .. love?! But i know even then, he is sorry he had to ask that.
he also wanted to say that he did not have the strength in him to use the word “temptation” and so used “appeal”.

~ ~ ~

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being ‘temptation’.

Kneel Not Before Power – Haiku #37

kneel not before zest

for power; you’l be wiped,

in the sands of time

~ ~ ~ 

submit to your zest

for truth; you have in your hands

tool to right the wrong

~ ~ ~

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being ‘zest’.

~ ~ ~

April has been a great journey for me. I enjoyed reading all your haiku. Thanks for all those constant and encouraging words.
I sincerely thank Leo, Cynosure and Rameshji for introducing Haiku to me and helping me learn. It’s been a pleasure.
Thank You!

~ ~ ~

Sun Is? – Haiku #30



Morning Deepa



optimist calls sun

warm, pessimist calls sun hell,

damn both, sun is light

~ ~ ~

” dare you call it just

warm, UV is killing us “,

pessimist freaks out

~ ~ ~

” dare you call it hell,

thought humans won’t be punished “,

optimist freaks out

~ ~ ~

damn both, sun is light,

dare you name it different,

call it light, be done.

~ ~ ~

well, all i wanted to tell  was sometimes things should be taken as it is,
going for the opt-pessimist debate screws clarity on simple things too.

~ ~ ~

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being ‘warmth’.

Behold! My Subjects – Haiku #25



Scene I :


~ ~ ~

drift back eons, earth

formed, grew hot, then cooled, spun, won,

at last life bloomed bright

~ ~ ~

at last life bloomed bright,

and mother earth had offsprings,

impasse lay ahead

~ ~ ~

graceful was each child,

each in their own way, she knew

not who should have crown

~ ~ ~

queen mother then saw,

each deserved crown of their own,

she saw solution

~ ~ ~


Scene II :


On day of pronouncement of the new ascendant :

~ ~ ~

queen mother holds scroll

of declaration, who then,

who ascends earth’s thrown?

~ ~ ~

Queen Mother Earth speaks, in her regal self :

 ~ ~ ~

” Behold! My Subjects,

your peace and harmony, is

my priority”

~ ~ ~

“my decision is

a brave one, a hopeful one,

hear me well, subjects :”

~ ~ ~

The Scroll Of Declaration, Queen Mother Earth Reads Out :

~ ~ ~

“we shall have no one,

no king, no queen, you shall have

only seasons, yes!”

~ ~ ~

” hear me well Princes,

and Princesses, you all shall

now be called seasons “

~ ~ ~

” each has three full moon’s

time, give all to your subjects,

each take turns, in peace “

~ ~ ~

” Eldest Daughter be

called SPRING henceforth, life blossoms,

to green and great heights “

~ ~ ~

” Eldest Son he be

called SUMMER henceforth, light smiles,

path of goodness shown “

~ ~ ~

” Youngest Son he be

called AUTUMN henceforth, cycle

recedes, hope shall stay “

~ ~ ~

” Youngest Daughter be

called WINTER henceforth, cycle

ends, hope shall SPRING “

~ ~ ~
and so the cycle will end and start over again. 🙂

~ ~ ~ 

End of declaration and there is much joy around 🙂

~ ~ ~

Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter – Spring  : the actual cycle 🙂

Note 1: In the second haiku, second line, i should have mentioned ‘four offsprings’, but i chose otherwise,
just to keep the theme of this large-i-don’t-know-what-its-called poem.

one month generally has one full moon. so that usage.

hope, it din’t have a negative effect on the  reading experience


Note 2: i would love to extend this theme to how we humans are disappointing Queen Mother Earth lately.
And also, WHY nature, the seasons are being off ‘cycle’ in some parts of the world, African Nations? Drought in Horn Of Africa? Yes, i would love to
express those concerns in the same form too. But another time i guess, as a second part, because i don’t know how people feel after reading long poems,
i would proceed to post it once i am satisfied and believe that people have no problem reading lengthy poems though i would write it nevertheless, soon.
as for me, i enjoy lengthy poems very much. 🙂

I would be very glad to hear what you have to say about “reading a lengthy poem” in general, because i am apprehensive that people actually avoid reading lengthy poems. Oh, tell me you are not, i would love that. 😀 🙂


I couldn’t, as a pure and absolute lover of nature, write a haiku on ‘summer’ alone.

And if there is one another chance for me to express all the above in fewer words, i would say :




Suggestions and corrections are most welcome, I’m still learning Haiku. :)

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being ‘summer’.

Nature and Humans – Conquering Hidden Abysses #1

Look Beyond Abysses

To understand and learn what nature is, you need to be brave enough to look into, and beyond an abyss.

To understand and learn what humans are, you need to put aside your nepotistic and selfish feelings aside and look into them with utmost neutrality.

The treasure of the first quest is that “you would finally understand that nature is good. utter, pure, truly good.”

Gravely, the treasure of the second quest is that “you would finally understand that humans are good and also bad.” ( #now be careful )

Usually, people no longer find these “quests” important, sadly.
in the first quest, people fail because of the fear of death,
in the second, people fail because of the fear of losing happiness.
But don’t people know, that knowing the truth is more important than trying to be happy someway or another.

Nature is the most transparent living thing you have beside you, most often.
Nature and humans can be generally compared like :

Nature : beauty is hidden // dangerous abysses are just the face.
Humans : beauty is the face // treacherous abysses are hidden (inside).

Be careful.
Now whom do i tell this to?
To those who need to realize it, those whom I cannot afford to leave ignorant to many hidden truths.