Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

The golden hour is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day. Every week, The Daily Post hosts a Photography Challenge with a theme which the bloggers need to interpret, take photographs and post them on WordPress. This is the first time I’m participating in Daily Post’s weekly photography challenge. Hope some of you photography enthusiasts would join too. The more, the merrier!

I don’t have a DSLR to capture stunning images. Actually, I don’t need one. A 12.0 MP point and shoot camera with some Adobe Photoshop skills can do equally amazing stuff, although some might say such photographs are unoriginal. But poor us, we can’t afford DSLRs!

Empty Tables In The Morning
Melt Me With The Snow


Journey Into The Dusk
Journey Into The Dusk
Sunlight: “A sign board ain’t gonna stop me!”
Filtering through flaws!

Let me park my car in the sky.




Sunset Through A Dirty Window ( Photography, Poetry )

Sunset Through A Dirty Window

the sunset is not dirty,
it is the window that is dirty.

many things enter your heart,
good and bad, kind and evil, courage and fear,
those that are allowed to sit back,
decide what you are,

you cannot call the sunset dirty,
it’s the filter you are using that is dirty, your mind, maybe.

Her Fascinating Illusions

Her Fascinating Illusions

Two mountains in the distance,
each having two peaks, making them look like crescents,

I adored nature always,
Seeing this made me adore it more, if that was possible,

Few minutes of travelling brought me close to these mountains,

As i said,
I adore nature,
And her fascinating formations.

When i was close enough to completely understand these peculiarly peaked mountains,
i was struck, no not awe-struck.

These two mountains were actually four in number.

Well! Her fascinating illusions.

Nature and Humans – Conquering Hidden Abysses #1

Look Beyond Abysses

To understand and learn what nature is, you need to be brave enough to look into, and beyond an abyss.

To understand and learn what humans are, you need to put aside your nepotistic and selfish feelings aside and look into them with utmost neutrality.

The treasure of the first quest is that “you would finally understand that nature is good. utter, pure, truly good.”

Gravely, the treasure of the second quest is that “you would finally understand that humans are good and also bad.” ( #now be careful )

Usually, people no longer find these “quests” important, sadly.
in the first quest, people fail because of the fear of death,
in the second, people fail because of the fear of losing happiness.
But don’t people know, that knowing the truth is more important than trying to be happy someway or another.

Nature is the most transparent living thing you have beside you, most often.
Nature and humans can be generally compared like :

Nature : beauty is hidden // dangerous abysses are just the face.
Humans : beauty is the face // treacherous abysses are hidden (inside).

Be careful.
Now whom do i tell this to?
To those who need to realize it, those whom I cannot afford to leave ignorant to many hidden truths.