Fate of A Desolate Love

He was elated when he realized that their hearts had a special connection. He was so happy that his heart was part of a resonance pair. A string will swing at its maximum when the two ends are held at a particular distance. And he was petrified out of terror, the terror of fate, when he found out that the distance that makes their connection the strongest was so large that it might break the connection altogether. What choice did he have but to walk away to that far place, because he felt that one moment of the strongest connection between them was worth everything than a lifelong bond that knows not its true extent or purpose. It is so easy to call him a fool, which he really is.


Love Laden Heart – Haiku #10



” true love laden heart, 

knows faith, care and endurance,

never any ill doubt “

~ ~ ~

meaning :

a heart that is home to true love, has only

relentless, blind faith – utter care, under no circumstances any intention to hurt – and all possible endurance to pain,

but never any ill doubt on his love(lady).

then shall it be true love,

of a true heart.

having faith, no matter what, NO MATTER WHAT,

shall put your heart beside divinity.


Suggestions are most welcome, I’m still learning Haiku. 🙂

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being “doubt”.

A Bard’s Tale of His Love

I Know What I Am Seeking And Where It Is

tricky eyes,
failing tries,
silent cries,
wrong keys,

it is just one key,
is it the wrong door?
Or is it the wrong hand?
Or is it the wrong heart?
tell me where the true heart is, that unlocks yours,
i would bring it to you,
and then fade back to dreamy shadows.

oh my dear!
your heart is locked,
that i know,
i have the right key,
that i bellow,

you are the one,
that i know,
i am at the right door,
that i bellow,

you saw a hand pat your back,
that i know,
my hand’s is that touch,
that i bellow,

you felt a tender, loving soul close to your own,
that i know,
it is my true form again,
that i bellow,

i am true,
that i know,
until you hear,
that i bellow.

but oh my dear!
you are on the other side of my reach,
a distance no one and nothing can breach,
but for my love and hope.

yet, i give you the right,
and plead you to seek out the heart on free will,
that helps you in your plight,
and if it is not mine,
i would find and seek the right one for you,
nights and tides, can stop me not,
and when i give you that heart,
that one you wanted alot,
i would sheepishly ask you a favor,

would you at least remember me as a bard,
who sings out his tale of a love, his love,
to the stars above,
and to the ones beloved,

but oh my dear!
you are on the other side of my reach,
a distance no one and nothing can breach,
but for my love and hope.