April Haiku Month, Day 25: Volcano

an active volcano . . .

anger redder than lava

my bewildered eyes

~ ~ ~

I have been writing haiku about the same thing for the past few days. This haiku shows the state I have been in for quite sometime now. #War. #WomenAbuse. #ChildAbuse. #Murder. #Rape. It is not that these are new, it is just that I fail each time I do or say something that increases my hope for a better tomorrow for everyone. Any news I see is taking a toll on me and I’m  having a hard time trying to not be lost in the pain. That is part of a reason why I have discontinued my AtoZ journey.

we owe women

I know a little Photoshop and I felt I would do something about trying to bring the change(starting with awareness) that we all are so looking for. It will be a long long time before we see any change towards good. Its not much, but I guess its something. If I can pull myself up from the heap I become into each day after going over what all happened, I would surely continue making campaign images related to #womenabuse. If you believe that some kind of change, no matter how small, can be made out of such a campaign like changing the mindset of people towards women, then please share this image on your social networks and blogs. Share it and say something about the atrocities against women. Because people got used to ‘shared’ images on Facebook  they see what others shared and they share and that it all. It is not generating the voices that we need to tackle the current problem.

Make you voice heard, lend your voice to your heart and cry out loud.

The most recent news I came across is that a newborn was sold on Facebook for Rs. 8 lakhs. Outrageous and heart-killing! I mean, with everything that is going on with the rape incidents, now this! What is INDIA doing? More importantly, WHAT ARE WE BECOMING? I won’t hide my sadness.


April Haiku Month, Day 4: Drone

(A small village during the time of war)

a drone tears the sky . . .

insecure souls hug and pray

their hearts, living graves

~ ~ ~

(And when the war ended)

a vast barren land . . .

neither winds blow nor seeds grow

breath and green earth raped

~ ~ ~

(And when hope was all but dead)

a century later . . .

new species of plant rises

dead hope springs back up

~ ~ ~

(Nature takes reigns)

a drone bee flies by . . .

signals queen – ‘work can begin’

life resurrected

~ ~ ~

(At war again)

a fortress land now . . .

colonized by humans again

a drone tears the sky

~ ~ ~

a vast barren land . . .

neither winds blow nor seeds grow

breath and green earth raped

~ ~ ~

constant war . . .

mockery of peace

and of life

~ ~ ~

Presently I am not in full strength, emotionally. And this prompt, in midst of my attempt at breaking the writer’s block, drained me of my energies. ‘War’, sigh! We live in a world of chaos. The only images I get to mind are those of the violence that happens everyday all across the world. Syria. Egypt. Israel. Palestine. Iran. Iraq. And these are cross border wars. And there are wars being fought with forces within one’s own nation. It all tires me to think. Drones remind me of war, death and the elusive peace.

This post is submitted at Haiku Heights for Day 4 prompt – Drone. This post is also a part of my NaPoWriMo 2013 journey, my first. I am also trying to take up the A-to-Z Blogging challenge which requires bloggers to write a post everyday during all April. I will try to write separate posts for NaPoWriMo and A-to-Z Blogging Challenge IF possible. I sure want to.

I am going to share your everyday Haiku on my Facebook Page. Keep tabs on it too.

Thank you all for reading my haiku. I’ll be reading yours too, and I enjoy each one of your haiku. Your comments always help me improve and motivate myself to keep going.

Thank you and keep writing! 

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Aren’t We Brothers, O’ World!

exams in hyderabad seem so trivial,
when hearts are dying in fear,
even before the missiles strike the ground near.

oh! those tiny feet, they know not why to run.
No! they know not to run at all.

oh! those child-bearing stomachs, mothers wish they don’t have to come out into this world of unjustifiable tears and terror.
No! they wish those nature’s children deserve better than a life in this world so brutal.

Oh! so extreme go thoughts,
even faith in god saves you not from rockets of murder,
for the belief in god(s) itself caused this irrational rage,
of wanting to show authority and dominance,
of races and of origins.No! The world wants its piece,
at all costs,
even if it is the blood of its brethren that they spill,
and make the earth drink.Oh! how rude! how mean!
We call ourselves the beings with the most advanced brains!
I will give you that!
But somewhere, we never really put enough research into heart.
The conscience.
A deep big sigh! from a voice that never spoke nor was ever heard when spoken.
and one that fears of going unheard, right to grave and hell beyond.
P.S: Wrote this during the recent Gaza strip unrest(more of a near-war like situation), but couldn’t continue to publish it on my blog because of exams. However, I did post it on Facebook. And I am glad that the peace talks are going on between the Hamas and Israel. This needs to stop. 21st century is no age to go to war, we are facing other serious humanitarian problems. Fights over region and religion will only bring the day down early and with a lot of gloom and pain.

This video was the difference between me heartbroken because of the war-like situation and the me heartbroken but desperate to express. This video footage was during the 2008-09 unrest in Gaza Strip.

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Humility Makes Champions


Some people have character that dictates respect. Character that is beyond profession, Character beyond the social demands. They become champions. Others become champions too.
But why do we see Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid apart in Cricket?
Why do we see Roger Federer apart in Tennis?
Why do we see Lionel Messi apart in Football?
Why do we see Bill Gates apart in TechWorld?

It is because of that character that these men chose to live along. The character to respect the game whatsoever, the character to respect the opponent whatsoever, the character to respect the governing officials whatsoever, the character to stay humble even when they compare them to god. The character in choosing that character.

Talent has never been scarce in history.

Talent is a power, a gift from god as many call, which is to be handled carefully. We all know what is possible when we realize our potential, don’t we? The choice, dear people, the choice comes then, once after you realize what you really are capable of, the path you take then, leaves a trail in history. Either you’ll be a Hitler or a Gandhi or you will be constantly moving towards one of these extremes.

Power, dear people, is best done with by being humble.

P.S: I am only talking about champions who are humble! There are millions who are not champions, yet they show humility in whatever little that they are good at.
did i just say “they are not champions”?…
Oh! I take it back! They too are champions!

~ ~ ~

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What After 15th August, 1947?


This post is actually one I had written for another blog of mine, which I am to discontinue. Thought this has a place here.

~ ~ ~

earth was round, or so was it proved a few hundred years ago,
countries that had enough yearned for more,
and those that were weak, later revolted with a hurt ego,
driving the conquerors home, who knew it was time to go,
non-violence is what finally won over the blood-lust furor,
independence achieved, at a hurting price they had to forgo,
it took all but a night, for the return of the dreadful vertigo,
brothers of blood turned into brothers in arms, slaying the word ‘amigo’,
choosing peace, we let go off a piece, of land and pride, away they went packing their cargo,

eventually, religious turmoil only grew,
and non-violence was put to silence,
meanwhile, tastes changed to western spices and brew,
all the time, the population only grew,
with it the lives that fall under the poverty line,

some of this became history,
some of it mere past,
some things were forgotten,
some were not cared for,
some, disregarded,
new things were learnt,
while own things were sold.

all this is to play a very important role,
no less a subplot in a major plot,
the story that is to unfold,
is what is being told.

And a flurry of emotions in me.

~ ~ ~

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~ ~ ~

Tears For Heroes – #FlashFiction

~ ~ ~

The whole town was in a frenzy, people made it up to the streets well before the scheduled time of arrival of the war heroes, some alive and some martyred. Some chose to wear dazzling bright colors, holding colorful balloons, trying to see the positive side of the homecoming. While some chose to wear only white, their faces painted alike, for they all had someone among their family go into the war. But time moved at snail’s pace for all. Eventually, the homecoming company arrived, colors hardly mattered, tears made their way out from everyone’s hearts. There be peace now.

~ ~ ~

100 word #FlashFiction. It’s called a ‘Drabble’.

~ ~ ~

Harsh Emotions On I-Day

warning: these are only my feelings and my agonies and i don’t intend to offend or provoke anyone. 


August 15, 2012.

Indian Independence Day.

A flurry of my emotions I posted as status updates on Facebook.


are we independent? free?
are women ?

so then, are we hypocrites?


I used to be proud of saying “i’m proud to be an Indian”.
I want everyone to actually answer themselves, “regarding what, are they proud to be indian?”

I am proud of the rich traditions and cultures(which though are on decline) and history, yes. And only them, I guess. Surely, not with what is happening today. And yeah, sports! but there again, the sportsmen/women make me feel proud, but the crap inside the associations and boards behind each sport are disgusting(exaggeration? no. emotional? yes.)


When there is news regarding some actor or sportsmen, trolls come up on facebook and flood.

Independence day has been reduced to that. (exceptions, yes.)


You can’t stop a barking dog even on an Independence day.
Because it is loyal. If you think it is madness, yes, your own head and your own shots.


Its not like saying “happy independence day…65 years and we have a lot of problems today..and blah blah..blah”..

i mean, why don’t you give that sh*t all year man!

P.S: Exceptions considered.


What Mahatma Gandhi did for us was one extreme(the good end).
What we did to him was another extreme.(the bad end)

And yeah, stop wondering like, “why did he say ‘we’ in the second sentence. i’ve got nothing to do with his assassination”. wtf!

don’t tell me not to live in the past. crap!
and for heaven’s sake his assassin’s name is “Godse”. If that is by mere coincidence or not i don’t know. Bu

t we are the biggest hypocrites. we believe in god(s) but regardless of it, do all disgusting things. i mean, its all down to being human, indian or not. so crap!
If you think of doing or actually do something bad to a good person(don’t go like BIG PEOPLE.in everyday life), you are actually damning you own country, and for pete’s sake, the whole world.
Its not like I don’t have patriotism. Its like I yearn to think and, if i could, do more than just be proud of it.I am proud to be a part of the nature. i wouldn’t talk about India or the world. there are a lot of things that need to change, and a lot of us need to accept that we need to change. i mean, yeah. nobody is perfect and all. but too many imperfections and you want to get away by saying that quote? damn you!
Script writing is not a profession just in the movie industry.
ask politicians about them. they hire and fire them like hell, depending on whether the crowd throw confetti or chappals.
Back until WW II, world dominance meant physically, geographically invading other nations and freaking them out.But Today, it is just sitting back in a control room, looking at an AI screen and having the ‘comfort’ to invade(destroy) a nation(world) by just using a keyword(RED button, you know). So, things are going well for the world. And for India, we are surely progressing and our most lethal ballistic missile is Agni V, with a max. range of 5000km and with a capability of carrying a nuclear weapon(yeah, for the world’s damn peace this was revealed). So we are getting there. #ArmsRaceWithBurntArms
Thinking why so much negativity and all on one day and once?
nothing incidental..im just adjusting to the world.. they wont hear so much unless there is an occasion for it.. so, i’m kind of doing it their way..but our blogging world is different and I am proud of it. Unlike social networks(a larger part of it).

So what’s encouraging is, we all know what we want.

So there, Happy Independence Day. We should start being responsible more often. There surely are many who do that, why not the rest?


Please feel free to comment and express anything, i’d only like to change if there is something wrong.

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Brothers In Arms – Haiku #6

the brothers of blood 

into brothers in arms, peace –

– deserted for piece.


meaning : (about the Indo-Pak divide)

we fought for independence together like brothers of blood, but turned against one another,

and all it took was one night before the independence,

peace forever left us there after, we still are in turmoil, just because a piece of land and pride became important.

sad 😦



This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being “deserted”.

‘War Horse’ – Movie Suggestion (call it a review if you want)



Watch War Horse Movie to discover the lives of horses, not just War horses though.

Movies which have less to do with humans and their complex social traits are indeed the ones that completely, genuinely, transparently express feelings like love, care, peace, sympathy, empathy and many such entities of a heart (human or not).


War Horse

Now, Love – You Are Armed (Photography, Poetry)

A Labyrinth Sits Just Around The Corner

I walked you up and down,
That is, twice along the same path,
In silence,
I made you look around, see everything,
That is twice, up and down,

Well, i could have easily said,
There is a labyrinth just around the corner,

But i wanted you to learn it yourself,
And know that i am here to let you learn, that’s essential to move forward in life,
Yet am there to protect you if you trip.

Now anyway,
There is a labyrinth just around the corner,
Read the path you walk,
Learn the surroundings, it’s you they stalk,
Now, breathe hard,
Get those reserves of courage, don’t be a retard,
Believe that i am behind you, always, ready to replenish your spirits with a caring pat.

Now, Love,
You are armed.

Destiny First, Destination Next. I Choose it, O’ Force…

like runes etched on the ancient marble stone,
i fail to comprehend what bothers you,
i come near to deciphering your troubles,
i come near to tending your wounds,

but something stops me, some force i see not,
i struggle in its wrath, to break free and be there with you,
i try to stop the force by telling the importance of me being free,
i fail in convincing the force to release me, the force leaves me no choice but to fight.

spikes and daggers, blood and burns, wounds and wisdom,
i fight with a million forces, not enemies, within me and out of me,
i surrender to a few, i enslave a few, i fight with distaste for battle,
i yet offer a peace treaty with the force,in midst of such raging battle,
i offer to comeback and surrender, if…
if it let’s me out for now, for this moment,
the moment i intend to tend to your wounds and memories,
to heal and to raise your spirits,
and then my work will be done,
and once again, i will be at fate’s bidding.

the force releases me from its wrath,
there was not a split second gap between me being set free and i stopping my fight and sprint.

the force believes it is my destiny to comeback and lose.

i pity the force.

where i am going now is my destiny,
and where i return hence forth, as promised, is just a ‘destination’.

Force, you may win over me in muscle and mind,
see for yourself whom you fight against,
you fight one whose destiny is to love and spread peace,
do you really think your win over me is the end of it?

I, the world’s….

i speaketh the world’s wailing truths,
i thinketh the world’s full of stark scarring realities,

i revolt the world’s ravenous lusts,
i jolt upright the world’s sleeping brutes,

i carry a message for the world’s worst habitants,
i parry the force that tries to usurp me by merging me into the world’s insane evolution,

i wield good around people who deserve it, warding off the world’s bloody hands,
i yield what i ought to, i sow what i ought to, at least i try finding truth among the world’s masked face,

i hear what i think i have to, though the world is all mouth for crap,
i bear what i have to, if it is an insult i should bear and if it would help change the world’s continuous counter-blaming, i would,

i rise when i see the world rising higher, its not pride but fear, that this evil world will overpower the little tender good, i should reign even if i am mistaken to be a dictator,
i surmise, when time comes, i leave with naught but the pure harvest of the crops i grew, peace be the world’s and my family’s.