“Yeh Jo Des Hein Tera” Kept Me Sane, Literally…

It was an exam day and i was down with severe cold.

I was in the exam hall, halfway through the exam, ache swept my head, my eyes and i was unable to think or write properly.

I somehow finished the exam(not good) and then i sat inside the college bus. It takes nearly an hour on wheels to go back home.

Now, i am 20, a teenager, and i guess people can make out what and how PEOPLE make mess in their college buses.
I am a victim of such ‘teenage’ madness of the people around for almost my entire life. From high school to intermediate education and now into engineering 3rd year, all along.

So then, like my headache was so severe, it was blinding me, ears were paining and eyes felt like as if they were being dragged inside. It was literal hell. And add to that, these ‘talks’ of the mischief-makers, i thought i would go insane before i reach home.

To avoid going insane, i took my phone out and started listening to music through the earphones. I put the order of play as “shuffle” which meant a random choice.

After listening to a few songs, i was sure i was going to go insane because none of them were like soothing the pain, though all the time they were touching my heart, that is why i keep those songs in my phone.

Anyway, then the “shuffle” algorithm played “Yeh Jo Desh Hein tera(Instrumental)” – from Swades movie.
and that was that.

Headache lessened or not i do not know, but the hell that those people around me were showing surely vanished and i was in a dreamy place.

Yeh Jo Des Hein Tera…………… Aah..
The music just cleanses all the pains inside i guess.

A.R.Rehman’s work. i thank him.

I am still SANE.!

Yeh Jo Des Hein Tera..

So here is the instrumental, pure pure melody. i love it.


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