Word not, Eyes speak too…

i lay upon the meadow staring at the starlit sky,
pregnant with kind clouds watching over the world below.

whatever it was, it is only a sigh i can utter,
closing my eyes, i seek calm from the surroundings.

suddenly, an unknown feeling overtook me,
trumpeting its presence.

i looked around to see if someone was prying me,
i see none, but i could feel the presence of something overwhelming.

a tender breeze swept the meadow, washing over me,
it held my breathe.

the pain at heart was like one caused by a blizzard,
caring not who the victim was.

soothing were the pure,pious eyes,
my heart could have burned even when if it was put in ice.

only one final message, i sense,
i was not the one.


4 thoughts on “Word not, Eyes speak too…

  1. A turbulent mind in more prone to baseless fears and obviously, a brief period of calmness in a solitary world can help to conquer the inner fears. A few minutes below the star filled night sky would rather bring bliss to anyone than the busy roads of a hi-tech city.

    From: sriramnivas.wordpress.com

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